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Chapter 808: Chapter 807, paying a visit

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Three days later.

Chen Chen was in charge of the reconstruction of the true Nether Immortal Realms when he heard news that he was colluding with the Nether King.

Other than that, there was also a special envoy from the Nine Heavens Immortal Realms who was on his way to the true Nether Immortal realms. It was said that he was here to ask for the nine heavens profound pagoda.

After hearing this news, Chen Chen put down the matter at hand and called out the nether king,

the nine Nether King was overjoyed when he saw Chen Chen.

How Long was the bet last time? Who would have thought that this brat would become an immortal king so quickly? And he was the kind of immortal king who controlled a region.

“Nine Nether King, your senior brother spread the news that I colluded with the underworld and was a spy from the immortal realm. What do you think?”

The smile on the nine Nether King’s face stiffened when he heard this. His eyes were instantly filled with vigilance.

Although he knew that Chen Chen had become an immortal king, he was still unable to adapt to Chen Chen’s identity as an immortal king.

In fact, at this moment, he no longer held the dominant position like before. The one who held the dominant position now was Chen Chen in front of him.

The news of Chen Chen colluding with the underworld spread out from the outside world. What was the most powerful counterattack method?

Of course, it was to destroy him, the nether king.

As for the agreement..

The agreement between the two of them was still at the stage where he had been Chen Chen’s Dao Protector for many years. As for the follow-up agreement, it had yet to be discussed.

Thinking of this, his mood had already fallen to the bottom of the valley. He was even faintly prepared to escape.

Who would have thought that Chen Chen would suddenly laugh and continue, “Heh, I didn’t expect that the Nine Heavens Immortal King would actually be able to hit the nail on the head. Things like me colluding with you were all fooled by him.”

The nine Nether King was slightly startled when he heard this. When he saw that Chen Chen’s smile didn’t contain any hypocrisy, he was slightly moved.

But on second thought, something didn’t seem right.

“Between you and me, it’s not appropriate to use the word collusion. We should use the word cooperation.”

Chen Chen waved his hand, his expression gradually turning cold.

“Nine Heavens Immortal King, I haven’t had the time to find trouble with him yet, but he came to find trouble with me first. Just Nice, I’ll settle the old scores with him together!”

Upon hearing this, nine Nether King was shocked and said in surprise, “You want to find trouble with him now? Right now, your true Nether Immortal realm is full of things to be done…”

“He delivered himself to my door, it’s not my fault! Yuan Qingtian, I’ll leave the planning of the immortal realm to you. I’ll go take care of some things.”

After saying that, Chen Chen returned to the immortal palace that he had temporarily built.

After returning to the Immortal Palace, he swallowed a rank six golden core without saying anything.

Although the golden core was good, it could not be eaten carelessly. He had to take it step by step and give it enough time to digest.

He was a rank seven or eight golden core, but now was not the time to take it.

If he ate it now, the effect of the remaining golden core would probably be reduced by a lot.

When a rank six golden core entered his stomach, the effect felt even stronger than a rank five golden core.

He still remembered that when he swallowed the rank five golden core, his cultivation base increased by two million years. Later on, his cultivation base slowly increased by two million years.

And now, after swallowing the rank six golden core, his cultivation base immediately increased by ten million years.

In this way, he could be considered an immortal king with a cultivation base of fourteen million years.

Although he still couldn’t compare to the Flying Phoenix immortal king who had a cultivation base of thirty million years, the gap was much smaller.

After all, it was difficult for immortal kings to increase their cultivation base. The Flying Phoenix Immortal King’s cultivation base of 30 million years was only twice as strong as an immortal king who had just stepped into this realm.

Compared to his current self, he was only 50% stronger.

If he added the Ruyi God transformation armor, this gap could be eliminated.

After swallowing the rank six golden core, Chen Chen began to meditate quietly and digest the medicinal efficacy.

One day later.

The emissary from the Nine Heavens Immortal realm arrived in the sky above the true Nether Immortal realm.

“I wonder if Immortal King Shenxiu can show himself! I am here on behalf of the Nine Heavens Immortal King, and I have something important to discuss!”

As soon as he finished speaking, no one in the true nether immortal realm paid any attention to him. It was as if no one had heard about the formation and the construction of the buildings.

Seeing this situation, the emissary became angry out of embarrassment.

Because there were many other emissaries from the other immortal realms who came with him.

The purpose of these emissaries coming to the true nether immortal realms was very simple.

That was to look at the situation in the true nether immortal realms and see if this newly born immortal realm needed any help.

If there was a need, they would lend a helping hand. Naturally, the price of this assistance wasn’t cheap. It might exhaust the development potential of the true Nether Immortal Realms for the next ten million years.

This group of people came with a sense of superiority. But at this moment, they were all silent, their faces filled with shock and uncertainty.

Because the buildings under them were being built. In terms of materials, they were far more precious than the buildings in their own immortal realms.

“Immortal Lord Dao Hua… are they in the immortal cultivation spirit nest?”

Taking advantage of the fact that the graceful immortal king had yet to appear, an immortal lord pointed to a place and whispered.

The Immortal Lord next to him looked in the direction he was pointing at, and his pupils instantly constricted.

“It seems so. It’s using the Immortal Crystal of Destiny… damn it, it’s the same material as my immortal King’s bedroom.”

“Wait… look at that gold immortal cultivating the spirit nest. is the hammer in his hand a Spirit Treasure of Destiny?”

The Immortal Lord pointed again.

“It’s really a destiny-level numinous treasure… what a waste of God’s Gift! He actually used this treasure to build a building!”

Immortal Lord Dao Hua stomped his feet and cursed.

In his opinion, the gold immortal most likely obtained the destiny-level numinous treasure by chance, and he didn’t know what it was. That was why there was such a comical scene.

If he wasn’t in someone else’s territory, he would have gone to trick that destiny-level numinous treasure right now..

Just as he was thinking about this, a rumbling sound came from not far away. A huge hole was blasted out from a mountain peak. It looked like it was preparing to build a cave abode.

But why was the long sword in the hands of the profound immortal who blasted the hole so dazzling?

“Destiny… Spirit Treasure of Destiny?”

Immortal Lord Dao Hua muttered, and then he gradually released his divine sense.

Only then did he realize that there were at least hundreds of people using destiny spiritual treasures within a radius of 10,000 miles.

This was completely beyond his imagination!

After all, Destiny Spiritual Treasures were treasures that immortal kings usually used, and immortal lords rarely had them!

But in the true Nether immortal realm, they had become construction tools!

“This… didn’t immortal King Shenxiu ascend from the lower realm? How come there are so many destiny spiritual treasures? could he be a top-tier blacksmith?

“Impossible, even a top refiner wouldn’t be so extravagant!”

Immortal Lord Daohua murmured while quietly hiding his storage ring.

It contained a batch of resources, which were originally used to negotiate with the true Nether immortal realm.

Now, it seemed that the value of the items in his storage ring was not as valuable as the immortal spirit’s excrement-removing building..

Therefore, it was better not to take them out and embarrass themselves.

“Hey, what are you guys doing here? Are you guys from the Nine Heavens Immortal realm as well?”

Just as they were secretly shocked, a little mystic immortal dressed in a spirit treasure of creation and holding a short sword pointed at them and asked loudly.

Immortal Lord Dao Hua blurted out when he heard this:

“We’re here to help… uh, to congratulate Immortal King Shenxiu for taking charge of a region. It has nothing to do with the Nine Heavens Immortal realm.”

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