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Chapter 824: Chapter 823: Ashes and smoke


The female corpse in white seemed to have sensed her fear and suddenly became angry out of humiliation. After letting out a shrill cry, a rope flew out of her body and rushed towards her like a flood dragon.

Seeing this, Chen Chen suddenly raised his four arms and three underworld swords slashed at the rope at the same time.

However, the rope seemed to be extremely soft. It did not have a hard head at all. Instead, after twisting a few times, it avoided the three underworld swords, passed through the motionless divine emperor bell, and wrapped around the arm formed by the armor of the Ruyi God transformation.

“What a good use of softness to counter hardness, the immortal-binding rope… another great dao treasure…”

Chen Chen frowned.

After being wrapped by the immortal-binding rope, he immediately felt an extremely oppressive aura spreading in his body.

If he allowed it to continue, he would probably lose his ability to move completely.

Without any time to think, Chen Chen directly reached into his storage ring.

“System, what can be broken through this immortal-binding rope?”

The system quickly listed out a bunch of sealing-type treasures.

After getting the answer, Chen Chen did not use the treasures in his storage ring. Instead, he activated the third puppet of the four God attendants.

This third puppet was named “Seal.”The word “Seal”on its back was extremely close to the motto. It was most likely a puppet that had a powerful sealing technique.

The moment the “Seal”puppet appeared, it immediately stretched out its hand and grabbed the immortal-binding rope that was crazily twining toward Chen Chen.

Then, Chen Chen saw one small “Seal”word after another seep into the immortal-binding rope.

After a few breaths, the immortal-wrapping rope’s main body was already covered in seals. The energy that had wrapped around everything earlier had also disappeared without a trace. Finally, it quietly floated in the air, as if it had become an ownerless object.

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When the white-clothed female corpse saw this scene, the corners of her eyes continuously twitched.

However, Chen Chen did not hold back at all. His sword directly collided with the huge shield that protected her body.

That huge Golden Shield had originally been blocking the four God attendants’attacks. Now that it had suffered a heavy blow, the light immediately became flickering.

When Chen Chen saw this, he struck out with his sword again!


With a muffled sound, the white-clothed female corpse’s deathly pale face suddenly turned a trace of blood. Then, she opened her mouth and shouted towards the distant void, “Lord Corpse Emperor! Save Me!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Chen Chen’s third sword directly slashed down!


The huge golden shield was directly sent flying. The three underworld swords and the attacks of the four divine servants simultaneously landed on the white-clothed female corpse.


A sound like a bubble exploding rang out, and the white-clothed female corpse was completely reduced to ashes.

After killing the white-clothed female corpse, Chen Chen did not feel much joy after the great victory in his heart.

After all, he had only defeated his opponent. The others did not know the situation yet.

If his teammates were wiped out, he did not believe that the corpse emperor would let him go.

After hesitating for two seconds, he decided not to retract the wishful God transformation armor and directly used the system to track the nearby experts.

“The corpse emperor… did not enter the formation?”

Chen Chen soon realized that something was wrong. The strongest corpse emperor actually did not enter the formation to deal with any of the twenty immortal kings.

As for the group of immortal kings..

Including himself, there were still eighteen of them left.

As for whether the remaining two were dead or were out of his tracking range, he did not know.

Without much thought, after Chen Chen packed up his spoils of war, he summoned the mung bean.

The mung bean had followed him for so long, he did not know how many good things it had eaten. Now, it was also an immortal spirit at the peak of the immortal sovereign realm.

Of course, it didn’t come out to fight, but to break the array.

After breaking the seal of this small world, Chen Chen followed the system’s guidance and arrived at the next world.

This world was filled with yellow sand, and within the yellow sand, there were two figures fighting fiercely.

One of them was the northernmost immortal king who had invited him back then,

as for the other person, he was a commander under the corpse emperor.

Of course, if it wasn’t for the system’s guidance, Chen Chen wouldn’t have recognized him as the northernmost immortal king.

In the endless sandstorm, the system’s guidance made the northernmost immortal king look like a frost giant god. His entire body was ice-blue in color, and he held a trident that was at the level of a Great Dao Supreme Treasure. On his body, there was even a great DAO Supreme Treasure armor.

With a swing of the trident, although his opponent’s entire body was covered in scarlet flames, he couldn’t withstand it and was forced to retreat,

as for the other zombie groups..

Chen Chen looked at the desert below. The strong wind blew, and a pile of ice shards appeared from time to time. It seemed that this was the fate of the other zombie groups.

“This person still has to be forced…”

Chen Chen sighed in his heart.

When they came, each of them looked at death as if it was their home, yet they fought so fiercely.

These peak immortal kings who had lived for a long time were indeed not that simple,

one had to know that he had to kill the Nine Heavens Immortal King three times before he died.

How could peak immortal kings like the northernmost immortal king die so easily?

In fact, they were just unwilling to part with their accumulated reserves.

As if sensing that an outsider had arrived, the flaming figure roared loudly, “Lend me a hand!”

It was very obvious that he regarded Chen Chen as a teammate.

With this shout, the northernmost immortal king swung the trident in his hand at Chen Chen.

Before the Trident arrived, Chen Chen felt a bone-chilling aura gushing towards him. Even though he was wearing the Ruyi God transformation armor, he still felt a chill in his heart.

After taking a closer look, he realized that there was a faint runic symbol in the frosty air.

“The power of proverbs… northernmost immortal King! It’s me!”

Chen Chen shouted in bewilderment and at the same time, he blocked the green cloud immortal mirror in front of him.

In an instant, the Green Cloud Immortal Mirror turned into a transparent barrier with a radius of tens of thousands of miles, facing the endless cold air.

Sizzle sizzle sizzle sizzle..

The sound of ice forming could be heard. In the blink of an eye, the Green Cloud Immortal Mirror turned into an ice mirror.

However, the endless cold air was blocked in the end and didn’t reach Chen Chen.

Only then did the northernmost immortal king recognize Chen Chen’s voice. He hurriedly retracted his trident and asked in disbelief, “Immortal King Fairy?”

“Cough cough, it’s me!”

Chen Chen replied loudly.

He had forgotten that he wasn’t in human form. It was no wonder that the northernmost immortal King didn’t recognize him.

“Immortal King Fairy is actually able to break through the Nine Palace Heaven Sealing Formation. What a great skill!”

The northernmost immortal king praised sincerely. At the same time, he turned his trident towards the flaming figure.

To be honest, when he felt a huge monster suddenly appear behind him, he was shocked.

Now that he knew it was a teammate, his mood was like a roller coaster. He was extremely happy.

When he looked at the condition of the graceful celestial king again, his eyes could not help but flash with a hint of surprise.

With just a casual glance, he saw five or six Great Dao Supreme Treasures! And they were all operating!

“Not only did this person defeat the Guardian before me, he even broke through the array to support me… This level of strength is no small matter. I originally thought that everyone except me had underestimated his strength. Now, it seems that I have underestimated him too.”

The northernmost immortal King praised in his heart. At the same time, he raised Chen Chen’s status in his heart by several levels.

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