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Chapter 821: Chapter 820 could recognize this formation

“Immortal King youying can teleport! In terms of escaping, he is the best in the immortal world!”

Tianheng immortal king muttered softly.

Chen Chen understood.

No wonder he wanted Immortal King youying to explore the way.


In theory, he could do it even if he cultivated the supreme pure mysterious Heavenly Dao technique to the highest level.

However, he could only do it in a normal space, and it was impossible to do it in the Hong Meng Void Space.

“The immortal world is so big, and there are still many capable people. I Can’t expand.”

Chen Chen warned himself in his heart.

The group of Immortal Kings waited for about two hours before the Shadow Immortal King’s figure appeared in the void space again.

“In the east, about 30 million miles away, there are over 700 gigantic monster corpses floating in the air. As for how many of them have gained sentience, I don’t know the exact number, but it’s definitely more than 50 million.

Other than that, there’s also a supreme expert among them who sensed my existence.”

At the end, the tone of the Shadow Immortal King turned extremely heavy.

The other immortal kings were even more so.

To be honest, among this group of immortal kings, there were very few who could sense immortal King Shadow from afar.

This was the difference in the strength of the divine soul. It had nothing to do with the strength of the fleshly body.

Logically speaking, the corpse emperor had just recovered. It was absolutely impossible for him to possess such a powerful divine soul. However, he just had it.

A powerful divine soul coupled with the fleshly body of an immortal emperor was extremely terrifying.

In addition, there were a few other commanders by his side..

With a single thought, the eyes of some immortal kings flashed with the intent to retreat.

“This corpse emperor might not have just awakened. Or maybe, the consciousness in his body originated from another expert.”

The northernmost immortal king calmly spoke.

The southernmost immortal king who had two horns on his head spoke in a low voice, “I also feel that this is the case. If he was born with his own consciousness, there’s no need for him to take such a huge risk to go against our immortal realm.

Because we can accept him just like how we accepted the Undying Immortal King.

Right now, his actions all indicate that he has a huge amount of enmity towards the immortal realm. I feel that his consciousness is very likely from another world in the primordial void space.”

“Cough cough, if he has a huge amount of enmity towards our immortal realm, we can not back down.”

The southernmost immortal king coughed lightly, his aged voice was filled with determination.

The easternmost immortal king only saw the looks of fear in the eyes of the immortal kings, he sighed, “None of us are the leaders. Should we leave the primordial void and seal the cracks? Or should we give it our all and fight for a once-and-for-all victory? Let’s vote on it.”

After speaking, he paused and stretched out his hand, “I’ve decided to stay and fight.”

The four extreme immortal kings were united as one. The moment he expressed his stance, the other three extreme immortal kings all decided to stay and fight.

Then the Immortal King and Immortal King youying also expressed their stance.

However, there were also a few immortal kings who chose to leave this place and seal the crack. When an immortal Emperor returned to the immortal world in the future, they would solve this problem.

This idea quickly gained the support of many immortal kings. Before long, the vote count became nine to nine.

Only Chen Chen and the Eternal Celestial King remained silent.

The Eternal Celestial King wanted to speak when he saw this, but Chen Chen suddenly said, “I forfeit!”

As soon as he said that, the other eighteen immortal kings all looked at the eternal celestial king.

The Eternal Celestial King’s words were on the tip of his tongue, but he swallowed them.

Who would have thought that the kid next to him would be so sly and push all the pressure on him.

But if he didn’t express his stance, it wasn’t a good idea to drag this matter on.

At this moment, the easternmost immortal king suddenly said, “Let me reveal some information to everyone. If it wasn’t for the catastrophe that happened in the immortal world, the Immortal Emperor wouldn’t have returned.

And the catastrophe in the eyes of the immortal emperor was at least the destruction of a small part of the immortal realm. It would only be counted if more than half of you died.”

The Skyward immortal king laughed and said, “Senior, of course you don’t want to lie. If that’s the case, let’s fight.”

The moment he opened his mouth, it was the same as closing the coffin.

These were all the top immortal kings of the immortal realm. Since they had made the decision, they wouldn’t say any unnecessary nonsense.

“Forget it, let’s fight.”


After making up their minds, the twenty immortal kings flew directly to the east.

Along the way, almost no one spoke, the atmosphere was extremely heavy.

Only the Skyheng Immortal King was at the back, together with Chen Chen, muttering a few words from time to time.

“Ai, I heard from them that you have many Supreme Dao Treasures, can you lend me two?”

Chen Chen glanced at the Skyheng immortal king and coldly asked, “Am I very familiar with you?”

The Skyheng Immortal King’s expression stiffened, he didn’t expect this immortal king to actually dare to speak to him in such a manner.

Just as he was about to say something, Chen Chen waved his hand and a small flying boat appeared beside him.

This flying boat was silver in color and was only the size of a person. It was extremely exquisite and beautiful. The most important thing was that it emitted an aura that was close to that of a great dao treasure.

The group of Immortal Kings glanced at this flying boat.

Chen Chen didn’t hold back as he entered the flying boat and followed behind the group.

Actually, it wasn’t that he didn’t have a great dao treasure-level vehicle.

But there was no need. It was better to keep a low profile.

Moreover, this small flying boat was already enough to keep up with the group of Immortal Kings.

As time passed, the atmosphere among the group became more and more solemn.

Even though Chen Chen was sitting on the flying boat, he could faintly feel an austere aura. It was as if he was in a deep sea with an extremely strong pressure.

It was very obvious that these powerful immortal kings were all gathering their strength.

“We are very close. We will meet them in about fifteen minutes.”

The Immortal King’s tone was cold and his voice was slightly hoarse.

As the sound of his voice faded, the Skyheng Immortal King seemed to have been stimulated. He accelerated and flew to the front of everyone in an instant.

At the same time, a sharp aura that was as sharp as a knife was emitted from his body.

The group of Immortal Kings didn’t dare to follow behind him, afraid of being affected by his aura.

Chen Chen wasn’t surprised to see this.

This eternal celestial king looked kind on the surface, but he was actually a madman in his heart.

It was also because of this that he didn’t want to have too much interaction with this eternal celestial king.

Half an hour passed very quickly.

Before Chen Chen noticed it, a group of giant monster corpses entered the range of his spiritual sense.

These monsters had different forms, and they were obviously not creatures of the immortal world.

However, they all had one thing in common, and that was that they were very huge, floating in the primal void space like continents.

The eternal celestial king clearly sensed these giant monster corpses, and howled, “Everyone, I’ll Go First!”

After saying that, his speed increased by another notch!

But at this moment, the situation changed! The positions of the huge beasts in Chen Chen’s spiritual sense changed rapidly.

Almost in an instant, an unknown formation was formed.

As soon as such a huge formation was formed, it created a huge barrier that could cover a radius of billions of miles.

And all the immortal kings, including Chen Chen, were instantly enveloped in the barrier.

At this moment, a cold voice rang out from within the barrier.

“Do you guys recognize this formation?”

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