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Chapter 812: Chapter 811, the Battle of the Great Dao

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An armor-type great dao treasure..

The Nine Heavens Immortal King was very clear about what this meant.

If an ordinary immortal king wore an armor-type great dao treasure, then the immortal king fighting against him would have almost no chance of winning if he did not have an attack-type great dao treasure.

Even if he had an attack-type great dao treasure, this battle would be extremely difficult.

With a single thought, the calmness on his face vanished, replaced by a dark haze.

No wonder this graceful god Immortal King dared to take the initiative to challenge him. So he had such a trump card.

Luckily, he made more preparations.

However, in the next second, another violet feng shui compass appeared beside Chen Chen.

This violet feng shui compass flashed with lightning, spinning faster and faster. In an instant, it formed an extremely powerful domain, enveloping Chen within.

Upon seeing the compass, the Nine Heavens Immortal King’s face instantly turned pitch-black.

“Purple firmament divine controlling wheel! The Supreme Treasure of the previous Immortal King of the Purple Firmament immortal realm! Why Is it in your hands? !”

“Why? Are You Afraid? If you want to admit defeat, it’s still not too late.”

Chen Chen walked a thousand meters in front of the Nine Heavens Immortal King and stood still. As he spoke, the power of his cultivation erupted, forming an extremely terrifying tornado that swept towards the Nine Heavens Immortal King.

The Nine Heavens Immortal King subconsciously took two steps back, his face twitching.

In his eyes, this junior who had just stepped into the immortal King realm was actually not much weaker than him in terms of cultivation!

What the hell was going on? Could it be that this graceful immortal King ate the nine revolutions golden core?

He was shocked in his heart, and so were the surrounding immortals in the immortal realms.

They had more or less guessed that the graceful immortal king had a certain trump card, which was why they dared to challenge the Nine Heavens Immortal King.

But they didn’t expect that this trump card was so hard-core!

It was comparable to the nine heavens immortal king’s cultivation base! Two defensive-type Great Dao Treasures!

Apart from that, the stakes for this battle, the nine heavens profound pagoda, had yet to appear!

The battle had yet to begin, and the graceful immortal king had already displayed the strength of a peak immortal king in the immortal realm.

For a time, many immortals began to contact their immortal kings to inform them of the major changes in this battle.

Immortal King Feihuang hid in the void of the nearby immortal realms. Looking at the two Great Dao Supreme Treasures controlled by Chen Chen, he felt extremely vexed.

“This bastard clearly has such a trump card, but he has never revealed a thing or two to me! and he even presumptuously calls himself a friend! How detestable!”

Thinking back to the scene where he secretly handed the sun shooting divine bow to Chen Chen, flying Phoenix Immortal King became even angrier. He was thinking about how to deal with Chen Chen once this battle was over.

“Surrender? Hehe, in my eyes, there is no such word as surrender. where is the Nine Heavens Mysterious Tower? Take it out too. I want to see how many Great Dao Supreme Treasures you can take out!”

The Nine Heavens Immortal King pretended to be tough as he spoke.

At this moment, he was extremely glad that he had made preparations long ago and borrowed the defensive supreme treasure, the Azure Cloud Immortal Mirror.

Otherwise, he might really have died here today.

However, he had to lower his expectations of winning today.

This graceful god Immortal King’s cultivation base was not weaker than his. He still had two defensive Great Dao Supreme Treasures with him. In addition to the nine heavens mystical tower, he was already invincible.

It was almost impossible for him to win against his opponent.

Hence, he could only hope for a draw today.


Taking a deep breath, the Nine Heavens Immortal King slowly drew out his emperor blood.

The moment this Emperor Blood Immortal Sword appeared, half of the great desolate region was illuminated by the blood-red light.

The Purple Heaven controlling God wheel that was revolving around Chen Chen felt threatened, and the speed of its rotation increased greatly. The purple light instantly shot up into the sky, illuminating the other half of the great desolate region, fighting against the red light.

Before the two immortal kings could officially fight, the two Supreme Dao Treasures started to fight.

When Chen Chen saw this, he didn’t waste any more time and extended his hand towards the Nine Heavens Immortal King.

In the Void, a terrifying heavenly meteorite that was tens of thousands of miles in radius was formed and it crashed down towards the Nine Heavens Immortal King.

Using the Supreme Pure Mysterious Heavenly Dao to deal with the Nine Heavens Immortal King wasn’t a good choice.

However, Chen Chen insisted on doing so to vent the anger in his heart.

That was because the true underworld was destroyed by the gigantic heavenly meteorite.

And the heavenly meteorite that he created was no smaller than the heavenly meteorite.

The Nine Heavens Immortal King looked at the gigantic heavenly meteorite above his head and instantly understood Chen Chen Chen’s intention. His eyes were filled with malice.

Of course, he would not use the heavenly meteorite to deal with Chen Chen to compete with him.

This was because falling sky’s large-scale attack was not that effective against a single enemy.

Today’s battle was not a battle of wills for him. He could not obtain any energy replenishment in the great desolate region, so he had to use every ounce of his strength on the enemy.

This way, he could ensure a better outcome.

Seeing falling sky fall down, he let out a low shout. The sovereign blood in his hand suddenly rose up, and a red sword light that could divide the heaven and earth flashed and disappeared!

Theoretically, the sky fall that could devour and absorb all energy suddenly froze. After that, it actually split into two from the middle, before completely dissipating.

After that, the nine-heavens immortal King didn’t attack.

The Immortal King truly had two defensive-type Great Dao Supreme Treasures. No matter how much he attacked, he couldn’t break through the defense of his opponent.

Rather than wasting energy to attack, it was better to wait and see.

Chen Chen coldly laughed when he saw the nine-heavens immortal king raising his sword in a defensive stance. “Nine-heavens immortal king, what happened to your earlier attitude? You only defended but didn’t attack. Do you still have the Pride of an Immortal King?”

The nine-heavens immortal king was extremely angered but he didn’t retort. He didn’t immediately attack after being provoked and continued to maintain his previous stance.

Chen Chen coldly snorted when he saw this. After that, he pointed his finger at the sky.

In an instant, hundreds of different-sized heavenly meteorites gathered in the air and flew towards the nine-heavens immortal king one after another.

Boom Boom Boom!

A series of explosions rang out as the entire great desolate region started to tremble.

However, these attacks couldn’t even shake the nine-heavens immortal king in the slightest because in terms of power, these heavenly meteorites weren’t even comparable to the large-sized heavenly meteorites from before.

The Nine Heavens Immortal King was furious.

He knew that the graceful immortal king was insulting him. An immortal king was being smashed around under countless gazes. Even if he did not suffer any injuries, he would still lose face.

“Graceful Immortal King! Looks like you want to fight to the death with me!”

The Nine Heavens Immortal King roared angrily, and the emperor blood sword in his hand slashed towards Chen Chen.

Under such provocation, he finally failed to recognize Chen Chen Chen as his master and launched an attack.

Under this slash, the emperor blood sword instantly became ten thousand li long and rapidly descended like a huge screen in the sky.

Chen Chen looked at the huge red light and did not move.

Seeing that the red light was getting closer, the Purple Heaven controlling God wheel suddenly spun several tens of Li in front of Chen Chen and blocked the Emperor Blood Sword.


A world-shaking sound was heard. With the two Great Dao Supreme Treasures as the core, the area within hundreds of thousands of miles instantly collapsed.

The great desolate region was a wasteland, so no one felt sorry for it. If there were two great DAO Supreme Treasures fighting in other regions, the master of that region would probably have to fight to the death with the person who attacked.

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