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Chapter 820: Chapter 819, each displaying their own abilities

“What a tyrannical old dragon…”

Chen Chen muttered in his heart.

At this moment, the hunchbacked old man in the zombie crowd suddenly made a move. He stretched out his palm, bringing with it a shocking pressure as he suppressed the southernmost immortal king.

The remaining zombie crowd took this opportunity to disperse.

The southernmost immortal King didn’t care about the zombie crowd. Seeing the pressure approaching, she roared and slammed her front claws forward!


Following a shocking sound, a powerful shockwave spread out in all directions. A large number of corpses that had gained sentience were sent flying in all directions.

Within a radius of tens of thousands of miles, only the remaining immortal kings and a few people among the zombies were like rocks in a huge wave, unmoving.

Seeing that his opponents were all calm, the old man could not help but narrow his eyes.

Although he had just gained sentience not too long ago, it didn’t mean that he was a fool.

This group of immortal kings was clearly different from the wandering soldiers he had encountered before. This time, it was very likely that they had encountered a true expert.

With this thought in mind, his eyes turned and he commanded loudly, “Charge! All of you, Charge!”

The majority of the corpses that had gained sentience weren’t as intelligent as him. After hearing the order, they didn’t hesitate and swarmed forward once more.

The hunchbacked old man turned and left, wanting to use this opportunity to escape.

The attention of the immortal kings were all focused on him. Naturally, they wouldn’t let him escape so easily.

There was no need for anyone to say anything. The aged extreme west immortal king instantly vanished as he chased after the hunchbacked old man.

In the blink of an eye, an extremely shocking immortal qi fluctuation erupted from the air in the distance.

The southernmost immortal King, who had transformed into a dragon, began to deal with the small fish with all his might. After a few swings of his tail, the originally densely packed zombie horde became sparse and sparse.

At this time, the fear of death finally overcame this group of corpses that had just gained sentience. They began to flee in all directions.

However, facing the southernmost immortal king, how could they escape?

After a few extremely aggressive dragon roars, the primal void space returned to its original tranquility.

Only the Jixi Immortal King and the hunchbacked old man were still fighting, as well as the floating corpse of the disc-shaped monster.

The group of Immortal Kings didn’t rush to help the Jixi Immortal King, instead, they silently watched the battle from the side.

From the battle between the Jixi Immortal King and the hunchbacked old man, they could roughly guess the strength of the corpse emperor.

“The easternmost western immortal King has people like us behind him, so he fought without restraint. In comparison, the commander is timid. If not for this, the easternmost immortal king might not have the upper hand.

If the commander’s strength is on the same level as the easternmost western immortal king, then the corpse emperor… is probably a level higher than most of the immortal kings present.”

Chen Chen analyzed silently in his heart, and his expression unconsciously became much more solemn.

Although this battle went smoothly, he could not let down his guard.

After a moment, the hunchbacked old man gradually could not hold on any longer. At this time, the group of immortal kings had already observed enough. There was no need to hold back anymore. Hence, two more immortal kings flew out.

These two immortal kings were Supreme Treasures of the Great Dao. They easily cooperated with the extreme west immortal king to capture the hunchbacked old man.

Looking at the familiar face of the hunchbacked old man, the easternmost immortal king sighed and said, “Sigh, I didn’t expect to see an old friend like this… Tell Me, which direction is the corpse emperor in now?”

The hunchbacked old man raised his head and glanced at everyone fiercely. Then, he pointed to the east and said, “It’s in that direction. You can go if you want!”

The group of Immortal Kings could not help but feel a little surprised when they saw that the hunchbacked old man was so happy.

However, the hunchbacked old man sneered.

“If you want to go and die, do you think I Will Stop You? You are just a group of immortal kings, yet you want to find trouble with the corpse emperor. You really don’t know what’s good for you!”

A trace of gloominess flashed across the easternmost immortal King’s tender face when he heard this.

The long-haired Tianheng immortal king beside him laughed and said, “Corpse emperor, Corpse Emperor, do you really think it’s an immortal emperor? As long as it’s not an immortal emperor, what do we have to fear?”

Hearing his words, the easternmost immortal King’s expression turned a little better.

At this moment, the immortal king coldly interjected.

“I feel that many lives are gathering towards the east. The Corpse Qi in the east is getting heavier and heavier.”

Hearing this, the immortal kings knew that the hunchbacked old man’s words were true.

However, he hid one thing.

That was that these corpses were connected to each other. After learning that they had encountered a great enemy, the large number of sentient corpses scattered in the primal chaos void space battlefield began to gather. They were no longer scattered in all directions like before.., he gathered his subordinates.

“How many commanders like you are under the Corpse Emperor’s command?”

The easternmost immortal king asked again.

The hunchbacked old man glared at the easternmost immortal king. Suddenly, a strange smile appeared on his lips.

At this moment, the Heavenly Heng Immortal King behind him suddenly stretched out his hand and slapped the top of his head.


A faintly discernible vibration was heard. The expression of the hunchbacked old man instantly stiffened. His eyes gradually lost their luster.

“This fellow knows that he will definitely die, yet he still wants to self-destruct.”

“Forget it, Skypermanent Immortal King, why don’t you get rid of his corpse as well. This way, he won’t have any problems in the future.”

The easternmost immortal king waved his hand.

When the Skypermanent Immortal King heard this, he was prepared to make a move. However, the Undying Immortal King stretched out his hand and stopped him, “Leave it to me.”

After speaking, his body gradually transformed into a beam of light as he passed through the body of the old man.

By the time he walked out, the hunchbacked old man had already dried up completely. In the end, he turned into dust and vanished into the primordial void.

On the other hand, the Undying Immortal King had an extremely comfortable look on his face.

When everyone saw this, although they had doubts in their hearts, they didn’t probe further.

The Undying Immortal King took the initiative to explain, “Don’t worry, this is my unique innate technique. Not everyone knows it.”

After speaking, he took the initiative to stand at the front of the group and no longer spoke.

The easternmost immortal king lowered his head and pondered for a moment before finally looking at a black-robed immortal king whose face couldn’t be seen clearly.

“Immortal King youying, I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble you to investigate the situation…”

Chen Chen also turned to look at the black-robed immortal king.

This youying Immortal King was the Master of the youying immortal realm.

The Shadowy Immortal Realms was a special immortal realm in the Immortal Realms, where souls lived.

In truth, strictly speaking, the immortal realms were all inclusive. As long as one wasn’t a cultivator from the underworld, one would be able to find a place in the immortal realms,

this included the Immortal King and the Shadowy Immortal King.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the number of corpses that awakened in the primordial void space was too large, the immortal realms would definitely be in a state of chaos. The group of Immortal Kings might not have to deal with the corpse emperor.


The youying immortal king was even more taciturn than the undying immortal king. After he spoke a single word, his body began to fade away. Not long after, he completely vanished.

And during this process, Chen Chen actually didn’t sense any fluctuations. He also didn’t know how the Youying Immortal King disappeared.

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