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Chapter 818: Chapter 817 — The Gathering of Immortal Kings 

After receiving Chen Chen’s affirmative reply, the smile on the northernmost immortal King’s face grew more and more benevolent, and his words became more and more pleasant to the ear.

“It’s good to be young, Fairy Immortal King. I’m not spouting nonsense. All these years, out of all the immortal kings I’ve met in the Immortal Realms, only you have the bearing of an immortal emperor!”

Chen Chen gave a perfunctory smile. Although the words of the northernmost immortal king were quite correct, he didn’t believe that this fellow had such thoughts from the bottom of his heart.

But since the other party praised him, he naturally had to reply. With a single thought, Chen Chen laughed:

“Senior must be joking. If it wasn’t for senior worrying about the matters of the Immortal Realms, I’m afraid you would have long become an immortal emperor.”

The northernmost immortal King started when he heard this. After that, a meaningful smile appeared on his face.

A moment later, the northernmost immortal King departed. Chen Chen then contacted the Flying Phoenix Immortal King, informing her that he was about to head to the Fallen Immortal Mountain.

The Flying Phoenix Immortal King knew that this matter wasn’t to be taken lightly. She then spoke with concern, “Those old immortal kings are all immortal spirits that have lived for who knows how many years. At that time, if you aren’t able to defeat the corpse emperor, don’t linger in battle.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not stupid. But after I leave, I’ll have to trouble you to take care of the true Nether Immortal Realms on my behalf.”

Chen Chen smiled.

The Flying Phoenix Immortal King naturally agreed.

After that, Chen Chen began to prepare for his trip to the Fallen Immortal Mountain.

Two hours later, he found over a hundred treasures and medicinal pills from his private treasury that were specially used to deal with corpse demons.

With these preparations, as well as the other Supreme Dao Treasures, Chen Chen’s confidence soared.

Right now, even if he didn’t say that he could defeat the corpse emperor, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to protect himself.

The next day, Chen Chen flew towards the fallen immortal mountain alone.

When he arrived at the Fallen Immortal Mountain, the surroundings were already filled with defenses. With a cursory glance, there were seven or eight arrays sealing the cracks of the fallen immortal mountain.

However, these were only ordinary powerful arrays, not those that couldn’t be broken.

Seeing Chen Chen arrive, a person quickly flew out from the array.

This person had violet-black skin and a muscular body. He looked extremely rough but in front of Chen Chen, he was extremely polite.

“Graceful Immortal King, you are finally here. I am the Violet Wind Immortal King from the Violet Wind Immortal Realms near the Fallen Immortal Mountain. Right now, this entrance is guarded by me!

The few old immortal kings are all inside the formation. They have been waiting for you for a long time. Please!”

After speaking, immortal King Zi Feng made a gesture of invitation. At the same time, the formation behind him opened up a passageway.

Through the passageway, Chen Chen could see that there were a large number of immortals stationed inside. Without exception, all of them were experts at the immortal Lord level and above, coming from different immortal realms.

Chen Chen cupped his hands towards immortal King Zi Feng before flying into the passageway.

After passing through seven formations in a row, he finally saw the large crack on the Fallen Immortal Mountain.

There were dozens of people standing not far away from the huge crack. The northernmost immortal king who came to look for him yesterday was also among them.

“Fairy Immortal King, Come Here!”The northernmost immortal king had long sensed Chen Chen’s arrival and waved his hand.

Chen Chen’s figure flashed and appeared beside him.

“Fairy Immortal King, let me introduce you. These three are the northernmost, southernmost, and westernmost immortal kings.”

The Extreme North Immortal King pointed to the three people in front of him as he introduced them.

Chen Chen swept his gaze over the three of them as a look of astonishment flashed in his eyes.

The Extreme East Immortal King was only three feet tall, like a ten-year-old doll.

The Extreme West Immortal King was extremely old, his breathing was extremely weak and he couldn’t even open his eyes, as though he would die at any moment.

The Extreme South Immortal King was a young lady but this young lady had two horns on her head and her eyes were like blue lightning, causing people to not dare to approach her.

In comparison, the southernmost immortal king was the most normal. It was no wonder that the one who came to look for him yesterday was the southernmost immortal king.

“Greetings to the three seniors!”

Chen Chen cupped his hands and bowed in a neither servile nor overbearing manner.

As the saying goes, one should not judge a book by its cover. Although these people in front of him looked a little strange, their age was obvious.

Especially the child-like southernmost eastern immortal King, who had become an immortal king nearly a hundred million years ago.

The three immortal kings nodded their heads when they saw this and didn’t say anything.

At this moment, the easternmost immortal king pointed at a white-robed immortal king not too far away. His long hair cascaded down his shoulders and he had an unruly look on his face. “That’s the Skypermanent Immortal King. He is publicly acknowledged as the strongest immortal king with the strongest killing techniques in the entire immortal realm.”

“Greetings, young friend.”

The Skypermanent Immortal King looked at Chen Chen and revealed a friendly smile.

Chen Chen also smiled.

Tianheng Immortal King had also heard Immortal King Flying Phoenix mention him before. It was said that he was a rarely seen terrifying existence in the immortal world who did not control a region, yet no one dared to provoke him.

Now that he heard from the northernmost immortal king, he was actually recognized as the immortal king with the strongest killing techniques in the immortal world.

It was estimated that he had most likely comprehended some of the proverbs.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen felt a sense of security in his heart.

“This is the Undying Immortal King… Cough Cough, he also gained consciousness from his corpse and cultivated to become an immortal king.”

The northernmost immortal king then pointed at the young man whose body was as white as jade and introduced him.

Chen Chen looked over. This undying immortal king was rather cold. Regardless of whether it was the northernmost immortal king introducing him or Chen Chen looking at him, he didn’t turn his head and just stared at the large crack.

“And these few…”

The northernmost immortal King didn’t mind and continued his introduction.

Not long after, he introduced the remaining immortal kings.

In short, those who could come here today were all famous in the immortal world. At the very least, they were powerful immortal kings who had reached the peak in a certain field.

Compared to these immortal kings, other than having many treasures, Chen Chen didn’t have any advantage.

After the introductions ended, the child-like extreme east immortal king spoke, “That corpse emperor is an immortal emperor after all and his strength is extraordinary. If we don’t work together, there’s no way we can kill him. Hence, before we enter, I hope that everyone can swear an oath to the Heavenly Dao. No matter what, there must be no internal strife. If it’s not life-threatening, we must not flee before the battle.”

The group of immortal kings all frowned when they heard this but ultimately, no one objected.

In truth, everyone had the same thoughts. Maybe they were confident in themselves, but they weren’t so confident in others.

If they didn’t swear an oath, how could they make others swear an oath?

After a moment, everyone swore an oath. The easternmost immortal king then spoke, “That’s good then. Let’s set off now. It’s been a long time since this old man entered the land of Primordial Chaos.”

After speaking, the easternmost immortal king took the lead and entered the crack. The other immortal kings followed closely behind, while Chen Chen silently followed behind.

After a few breaths of time, the group of Immortal Kings all entered the primordial void.

This was the second time Chen Chen entered. The scene before him was much different compared to the first time he entered.

The biggest change was the environment and Aura.

When he had first come in, there had been no immortal Qi or energy in the surroundings. Now, this place had the smell of the immortal realm.

Not only was there immortal qi, there was also life.

It seemed that as time went on, this place would very likely become an extension of the immortal realm.

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