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Chapter 811: Chapter 810, I don’t regret it

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“Great desolate region… that immortal king deity Xiu has set the location of the duel to be in the great desolate region. As for the time of the duel, it will be seven days later!”

This news quickly spread throughout the entire immortal world, and many immortal kings were informed of this news.

In terms of influence, it wasn’t inferior to the previous battle between the Spirit Might Immortal realm and the Northern Star Immortal realm.

Naturally, the main reason was that immortal King Shenxiu, as the new immortal king in control of a region, received more attention than the other immortal kings.

This was especially so after he made such an arrogant statement.

In the blink of an eye, seven days passed.

On this day, more and more immortals appeared in the regions near the great desolate region.

Even if some immortal kings didn’t personally come to watch the battle, they still sent their subordinates over.

The grand desolate region was once the number one immortal realm in the immortal realms. But after a huge battle, the grand desolate immortal king used up all the origin energy of the grand desolate region, causing it to be completely destroyed and turned into a wasteland.

Here, there were only cracks in the ground, there was no life force at all. There was also no immortal Qi or other sources of energy.

As time passed, this place became the best place for Immortal Kings to fight. Because here, immortal kings could do whatever they wanted.

Over the tens of millions of years, there were several immortal king duels in the grand desolate region. Some were on the surface, and some were carried out in secret.

In short, traces of battle could be seen everywhere here. There were ruins everywhere.

Chen Chen came to the grand desolate region. Looking at the surroundings, he felt a sense of desolation in his heart.

At this moment, there was no one around him.

Those immortals who came to spectate didn’t dare to enter the great desolate region either. Everyone was spectating from the nearby immortal realms.

Hence, at this moment, he was the only person in the great desolate region.

“The graceful immortal king is Here!”

“That’s the graceful immortal king. There doesn’t seem to be anything special about him.”

“I don’t think he’s too arrogant. Why would he say such arrogant words?”

Due to the large number of projection mirrors set up in the grand desolate region, the moment Chen Chen Chen arrived, he was noticed by countless immortals.

At this moment, Chen Chen was clad in white and was dressed very casually. He was strolling leisurely on the wasteland of the grand desolate region. He didn’t seem to be here for a duel, but rather, he seemed to be here for a stroll.

He walked to a mound and sat down. After that, he took out a flagon of wine from his storage ring and gulped it down.

At this moment, a flame flashed in the sky as the Flying Phoenix Immortal King appeared.

“Why didn’t you tell me about such a huge matter?”

Chen Chen stared at the Flying Phoenix Immortal King in the sky, a faint smile appeared on his face.

Despite being so busy, the Flying Phoenix Immortal King was still willing to come personally. This was extremely rare.

In the past, if he wanted to make friends with the Flying Phoenix Immortal King, it was because he had a motive. But now, after seeing the Flying Phoenix Immortal King with his own eyes, he truly regarded this female immortal king as a good friend.

“It’s not a big deal. Fellow Daoist Flying Phoenix, don’t worry about it!”

Chen Chen laughed.

At this moment, he obviously did not show the Ruyi God transformation armor, so no one could see through his background.

After all, no one would completely expose their strength before the duel, so that the opponent would be on guard.

“It’s not a big deal! You…”

Flying Phoenix Immortal King became even angrier, but she also knew that there were too many people watching in the dark, so she did not scold Chen Chen for a moment, instead, she said, “This is the Nirvana Pill, take it. You and I have crossed paths, so I can be considered to have done my best!”!

After saying that, flying Phoenix Immortal King threw a ball of fiery red stuff into Chen Chen’s hand, then turned around and left the great desolate region without looking back.

Chen Chen took the medicinal pill in his hand and took a glance at it. After that, he suddenly laughed.

This was because not only was there a nirvana pill in his hand, there was also an extremely small spatial equipment hidden within.

Within the spatial equipment, there was a longbow. Beside the longbow, there were a total of seven Phoenix Feather Arrows.

He had heard of this bow before. It was the domain-suppressing treasure of the Flying Phoenix Immortal realm, the Sunset Divine Bow. It was also the greatest Great Dao Treasure in the entire immortal realm with the widest range of attack.

Usually, just the immortal qi shot out from the bow alone was already comparable to other Supreme Great Dao treasures.

If it was coupled with the specially-made Phoenix Feather Arrow, the power would increase by another level. Even if an immortal king was hit by it, there was a risk of death if he wasn’t careful.

Such a precious treasure, yet the Flying Phoenix Immortal King actually gave it to him in such a secretive manner.

The meaning behind this was self-evident.

“Is he trying to make me use it as a trump card? Hehe, this flying Phoenix Immortal King is truly thoughtful.”

Muttering to himself in his heart, Chen Chen kept the Nirvana pill and the Sunset Divine Bow.

At this moment, a gust of wind and clouds rose up in the air above the grand desolate region. Following that, the nine-headed golden lion pulled a palace that was neither too big nor too small and appeared in Chen Chen’s sight.

A moment later, the palace landed in the wasteland of the great desolate region, stirring up countless amounts of dust.

Looking at this extremely grand scene, Chen Chen calmly spoke, “Nine-heavens immortal king, how is it? Did you think that there would be such a day back then?

I, a puny immortal from the lower realm, actually stood in front of you fairly and justly?”

The curtains of the palace slowly opened as the nine-heavens immortal King walked out.

After carefully sizing up Chen Chen, he suddenly laughed.

After laughing, he coldly spoke, “Once you attain the DAO, you would lose your self-awareness. I’ve seen many people like this.

HMPH, so what if you are standing in front of me now? Do you think that I will regret what happened back then? Or do you think that I will regret having an enemy like you?”

After speaking, the nine-heavens immortal king laughed out loud, his eyes filled with disdain. Finally, he spoke with conviction, “There are many people standing in front of me, but how many of them have truly stood in the immortal realm for tens of millions of years?

You had heaven-defying luck and became an immortal king. You even controlled a region, but so what?

Heh, as the lord of the Nine Heavens Immortal realm, I wouldn’t regret a small decision I made just because you became an immortal king.”

Chen Chen applauded when he heard this. “Domineering! As expected of an immortal king of the Nine Heavens Immortal realm! But I feel that if you don’t regret it now, it might not be the case later. Do you believe me?

Forget it, it’s useless to say more. The conflict between us can only be resolved by a battle. Let’s fight.”

After saying this, Chen Chen stood up and dusted off the dust on his hands. In an instant, his eyes turned from lazy to fierce. At the same time, black light began to emanate from his body.

The Nine Heavens Immortal King also put away the palace and the nine-headed golden lion as he stared straight at Chen Chen.


Chen Chen ignored the nine Heavens Immortal King’s gaze as he stepped on the sand and walked straight towards the Nine Heavens Immortal King. The black light on his body also became denser and denser.

As he walked, a set of pitch-black armor extended out from his body and quickly spread over his body.

After three steps, it covered all the vital parts of his body.

After seven steps, it completely covered his entire body.

Looking at the black and ferocious armor on Chen Chen’s body, the Nine Heavens Immortal King subconsciously took two steps back. A hint of shock flashed in his eyes as he muttered,

“The Supreme Treasure of the Great Dao…”

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