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Chapter 807: Chapter 806, suppression

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After the Golden Core was distributed, the group of people still hadn’t recovered from their shock.

Chen Chen casually waved his hand and took out another blessed spiritual treasure.

“This thing isn’t worth much. Everyone should have one set, one set for two, one for attack and one for defense.”

As he spoke, another 20,000 blessed spiritual treasures were sent out.

Treasures of this level were usually used by immortal kings. Ordinary Immortal Kings simply didn’t have treasures of this level.

Everyone stared at the two destiny-level numinous treasures in their hands, their minds were in a mess.

Chen Chen continued, “Your goal is to raise your cultivation base to the level where you can fully display the treasures in your hands and have the ability to protect the treasures in your hands.”

Everyone was still speechless. The atmosphere in the grand hall was terrifyingly quiet.

Chen Chen was extremely satisfied with this scene.

“Alright, I’ll give you one last reminder. Don’t leave the true Nether Immortal Realms until you have the strength to protect the treasures in your hands.”

After saying this, he left in a carefree manner.

For things like joy, he would let his subordinates enjoy it themselves.

He was more or less a little reserved when he was present.

Three days later.

The words ‘true nether immortal realm’s god-like immortal king’spread throughout the entire immortal realm.

Before this, most of the top immortal kings in the immortal world knew that there was an additional realm in the immortal world, but ordinary immortals did not know about it.

But now, everyone knew about it.

And all the immortals knew that the immortal king in charge of the true Nether Immortal realm was immortal King Shenxiu.

However, very few people knew about immortal King Shenxiu’s background.

At this moment, in the Nine Heavens Immortal realm, the Nine Heavens Immortal King’s face was gloomy.

Who would have thought that the lower realm that he had casually destroyed back then would actually become a region of the immortal realm? And that little gold immortal who had once tried to block his attack had actually become an immortal king who was on equal footing with him.

“If it wasn’t for Immortal King Flying Phoenix intervening in this matter, things wouldn’t have developed to such an extent.”

The Nine Heavens Immortal King said coldly.

The group of immortal lords beside him did not dare to speak.

After a long time.., an immortal king said softly, “Immortal King, we have a great enmity with the true Nether immortal realm. It’s impossible to reconcile with them… therefore, we must suppress them. Otherwise, they might become a huge problem for us in the future.”

The Nine Heavens Immortal King nodded slightly.

This was indeed the reason.

At this moment, another immortal king said, “Immortal King, the true Nether Immortal Realm has just become an immortal realm not long ago. There are only small fries who have just become immortals. Moreover, the various resources in the true Nether Immortal realm haven’t been completely transformed into the resources of the immortal realm.

Right now, what they need most is the support of all sorts of resources and medicinal pills. It’s actually very simple to suppress them…”

“How do we do that?”

The Nine Heavens Immortal king asked calmly.

That immortal king suddenly became spirited. After a short while, he actually came up with several plans.

“First, the true nether immortal realm is filled with bumpkins from the lower realms. How would they know what the true immortal realm is like? We can join forces with the other immortal realms and use a little bit of resources to bribe them to leave the true Nether immortal realm!

“As time goes on, that so-called graceful immortal king will become the sole commander.”

“Continue.”The Nine Heavens Immortal King nodded slightly.

“Secondly, we won’t sell them all sorts of medicinal pills and resources. We won’t do business with them.

“But of course, we also have to ally with the other immortal realms.”

“The immortal realms have over nine thousand immortal realms.”

The Nine Heavens Immortal king frowned.

Although he had a wide network, it wasn’t so wide that he could join forces with a few thousand immortal realms to punish an immortal realm.

If he really wanted to do this, he wouldn’t be the nine-heavens immortal king but the nine-heavens immortal emperor.

That immortal king smiled and explained, “Actually, as long as you think about it carefully, all the immortal realms would understand the current situation of the true Nether Immortal Realms.

It’s impossible for all the immortal realms not to sell their resources to the true nether immortal realms.

“However, if we give them some pointers, those immortal realms will naturally take advantage of the situation and set some harsh conditions.

“This is enough to suppress the true Nether Immortal Realms.”

The Nine Heavens Immortal king immediately thought of something.

Before the true Nether Immortal Realms, the last immortal realm appeared nine million years ago.

At that time, the immortal realms were in a state of endless waste. However, compared to the true Nether Immortal Realms, which came from the lower realms and had no foundation at all, it was still much better.

But even so, the master of the immortal realms still owed a lot of resources to the other immortal realms and because of this, he opened up a lot of resources that were disadvantageous to his immortal realms.

Even now, the immortal realms were still paying back the debts. Even the special resources of his immortal realms were sold to those few special immortal realms at a very low price,

in the final analysis, it was all because of the unequal treaty signed at that time.

But if they hadn’t done so back then, the immortal realms would still be in a state of desolation. They might not even have the chance to repay their debts.

“This method isn’t bad.”

The Nine Heavens Immortal King revealed a rare smile.

As long as they operated it well, the internal strife in the true nether immortal realms would probably not develop for tens of millions of years.

No matter how powerful the graceful god Immortal King was, he was still a single commander.

But after thinking for a moment, he suddenly thought of something and hurriedly said,

“As for Immortal King Flying Phoenix… I’m afraid he will strongly support the development of the graceful immortal realms. If this opening can not be blocked, then there’s no use using any methods.”

At this moment, another immortal lord stood out and said confidently, “Immortal King, I have an idea on this.”


“First, we have to make the matter of the nine heavens profound tower in the true nether immortal realms known to the public. Also, we have to make sure that immortal king graceful immortal is related to the nether king. Back then, they collaborated to steal the nine heavens profound tower.”

The eyes of the Nine Heavens Immortal King flickered when he heard this.

One had to know that the nether world was a great enemy of the immortal realm. If one had a relationship with the nether world, they would naturally be viewed as traitors of the immortal realm.

If the truth was proven that the graceful immortal king was related to the nether king, he believed that as long as the Flying Phoenix Immortal King wasn’t stupid, he would take the initiative to maintain a distance from the graceful immortal king.

Actually, when he thought about it carefully, he really felt that the graceful immortal king might be related to the nether king.

It was because the timing of the Netherworld king breaking the seal back then was too coincidental.

“Could it be that the graceful immortal king is really the disciple and grand-disciple of the Netherworld King?”

The Nine Heavens Immortal King muttered.

He wasn’t making this guess for no reason. After all, the nine heavens mysterious tower was taken away by the Netherworld King’s subordinates back then.

And then it appeared in the hands of the graceful immortal king.

“Regardless of whether it’s true or not! In any case, we have to confirm this point! We have to say that immortal King Shenxiu is the grand-disciple of the nether king, or even that he is a spy sent by the Underworld! Only in this way will the entire immortal world completely suppress the true underworld immortal realm!”

The Immortal King said with a ruthless expression.

The Nine Heavens Immortal King finally made up his mind. He turned to the immortal king and said, “We will do as you say. As for this first step, we have to announce the matter of the nine heavens mysterious tower to the public..

“I’ll leave this matter to you. In My Name, go to the true Nether Immortal Realms and ask for the nine heavens profound pagoda. Remember, the bigger the commotion along the way, the better! “We must let all the immortals know that he was the one who first seized the treasure of our nine Heavens Immortal Realms!”

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