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Chapter 819: Chapter 818, first battle

“Immortal King, thank you for your trouble.”

At this moment, the easternmost immortal King spoke in a soft voice to the immortal king whose body was as white as jade.

The Immortal King didn’t say anything. He took the initiative to fly to the front of the group and started to survey his surroundings.

After a minute or two, he finally spoke in a low voice, “Follow me.”

After speaking, he flew in a certain direction.

The group of immortal kings did not hesitate and followed behind him.

When Chen Chen saw this, he immediately understood the immortal King’s role.

It seemed that the immortal king who was born from this corpse could sense the aura of his own kind.

And the main purpose of his trip was to lead the way.

Since there was someone to lead the way, Chen Chen was also happy to be at ease, so he simply followed behind and played the role of a bystander.

Along with him was the publicly acknowledged strongest killing method, the eternal celestial king.

It had to be said that this eternal celestial king was very familiar with him. As he flew, he tried to get close to Chen Chen.

“Immortal King Shenxiu, can you tell me, how many benefits did those old fellows promise you when you promised them to come here?”

Chen Chen glanced at him and replied, “There aren’t any benefits.”

The skypermanent immortal king was extremely shocked when he heard this. He glanced at Chen Chen and asked, “If there aren’t any benefits, why are you here?”

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“I’m here for the sake of righteousness.”

Chen Chen calmly replied, his face filled with righteousness.

The Skypermanent Immortal King hurriedly sped up when he saw this, avoiding Chen Chen as though he was avoiding a god of plague.

At this moment, the twenty immortal kings finally encountered their first living creature. However, it wasn’t a corpse that gave birth to a consciousness, but an immortal monarch who came from the immortal realm to search for good fortune.

This immortal monarch’s body was covered in injuries and he was already on the verge of death. Right now, he was floating in the void and could die at any moment.

When the northernmost immortal king saw this, he hurriedly flew to his side and placed a medicinal pill into his mouth.

In an instant, that immortal monarch regained his life force.

When he opened his eyes and saw a group of immortal kings in front of him, that immortal monarch instantly had an expression of extreme joy on his face.

After that, he seemed to have recalled some terrifying memories. His eyes started to show fear as he hissed,

“My Lords Immortal Kings, you can’t fly any further. There’s a monster’s corpse in front of you!”

“Monster? How Big is the monster? What’s its strength?”

The northernmost immortal king smiled calmly. His tone was so convincing that the immortal King’s expression immediately became much calmer after hearing his words.

After taking a deep breath.., the immortal monarch said, “That monster is about tens of thousands of miles in size. It hasn’t awakened its consciousness yet. More importantly, tens of thousands of corpses with consciousness have entered its body… the strongest among them is the commander under the Corpse Emperor!”


Several immortal kings frowned at the same time.

After not receiving any news for a while, the situation clearly changed again.

The Corpse Emperor actually had a commander under him.

Since there was a Commander, why wasn’t this commander with the corpse emperor?

The answer was self-evident. The commander under the corpse emperor was gathering his subordinates and accumulating strength.

“These corpses are extremely intelligent…”

The northernmost immortal king muttered.

To be honest, if a group of corpses were to attack the immortal realm in batches, the immortal realm would be able to deal with them easily.

The only thing they were afraid of was that the corpse emperor would continue to gather his subordinates in this void space, eventually reaching a shocking number before attacking the immortal realm.

If that was the case, the immortal realm would most probably suffer a great calamity.

And the corpse emperor clearly knew what to do to truly charge out of this primal void space. Hence, he didn’t enter the immortal realm after such a long time.

“If we can exterminate one batch, we can exterminate another batch.”

The easternmost immortal King spoke from the side.

The group of Immortal Kings all nodded, they didn’t place the tens of thousands of corpses with consciousness in their eyes.

That immortal king turned pale with fright when he heard this. He wanted to explain how strong those existences were and how dangerous it was in front. But before he could speak, his entire body involuntarily flew backwards.

By the time he regained his senses, the group of people had already disappeared.

Fifteen minutes later.

Chen Chen saw the monster’s corpse that the immortal king was talking about.

It was the corpse of a huge disc-shaped black creature. It looked like a large crab without legs.

However, this crab was a little too big. It had a circumference of tens of thousands of miles.

Looking at the monster’s corpse from tens of thousands of miles away, he could not see anything. He could only feel that the monster’s corpse was floating aimlessly.

When the immortal kings got closer, the corpse suddenly trembled and stopped.

Chen Chen narrowed his eyes when he saw this.

In the next second, a large number of human figures flew out from the back of the monster. The scene was like bees flying out of a phoenix nest, blotting out the sky and covering the Earth.

Not long after, tens of thousands of strange and strange corpses flew out from the body of the monster and appeared around Chen Chen and his group.

The twenty immortal kings quietly floated in the air, allowing the tens of thousands of corpses to form a formation.

Only after the tens of thousands of corpses surrounded the group did one of them make a sound.

“There are only twenty immortal kings, yet they dare to be so arrogant?”

As the sound of his voice faded, an old man with a broken arm appeared.

Upon seeing this old man, the easternmost immortal king exclaimed in surprise, “Withered Bone Immortal King?”

When everyone saw that the easternmost immortal king was actually acquainted with the previous body of that hunchbacked old man, they all perked up their ears, waiting for the easternmost immortal king to continue.

“The withered bone immortal king was the Lord of the Mystic Bone Immortal realms 60 million years ago. He was one of the top three immortal kings in the entire immortal realms back then. His soul was extremely powerful and his fleshly body was close to immortal-foundation. He could be considered flawless.

This old man has met him a few times before. Who would have thought that the high-spirited him back then would actually… sigh.”

The easternmost immortal king sighed.

Everyone fell silent. So what if he was one of the top three immortal kings in the immortal world? In the end, he could only end up like this.

This caused them to feel some melancholy in their hearts.

When the hunchbacked old man saw that there was actually someone in this group who recognized his predecessor, he instantly became vigilant.

After retreating into the zombie crowd, he loudly ordered, “Kill them!”


With a single command, countless roars rang out, forming a sound wave that was comparable to a hurricane!

Chen Chen was at the back of the crowd. He roughly took a glance and saw that among the tens of thousands of corpses, there were close to a hundred that were comparable to immortal kings!

If there were only twenty ordinary immortal kings here today, they would be considered lucky to be able to escape.

“Who will be the first to fight?”

Seeing the tens of thousands of corpses rushing over, the northernmost immortal king calmly asked.

“Let me do it.”

Beside him, the young-looking northernmost immortal king calmly replied. After that, her body rose up and flew to the top of everyone’s heads.


A Dragon’s roar rang out from her mouth. In an instant, her body transformed into a heaven-shaking dragon body that was 100,000 miles long!

Then, the dragon’s tail swept across! Like the autumn wind sweeping through fallen leaves, it smashed towards the group of corpses!

Boom! Boom!

Muffled thunder-like sounds rang out, and the corpses quickly turned into powder under the dragon’s tail.

With just one strike, nearly a third of the tens of thousands of corpses had disappeared.

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