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Chapter 823: Chapter 822, do as you wish

The white-robed female corpse stood high above, looking down at the scene below. The Madness in her eyes finally disappeared, replaced by a hint of solemnity.

After looking at it for a moment, she slowly stretched out her hand, and a white seven-petal flower quietly bloomed in her palm.

Once this flower bloomed, the treasures within a radius of hundreds of thousands of miles seemed to have been stimulated. They shone brightly, and their power was actually several times stronger than before!

Inside the motionless Divine Emperor Bell, Chen Chen’s pressure increased greatly.

Although the motionless divine Emperor Bell’s defense was powerful, it was not without its source. It needed the immortal energy in his body to support it.

When the pressure in an instant exceeded the level of the immortal energy he provided, the motionless Divine Emperor Bell would also be broken.

“What is that flower… it’s so heaven-defying.”

Chen Chen looked at the seven-petal flower in the white-clothed female corpse’s hand with a solemn expression.

One had to know that he carried a large amount of supplies with him. Coupled with the immovable divine Emperor Bell, he would not feel too much pressure even if he faced the attacks of seven or eight Great Dao supreme treasures at the same time.

However, that flower was actually able to support millions of Dharma Treasures, making him faintly unable to withstand it. This power was too terrifying.

With that thought, Chen Chen started to appraise it with the system. A moment later, he got the answer.

“Ten Thousand Treasures Spirit Flower, a Great Dao Supreme Treasure, a battlefield support type treasure. It contains countless dharma treasure spirits. During war, it can increase the power of all the Dharma Treasure Spirits within a Million Miles and replenish the immortal power of the Dharma Treasure…”

After hearing the system’s introduction, Chen Chen understood.

A battlefield type Great Dao supreme treasure..

Although he had obtained many great dao supreme treasures, he really did not have such a type of treasure.

Normally, such a treasure would be completely useless. However, on this occasion, it was equivalent to several Great Dao Supreme Treasures.

Feeling the increasing pressure on him, Chen Chen had no choice but to take out the four deity guardians. At times like this, defense alone was not enough. He had to attack.

The box with the four deity guardians was opened, and two light shadows flew out.

One of the light shadows flew directly above the motionless divine Emperor Bell, and then suddenly pressed down on it!

A huge “Defense”word was branded on the defensive barrier of the Motionless Divine Emperor Bell. In an instant, the power of the motionless divine Emperor Bell increased greatly, and the light increased by several times. All the Dharma Treasures hit the motionless Divine Emperor Bell.., all of them let out a sorrowful cry and flew back.

Another light figure broke through the layers of obstacles and struck out a palm toward the white-clothed female corpse high in the sky!

Under this palm strike, an enormous attack rune surged toward the white-clothed female corpse.

When the white-clothed female corpse saw the rune, her expression changed abruptly. She hurriedly stretched out her hand and took out a shield from her bosom to block in front of her.

As soon as the shield appeared, it turned into a huge golden barrier that blocked the huge rune. It was also a Supreme Treasure of the Great Dao.

“No wonder he dared to compete with me with a Dharma Treasure. He really has some strength.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself. For some reason, he suddenly became excited.

To be honest, if it were in the immortal world, who would be qualified to compete with him with a Dharma Treasure?

He did not dare to go all out. After all, he was too rich. If he were to use the Supreme Dao Treasures without restraint, it was inevitable that he would be targeted by others.

However, it was different in the nine temples heaven-sealing formation. He could use all his strength to see where the ceiling of his strength was!

With that thought, Chen Chen could not help but roar toward the sky. Immediately after, the Ruyi God transformation armor on his body began to rapidly expand!

In just a few breaths, the Ruyi God transformation armor had grown to the size of tens of thousands of miles!

Chen Chen had also become a super monster that was completely covered in black scales, with two horns on his head, wings on his back, two heads and four arms. It was at least tens of thousands of miles in size!

The motionless divine Emperor Bell also grew larger, and soon, it also became a huge bell, enveloping Chen Chen within it.


Chen Chen, who was inside the monster’s body, let out a breath. Then, without any hesitation, he swallowed a rank five golden core.

A tremendous power exploded in his body. He did not convert this power into cultivation, but poured it into a few Great Dao Supreme Treasures!


The purple heaven controlling wheel shone brightly and turned into a star that quickly rotated around Chen Chen, as if Chen Chen had his own satellite.

This was not enough. Immediately after, three swords with dense black qi flew out and turned into a ten thousand li long sword that landed in Chen Chen’s hand.

This was the second most precious great dao treasure among the one million storage rings. They were the immortal suppressing sword, the immortal vanquishing sword, and the immortal devouring sword.

Although this great dao treasure was an item from the underworld, Chen Chen could still activate it by using the power of the fifth transformation golden core in his body.

“It’s not enough…”

Feeling the surging power in his body, Chen Chen’s empty hand shook violently, and a mirror fell into his hand.

This was the spoils of war from killing the Nine Heavens Immortal King, the Azure Cloud Immortal Mirror.

This azure cloud immortal realm could not only defend, but also reflect attacks. Back then, the Nine Heavens Immortal King relied on this treasure to block the attacks of the four God attendants.

“Now, it’s almost time…”

Chen Chen muttered.

Now, he was using all his strength to activate the Ruyi God transformation armor, the motionless Divine Emperor Bell, the Purple Heaven controlling God wheel, the three underworld swords, the two four God attendants puppets, and the Azure Cloud Immortal Mirror, the Nine Great Dao Supreme Treasures.

The power of the Jindan in his body was balanced with the consumption of all the Great Dao Supreme Treasures.

He knew that at this moment, he was at his strongest state after consuming the rank five jindan!


With a roar, Chen Chen suddenly turned around, and three Great Dao Supreme Treasures of the underworld swords swept out in all directions!


Countless explosive sounds rang out at the same time, gathering together to form a long-lasting roar!

Wherever the three Great Dao Supreme Treasures passed by, it was like a raging wave sweeping through an ant colony. Countless corpses that had gained sentience were instantly reduced to nothing.

As for the destiny-level spiritual treasures or other treasures in their hands, under the three Great Dao supreme treasures that had unleashed their full power, they were all like rotten wood, falling apart in the blink of an eye.

In the sky, as she looked down at the terrifying monsters that were tens of thousands of kilometers in size and were covered in Great Dao supreme treasures that were wreaking havoc among the corpses, a hint of shock finally flashed through the white-clothed female corpse’s eyes.

“Where did this person get so many Supreme Dao Treasures…”

Before she could figure it out, Chen Chen had already swept across the surrounding millions of kilometers. All the corpses that had gained sentience, even those at the immortal king level, had turned into ashes at this moment,

chen Chen was in the gigantic ruyi god transformation armor. The Purple Heaven controlling spirit wheel was slowly rotating. At this moment, the surroundings were like a Milky Way, extremely beautiful.

The countless sparkling lights were all magic treasure fragments.

Looking at the surrounding scenery, Chen Chen smiled. Then, he extended the four arms that were formed from the Ruyi God transformation armor and pointed at the white-clothed female corpse that was still resisting the four God attendants in the sky.

After destroying so many treasures with three swords and one mirror, it seemed that their spirituality had greatly increased. With Chen Chen’s finger, the Four Great Dao Supreme Treasures suddenly erupted with a towering murderous aura, causing the white-clothed female corpse to feel a wave of dizziness.

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