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Chapter 815: Chapter 814, just one domain 

Actually, at this moment, the immortal kings who had a grudge with Chen Chen were all extremely nervous.

For example, the Beichen Immortal King, or the Supreme Spirit Immortal King who broke his promise and tried to plot against Chen Chen..

Of course, the ones who were the most upset weren’t these two, but the Azure Cloud Immortal King who lent the Azure Cloud Immortal Mirror to the Nine Heavens Immortal King.

At this moment, he was so regretful that he wanted to commit suicide. If it wasn’t for the fact that he couldn’t bring himself to lose face, he even wanted to find Chen Chen Chen and shamelessly ask for the Azure Cloud Immortal Mirror.

But at this moment, Chen Chen didn’t have the time to care about the attitude of these immortal kings. He directly flew towards the Nine Heavens Immortal realm.

With the death of the Nine Heavens Immortal King, the Nine Heavens Immortal realm would naturally become an ownerless immortal realm.

At this moment, there would definitely be some immortal kings who wanted to fuse with the origins of the immortal realms and become an existence that could control a region.

For such a good thing, he couldn’t let it go to an outsider.

In addition, the Nine Heavens Immortal realm was much larger than the true nether immortal realm.

An hour later, Chen Chen arrived at the Nine Heavens Immortal Domain.

At this moment, the Nine Heavens Immortal domain was in a state of panic. A large number of immortals were fleeing, and some valuable buildings had been demolished. No one knew who had secretly taken them away.

It was no wonder that they were like this. Once the Nine Heavens Immortal King died, they lost their biggest backer.

If Chen Chen was a violent person, it was not impossible for him to kill them all.

Therefore, if he did not run now, when would he run?

Some immortal kings and Golden Immortals had already taken their things and ran away.

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However, Chen Chen was not interested in killing a group of weaklings. Instead, he quietly came to the sky above the Nine Heavens Sect.

“System, are there any immortal kings in this region?”

“There are two of them. They are located four million miles south of the host and six million miles northwest of the host…”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen was not surprised.

After all, the Nine Heavens Immortal King had been dead for more than an hour. This period of time was enough for some brave immortal kings to come and test him out.

If he had come a little later, there would have been more immortal kings coming, and the situation might have gone out of control.

Using his divine sense to scan the two places that the system had pointed out, Chen Chen’s voice resounded throughout the entire nine Heavens Immortal realm.

“This domain is my spoils of war. Immortal kings who have nothing to do with it better stay far away from the nine heavens immortal domain. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

As soon as this voice sounded out, a few breaths later, one of the immortal kings tactfully flew out of the Nine Heavens Immortal Domain.

The other immortal king seemed to be very confident in his concealment skills. He actually remained motionless on the spot.

When Chen Chen saw this, he turned his head and directly looked in that direction.

In an instant, a cry of surprise came from that direction.

“Immortal King Shenxiu, don’t do anything! I’m Leaving Now!”

As soon as his voice fell, a stream of light flashed and disappeared into the distance.

Seeing that there were no other immortal kings, Chen Chen looked at the immortals of the Nine Heavens sect below.

These immortals had wanted to run away, but when they saw him coming, they were so scared that they stayed where they were and did not dare to move. Some simply knelt on the ground and looked at the sky with pleading faces.

Chen Chen glanced at these people. Seeing that there were not many gold immortals and above, he knew that those with higher cultivation bases had long run away, he immediately said, “Don’t run away. I have no interest in killing you. I have learned the supreme pure mysterious Heavenly Dao cultivation method, so I can be considered half a member of the Nine Heavens Sect. From now on, I will be the sect master of the Nine Heavens Sect.”

The group of Immortals also knew what was going on. When they heard him, they all shouted “Sect master”in unison. Their expressions were as sincere as they could be.

If the Nine Heavens Immortal King knew this, he would most likely be angered to death upon seeing this scene.

Chen Chen coldly laughed when he saw this. He didn’t stand on ceremony and directly landed in the nine heavens sect, sitting on the seat that only nine heavens could sit on.

When he sat down, an immortal with discerning eyes immediately came over and handed him a jade slip.

“Shenxiu… er, sect leader, these are the various accounts of our nine heavens sect, as well as the information of the mortal world under the Nine Heavens Immortal realm. Please take a look.”

Chen Chen took it and casually glanced at it, losing his interest.

In the end, he could no longer fuse with the origin of the Nine Heavens Immortal realm, and he wouldn’t stay here for too long.

Hence, the Nine Heavens Immortal realm had to be given to someone else, and he had to give it away within a short period of time.

As for who to give it to..

It was impossible for him to give it to the nether king. Although the Nine Heavens Immortal realm should be given to him the most, he had already become the nether king, so there was no way he could fuse with the origin of the immortal realm.

Right now, the location of the Azure Lotus Immortal King was still unknown. Naturally, even if he had her by his side, he wouldn’t hand over the Nine Heavens Immortal realms to her.

After all, she only promised to follow him verbally. And up till now, she hasn’t done any meritorious deeds. What right did she have to control a region.

Other than these two immortal kings, the only immortal King Chen knew who had yet to control a region was the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King.

Actually, he wanted to dominate this region until one of his subordinates became an immortal king. Only then would he be able to control this region.

But he knew that was impossible.

There were so many immortal kings in the immortal realm who failed to control a region. If he stayed here and did nothing, he would soon incur the wrath of the masses.

If he really provoked hundreds or thousands of immortal kings, no matter how powerful he was, he wouldn’t be able to endure it.

After thinking about it, he decided to hand it over to the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King.

Firstly, the character of the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King was reliable and he was someone who knew how to repay kindness.

Secondly, back then when the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King protected him and returned to the true Nether Immortal Realms, he didn’t harbor any greed.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen took out the token that belonged to the Flying Phoenix Immortal King.

“Fellow Daoist Flying Phoenix, you should be able to guess where I am now, right? Let’s cut the crap. Let Me Ask You, has the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King Been Reborn?”

A moment later, the Phantom of the Flying Phoenix Immortal King flew out from the token.

“She has been reborn, but she has yet to fully recover. What do you mean?”

The Flying Phoenix Immortal King quickly replied. At the end, her eyes were filled with disbelief because she had already guessed a certain possibility.

“You understand what I mean. Tell her to come to the Nine Heavens Immortal realm as soon as possible. I will protect her and fuse the essence of the Nine Heavens Immortal realm.”

After receiving the affirmative answer, the Phoenix Immortal King narrowed her phoenix eyes and said, “This is an immortal realm! Have you thought about it?”

“It’s just an immortal realm. It’s not worth me thinking about it. Hurry up and tell her to come over.”

Chen Chen casually waved his hand, as though the immortal realms were cabbages.

After seeing those existences in the primordial void space, the immortal king who controlled a realm was no longer as powerful in his eyes.

No matter how powerful they were, they would only be powerful within their own region. It had nothing to do with becoming an immortal emperor.

For those immortal kings who didn’t control a region, as long as they could comprehend a single word of wisdom, they would still be able to become an immortal emperor.

In fact, right now, he faintly felt that ‘controlling a region’was like drawing a prison, affecting the determination of immortal kings to become immortal emperors.

If not for this, why would the master of the Nine Heavens Immortal King and nine Nether King give up on a region and go to the primordial void space to search for an opportunity to become an immortal emperor?

Thinking of this, Chen Chen also felt relieved.

It was merely a domain.

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