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Chapter 810: Chapter 809, accept the challenge

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“Did his subordinates really say that?”

In the Nine Heavens Immortal realm, the Nine Heavens Immortal King’s face was ashen.

Beside him, the envoy from the Nine Heavens Immortal realm who had appeared in the true Nether immortal realm earlier was filled with rage.

“It’s absolutely true! If your subordinate changes one word, your subordinate will be destroyed in body and soul!”

The envoy raised his hand and swore.

In truth, he didn’t exaggerate in the slightest. He merely repeated the words of the arrogant profound immortal from the true nether immortal realm.

But there was nothing he could do. That Mystic Immortal’s words were too arrogant, to the extent that it sounded like he was adding fuel to the fire.

“I know… HMPH, challenging me? Do you really think that you are invincible just because you control a region?”

The Nine Heavens Immortal King snorted coldly.

But after saying this, he quieted down as if he was thinking of a countermeasure.

After a long time, he stretched out his hand and a crimson sword appeared in his hand.

This was the Supreme Treasure of the Great Dao he obtained by accident. It was called the Emperor’s blood and was a supreme immortal sword forged from the blood of immortal emperors.

After the nine heavens profound pagoda was lost, the reason why he didn’t act too hastily was because he still had this sword in his hand.

And compared to the nine heavens profound pagoda, this emperor’s blood was more suitable for him.

Seeing the Nine Heavens Immortal King taking out this Supreme Treasure, the immortal kings in the surroundings all had looks of excitement on their faces.

From the looks of it, the immortal King wanted to make a move.

With the Emperor’s blood in his hands, so what if the Fairy Immortal King had the nine heavens profound pagoda?

In the end, he wouldn’t be a match for their immortal king.

However, what they didn’t expect was that the nine-heavens immortal king actually said, “I’m afraid the Emperor’s blood alone isn’t enough.”

As he spoke, a beam of light flashed by, and the nine-heavens immortal king vanished without a trace.

Half a day later, the nine-heavens immortal King arrived at the Azure Cloud Immortal Realms not too far away from the nine-heavens immortal realms.

The Azure Cloud Immortal King from the Azure Cloud Immortal Realms had many interactions with him. The two of them could be considered friends.

When the Azure Cloud Immortal King saw the arrival of the nine-heavens immortal king, he wasn’t surprised. After waving his hand, a jug of fine wine appeared in his hands.

“Nine-heavens Immortal King, my subordinate also went to the true Nether Immortal realms. After he came back and told me what he saw and heard, I knew you would come looking for me.”

The nine-heavens immortal king snorted, “HMPH, being provoked by an immortal from the lower world to this extent, can you endure it?”

The Greencloud Immortal King wasn’t in a hurry. He took out two wine cups and filled them to the brim. After that, he placed one cup in front of the nine-heavens immortal king.

“Although that immortal king isn’t polite to us who are spectating, his words are so ruthless. We can not underestimate him too much. Hence, before the grudge between him and your nine-heavens immortal realms is settled, be it our greencloud immortal realms or the other immortal realms, we will only be spectating.”

The Nine Heavens Immortal King took the wine and gulped it down in one gulp.

He wasn’t surprised by the words of the Azure Cloud Immortal King.

If the Nine Heavens Immortal realms didn’t test him out, it would be fine. But now, there was indeed such a thing. The other immortal realms would naturally be happy to let the Nine Heavens Immortal realms test out the background of that graceful immortal king.

If that graceful immortal king truly had the ability, the other immortal kings would have a whole new level of respect for him.

If he was just bluffing, in the future, the true nether immortal realms would most probably suffer an even fiercer retaliation from the other immortal realms.

“Although he is a junior, a lion needs to use all its strength to hunt a rabbit. I believe you have already guessed my purpose for coming to the Azure Cloud Immortal realms. Give me an answer.”

After speaking, the nine-heavens immortal king put down his wine cup.

His purpose for coming to the Azure Cloud Immortal Realms was very simple. He wanted to borrow a treasure.

There was a supreme treasure in the Azure Cloud Immortal Realms called the Azure Cloud Immortal Mirror. It was an extremely rare type of supreme treasure that could defend against most attacks.

If he had this treasure in his hands, in addition to the Emperor’s blood, he wouldn’t dare to say that he would be completely safe against that graceful immortal king.

The Azure Cloud Immortal King smiled and stretched out his hand. Very quickly, a blurry mirror appeared in his hand.

“Supreme Dao treasures aren’t something that can be borrowed just like that. You and I are friends, but…”

Before the Azure Cloud Immortal King could finish speaking, the Nine Heavens Immortal King interrupted him.

“I know. What do you think this is?”

After speaking, he placed a vine in front of the Azure Cloud Immortal King.

The Azure Cloud Immortal King was overjoyed when he saw the vine. The two of them quickly came to an agreement.

Borrowing the Azure Cloud Immortal Mirror back, the nine-heavens immortal king instantly felt extremely confident.

The Azure Cloud Immortal realm matched with the Emperor’s blood. In addition to his nearly thirty million years of immortal king cultivation base, in the entire immortal world, there wouldn’t be anyone below the immortal emperor realm who could match him.

Even if the Flying Phoenix immortal king secretly helped the Graceful Immortal King, he wouldn’t be a match for the Graceful Immortal King.

Hence, the moment he returned to the Nine Heavens Immortal Realms, he gave the order to accept the challenge from the Graceful Immortal King.

The stakes were the nine heavens profound pagoda.

As for the location of the battle, in order to show off the demeanor of a senior, he let the Graceful Immortal King choose.

However, after the order was passed down, he began to feel regret.

Because he thought of the battle between the Northern Star Immortal King and the spirit-might immortal king, and how the spirit-might immortal realm was ambushed.

For safety reasons, he made another trip out and temporarily invited two immortal kings to enter the Nine Heavens Immortal realm.

Only now did he feel completely at ease.

On the other side, in the true Nether Immortal realm.

Chen Chen had already received the news of the Nine Heavens Immortal King accepting the battle. In addition, he was the one choosing the location of the battle.

“Hasn’t the Azure Lotus Immortal King arrived yet?”

Chen Chen asked in a light voice.


The voice of the nine Nether King rang out from the darkness.

“In that case, you can only help me guard the true Nether Immortal Realms for a while. The Flying Phoenix Immortal King is in charge of the Flying Phoenix Immortal realms. Right now, it’s the time for the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King to undergo her nirvana. I’m too embarrassed to ask her to help me again.”

Chen Chen helplessly replied.

He wanted to go and fight against the nine-heavens immortal king. Naturally, he had to make arrangements for the true Nether Immortal Realms first.

After all, the example of the spirit might immortal realms was already there.

However, he felt guilty in his heart for letting the nine Nether King guard the true Nether Immortal realms.

After all, the nine Nether King and the nine-heavens immortal king had a huge grudge. If there was anyone in the entire immortal realm who wished to see the nine-heavens immortal king suffer a loss, it would definitely be the nine Nether King.

In the darkness, the nine Nether King laughed loudly. After that, he actually separated a wisp of his soul and attached it to Chen Chen’s wishful God transformation armor.

“Don’t worry, with this wisp of soul and the projection mirror, even if I stay in the true nether region, I can personally witness you defeating the nine-heavens immortal king.

However, I have to remind you that my junior brother is extremely cautious. Even if he knows that you have just stepped into the immortal King realm, he would probably have many backup plans.

If it wasn’t for that, he wouldn’t have been able to plot against me.

Let me ask you, do you have the confidence to win?”

The Nether King spoke, his tone turning extremely solemn.

“Why don’t You Fight Me First and test my strength?”

Chen Chen retorted.

The Nether King instantly fell silent. After a moment, he spoke, “Let’s talk about the location of the battlefield.”

“I want to have a fair fight with him. Where do you think the location is suitable?”

Chen Chen asked.

The Netherworld King was silent for a moment before a shadow appeared in the air.

It was an immortal map. Every White Square on the immortal map represented an immortal realm.

Only one place was gray, which made it stand out from the rest.

“Let’s go here. The great desolate realm. This is an ownerless realm with no origin. It’s a wasteland of the immortal realm. It’s the best place to set up a battlefield.”

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