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Chapter 822: Chapter 821, Sea of Magic Treasures! (thanks to the readers of South city for their tips, add more!) 

“Nine Palace Heaven Sealing Formation…”

The easternmost immortal King’s expression changed. What followed was the environment within the formation.

He saw more and more fog appearing within the primordial void space, the easternmost immortal king quickly said, “This nine Palace Heaven Sealing Formation is our immortal world’s formation. It can quickly cut through the battlefield and break apart the experts within the formation… This corpse emperor isn’t simple! Everyone must be careful…”

As he said this, his voice became more and more indistinct. In the end, all the immortal kings were swallowed by the fog.

Chen Chenan sat in the flying boat. His surroundings were all covered in white fog. Regardless of whether it was his five senses or divine sense, they could not detect anything beyond the fog.

Fortunately, the system was still in effect.

Therefore, at this moment, he could clearly know where the other immortal kings were.

However, he did not dare to randomly move.

He had a vague impression of the nine temples heaven-sealing formation when he checked the information. This formation wasn’t as simple as a pile of fog.

Since it didn’t have any lethality, this formation was quite powerful in other aspects.

Its main function was to divide the battlefield.

The Fog was just a cover. The truly powerful thing was the layers of small enchantments inside the formation. It was equivalent to dividing the formation into countless small worlds.

To get out of the formation… only the guardian of the Small World could be defeated.

And the Guardian was usually an expert who could restrain the people inside the formation arranged by the person who set up the formation.

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Taking a deep breath, Chen Chen put away the flying boat.

At this time, the fog in the surroundings gradually dispersed, and what appeared in front of him was an endless sea.

He was currently in the sky above the sea.

A gust of strong wind blew past, and a wave rose up from the surface of the sea.

Gradually, a large number of heads poked out from the surface of the sea, and then rose up.

In just a few breaths’time, over a million figures flew out from the boundless sea, and surrounded Chen Chen in the middle.

This was not an illusion, but a guardian arranged by the corpse emperor.

Chen Chen roughly scanned the surroundings. There were as many as ten immortal kings.

Among them, there was one whose aura wasn’t weaker than the hunchbacked old man from before.

“You really think too highly of me. However, it’s fortunate that the corpse emperor didn’t find me.”

Chen Chen consoled himself while silently sympathizing with his companion who was personally attacked by the corpse emperor.

At this moment, layers of encirclement opened up a passageway. A white-robed woman with a pale face walked out from the passageway.

“You are Immortal King Shenxiu, the Immortal King famous for his many treasures in the immortal world?”

The woman’s voice was very cold, like a malicious ghost in the netherworld.

Hearing her words, Chen Chen’s heart thumped.

It was not that he was afraid of the woman’s voice, but he was shocked that the woman actually knew about him.

The woman or the corpse emperor had definitely never been to the immortal world… the only explanation was that someone in the immortal world had colluded with the corpse emperor.

Was it the Immortal King?

Chen Chen subconsciously used the system and found that none of the immortal kings had colluded with the corpse emperor.

The Immortal King was also divided into a small world. Like him, he was facing an army of a million people.

Who Was It?

It should be known that it had only been two days since his group of immortal kings gathered together.

Who would be able to provide information about him to the corpse emperor so quickly?

If he had information about a newly emerged immortal king like himself, the characteristics of the other immortal kings would most likely have been studied thoroughly long ago.

Even if he could win this battle, the others would most likely be in danger as well.

Seeing that Chen Chen was silent, the female corpse revealed a strange smile. She laughed sinisterly, “Immortal King Shen Xiu, since you have so many treasures, I will defeat you in the field that you are most proficient in.”

As the sound of her voice faded, 10,000 people suddenly stood out from the millions of corpses in the surroundings and surrounded Chen Chen from all angles.

Following that, these 10,000 corpses actually took out a destiny-level spiritual treasure at the same time and pointed it at Chen Chen.

Destiny-level spiritual treasure was a treasure that ordinary immortal kings in the immortal world usually used.

In the immortal world, it was already considered a half-peak item.

But in this nine palace heaven-sealing array, there were already ten thousand in a small world.

If the other immortal kings saw this scene, they would probably be stunned on the spot.

Only people like Chen Chen who had seen the big picture could calmly face such a battle.

“You guys are really arrogant. You clearly know what I’m good at, yet you want to defeat me in my best field. Fine, then I’ll see what good things you can bring out.”

Since the situation could not be changed, Chen Chen decided not to think too much and began to accept the challenge.

As soon as he finished speaking, the Ruyi God transformation armor on his body appeared and turned into a strange black leather armor that covered his entire body.

Then, Chen Chen swung it abruptly, and a strange dragon tail that was thousands of miles long appeared behind him and swept in all directions!


The sound of explosions rang out, and the thousands of corpses behind him holding destiny-level numinous treasures exploded.

Although this attack was not as powerful as the southernmost immortal king, it still had 70% of the charm of the southernmost immortal King!

The female corpse in white laughed out loud when she saw this, and her eyes shone brightly!

“Good! Haha! Very good!”

Then, she waved her hand, and the millions of corpses around her, no matter who they were or what treasures they held, all greeted Chen Chen.

It was as if countless fireworks had been set off, and Chen Chen was in the middle of them.

Seeing the countless treasures heading towards him, Chen Chen’s expression changed slightly. At the same time, the Purple Heaven controlling spirit wheel on his wrist suddenly flew out, turning into an extremely fast stream of light that spun rapidly around him!

Clang Clang Clang Clang..

A series of metal clashing sounds rang out. No matter what treasure it was or where the stream of light came from, as long as it was struck by the Purple Heaven controlling spirit wheel, it would be reduced to dust!

However, even so, more than half of the flowing light still struck Chen Chen’s body.

Although these magic treasure attacks were all blocked by the Ruyi God transformation armor, Chen Chen still felt a considerable impact.

There was nothing he could do. The number was too shocking!

So much so that his vision was filled with the flowing light of the magic treasure, as if he was surrounded by a colony of ants!

And those magic treasures were like ants, crashing into him whenever there was a gap!

“This treatment…”

Chen Chen covered his head with both hands and muttered. Then, he stomped his foot!

A powerful bell chime sounded in the sky above the sea!


Along with the Bell Chime, a huge bell-shaped phantom appeared around Chen Chen.

Over a million magic treasures’flowing lights bounced back whenever they hit the bell-shaped Phantom.

The surrounding million corpses did not give up when they saw this and launched a second round of attacks.

Seeing this, Chen Chen’s expression was calm. He just stood in the middle of the bell-shaped phantom as if nothing had happened.

In the next second, countless streams of light collided with the bell-shaped Phantom. For a moment, light splattered in all directions, and explosions rang out incessantly. The air waves that were formed collided in the void, and the explosions extended for tens of thousands of kilometers! They formed a true ‘Sea of explosions’!

However, the bell-shaped phantom was like an immutable mountain in the sea of explosions. It protected Chen Chen’s surroundings, and no matter how the magical equipment collided or attacked, it did not tremble in the slightest.

It was as if a lifetime had passed.

Outside the bell was a horrifying scene of the destruction of the world. Inside the bell, Chen Chen stood with his hands behind his back, calm and collected.

This was the Supreme Treasure of the Great Dao that was completely used for defense, the Divine Emperor Bell.

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