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Chapter 817: Chapter 816, borrowing people

A few days later, the Corpse Emperor was born in the Hong Meng Void Space, and the news of countless experts’corpses being revived had spread.

The ones who were the most anxious about this matter were naturally the few immortal realms near the Fallen Immortal Mountain.

After all, if any corpse emperor really rushed out, they would be the first to bear the brunt.

But they didn’t dare to rashly seal that crack.

After all, compared to the group of immortal kings and emperors who entered, less than a third of them came out.

If they really sealed up the crack and trapped the remaining people in the void space, who knew how many immortal realms they would offend in an instant.

However, it was impossible to just let them be. Hence, the immortal kings from the surrounding regions joined forces and went to the strongest immortal realms in the immortal realm, inviting the oldest immortal kings to come out and take charge of the situation.

Chen Chen originally thought that such a major event had nothing to do with him, an immortal king who had just arrived in the immortal realms.

Who would have thought that a day later, an immortal king with white hair and a youthful face would appear in the Nine Heavens Immortal realms.

Seeing the friendly expression on the face of the immortal king, Chen Chen asked, “Sir, who are you?”

That white-haired immortal king smiled calmly. After that, he sized Chen Chen up before replying, “This must be the immortal king whose name has risen to fame in the Immortal Realms, right? I Am the Lord of the immortal realms of the extreme north, the immortal king of the extreme north.”

Upon hearing this title, Chen Chen’s expression changed.

There were over 9,000 immortal realms in the immortal realms. He didn’t specifically remember them, but there were a few immortal kings that he didn’t need to remember. For example, the ‘Four Extreme Immortal Kings’.

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The Four Extreme Immortal Kings represented the four immortal kings, they were the extreme east, extreme west, extreme south and extreme north.

The Immortal Realms where the four great immortal kings were located were located in the four directions of the immortal realms. They were one of the largest immortal realms in the entire immortal realms.

And the strength of the four extreme immortal kings could be considered top-notch in the entire immortal realm.

They might not be the strongest, but they could definitely be ranked in the top ten.

In terms of age, the four extreme immortal kings could be considered the oldest batch of immortal kings.

Among them, the easternmost immortal king had been an immortal king for more than a hundred million years, older than many immortal emperors.

After learning the name of the Four Extreme Immortal Kings, Chen Chen didn’t immediately bow and greet them. Instead, he became even more vigilant.

The four extremities immortal King hadn’t appeared for a million years. Now that he came looking for Chen Chen at this crucial moment, this wasn’t a good thing.

With this thought in mind, Chen Chen furrowed his brows.

The Northern Immortal King was still smiling when he saw this. After sweeping his gaze around the hall, he didn’t mind at all and sat down at Chen Chen’s seat.

“Graceful Immortal King, I presume you have heard of what happened on the Fallen Immortal Mountain.”

Chen Chen nodded, remaining silent.

The extreme north immortal king continued, “We Old Fellows have already come up with a countermeasure.”

Only then did Chen Chen Chen ask, “What countermeasure?”

“You should also know that regardless of whether the fallen immortal mountain is sealed or not, there will be a huge drawback.

Also, it’s not a solution that can be solved once and for all.

Rather than allowing those corpses to grow in the void, why don’t we take the initiative to attack? There will be no more problems in the future.”

The northernmost immortal king smiled as he stretched out his hand, gesturing for Chen Chen to be beheaded.

Chen Chen instantly understood his intentions.

The method of the group of old immortal kings was to enter the primordial void space and kill the corpse emperor.

Now that they came looking for him, there was no need to say anything more. They wanted him to join them as well.

There was a saying, ‘the tall tree attracts the wind’.

At this moment, Chen Chen understood the meaning of this phrase. This tree of his had only grown for a short period of time and it was already attracting the wind.

Sighing, Chen Chen spoke:

“I heard that the corpse emperor’s fleshly body is extremely tyrannical. Immortal kings are not to be harmed.”

The northern immortal king shook his head, “Nothing is absolute. Although the fleshly body of an immortal emperor is incomparably tyrannical, the soul of that corpse emperor is far inferior to that of an immortal emperor. If there’s a weapon that can counter the soul, it’s not impossible to kill it.”

Chen Chen lowered his head and didn’t say anything.

The northernmost immortal king continued, “Back then when you fought against the nine-heavens immortal King, you used a special treasure in your final attack. I can sense it through the projection mirror. That Treasure’s baleful aura is extremely terrifying. Not to mention that the corpse emperor’s soul is inferior to an immortal emperor, even a true immortal emperor wouldn’t feel good after receiving that treasure of yours. Am I right?”

Chen Chen inclined his head, seeing that the northernmost immortal king still had a friendly expression on his face, he felt speechless in his heart.

At this moment, if he didn’t say anything, it would be somewhat unjustifiable.

After hesitating for a few seconds, he went straight to the point. “In that case, does the northernmost immortal king mean to borrow a treasure or to borrow someone?”

“Of course he means to borrow someone. Graceful Immortal King, could it be that you can rest assured and borrow a treasure?”

The northernmost immortal king laughed as he spoke. He then continued, “We have a total of twenty immortal kings on this trip. Given the overall strength of the graceful immortal king, it’s not a problem for him to be ranked among us.”

Chen Chen narrowed his eyes when he heard this.

Ever since he killed the nine-heavens immortal king, there were rumors saying that he was one of the top hundred immortal kings in the immortal realms.

And now, this northernmost immortal king said that he had the strength to be ranked in the top twenty.

In truth, he himself didn’t know what level he was at among the immortal kings.

However, back then when he killed the nine-heavens immortal king, he didn’t use his full strength, especially when it came to defense.

The Ruyi God transformation armor didn’t work, and the ‘Yu’of the four God attendants only appeared to watch the battle.

“What benefits do I get if I Go?”

Chen Chen cut straight to the point and didn’t beat around the bush.

The northernmost immortal king was slightly taken aback before he laughed, “If the immortal realm were to be in trouble, would you be able to survive? This battle is a battle to defend the immortal realm. Both you and I have a responsibility in the immortal realm, what benefits can we talk about?”

As he spoke till here, his tone suddenly changed.

“But it’s not completely without benefits. If this battle is successful, Sir’s reputation would definitely soar. At that time, all the immortals in the immortal realms would definitely owe sir a favor.

With these favors, sir wouldn’t be as easy as a fish in the water in the immortal realms. In any case, there wouldn’t be any problems for him to pass through.

As for the other benefits, I also want to give them to you. But Sir has several Supreme Dao Treasures and your net worth is probably even more bountiful than US Old Fellows.

If we give them to you, we would only be courting humiliation. It’s better not to mention it at all.”

When Chen Chen heard this, he actually felt that it made sense.

Right now, he was lacking treasures. Did he lack medicinal pills?

He didn’t lack any!

What he lacked were some illusory things.

Also, he also understood the logic behind the saying ‘If the lips die, the teeth grow cold’.

With a single thought, Chen Chen already made a certain decision in his heart.

“When do we set off?”

“We will set off tomorrow.”The Immortal King of the extreme north stroked his beard.

“When I leave the Nine Heavens Immortal Realms, can you all ensure that no other immortal kings will come?”Chen Chen asked again.

“Don’t worry about that. At this moment, if anyone dares to have designs on your things, they would become enemies with the entire immortal realms. Even if the other immortal kings don’t mind, US Old Fellows will definitely twist their heads.”

The Extreme North Immortal King promised.

After obtaining this guarantee, a smile finally appeared on Chen Chen’s face.

“That’s good then. I shall follow you guys and see what kind of thing that corpse emperor is.”

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