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Chapter 806: Chapter 805, title

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“The great explosion of the universe, this is…”

Chen Chen muttered to himself before dragging Green Lotus Immortal King away from this place.

After leaving the range of the explosion, Chen Chen casually took out a few medicinal pills and handed them to Green Lotus Immortal King.

Green Lotus Immortal King shook his head and said, “I still have some healing medicinal pills…”

After saying that, she took out two medicinal pills from her storage ring and swallowed them.

After the medicinal pills entered her body, her complexion quickly began to improve. After another minute or two, she returned to normal.

She took a deep breath and glanced in the direction of the explosion with lingering fear. The Green Lotus Immortal King suggested in a low voice, “Fellow Daoist Chen, why don’t we leave this Hong Meng Void Space?”

After speaking, she glanced at the storage ring on Chen Chen’s hand with a deep meaning.

Chen Chen naturally understood what she meant.

It was simply because he had already obtained too many opportunities. There was no need to stay here and take risks. It was only right to protect what he had already obtained.

After pondering for a moment, Chen Chen nodded and said, “That’s good too. One shouldn’t be too greedy.”

In truth, he no longer lacked anything.

From the Great Dao treasures and all sorts of top-tier medicinal pills to the cultivation resources that were distributed to his subordinates, he had everything he needed.

With the resources he had, even if all the immortals in the true nether immortal realms came to consume them, they wouldn’t be able to use them all in a short period of time.

If he had to say what else he wanted..

Other than the primordial chaos innate treasure, he also wanted the legendary nine transformation golden core.

But even if these two things were placed in front of him now, he might not be able to use them.

Since that was the case, it was better for him to leave as soon as possible.

Upon hearing Chen Chen’s decision to leave, the Green Lotus Immortal King heaved a sigh of relief. Earlier, she had witnessed the deaths of many immortal kings, causing her to feel a huge psychological impact. At this moment, what she wanted the most was to leave this place.

Half a day later.

Chen Chen brought the Green Lotus Immortal King out of the primordial void space and entered the range of the Fallen Immortal Mountain.

After that, they returned from the Fallen Immortal Mountain to the true Nether Immortal realms.

After arriving at the true Nether Immortal Realms, the Azure Lotus Immortal King wasn’t disappointed. On the contrary, she was extremely delighted.

Because in her eyes, this was a very good opportunity. Sending charcoal in the snow is always better than adding flowers to the brocade. As an immortal king, she naturally understood this logic.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Chen, I will return to the Azure Nether Immortal Realms to settle the matters of the past. After that, I will come to your true nether immortal realms.

Also, I feel that as the ruler of a region, you should have a title and announce it to the public. Only then will the immortals of the immortal realms remember you.”

After speaking, the Green Lotus Immortal King turned and left the true nether immortal realms in a hurry.

After she left, Chen Chen immediately called his group of friends over.

Right now, he truly needed a title. This title was very likely to accompany him for a very long time.

If he simply chose True Nether Immortal King, it would be a bit too casual.

“Invincible Immortal King, senior brother, what do you think?”

Yuan Qingtian’s face was filled with excitement, as if he had chosen an incredible name.

But as soon as he opened his mouth, countless disdainful gazes were cast over.

“Multi-treasure immortal king… No, no, it’s too high-profile.”

Someone shook his head and muttered.

Not long after, everyone began to debate.

There was a suggestion to call him “Ten Heaven Immortal King”, saying that he had to suppress the nine Heaven Immortal King.

There was a suggestion to call him “Immortal King Dong Chen”, saying that he sounded more powerful than immortal King bei Chen.

There was even a suggestion to call him immortal King Yu Kun… Immortal King Wuxia, Immortal King Stainless, immortal king undefeated..

As he listened, Chen Chen’s head gradually grew bigger. The thought of giving him a cool title was immediately extinguished.

At this moment, a weak voice rang out from the crowd.

“Immortal King, you are the successor of My Divine Elegance Sect. You should be called Immortal King Shenxiu.”

The person who spoke was Bei Xiu, the true successor of the anti-heaven Alliance’s Divine Elegance Sect.

Upon hearing his words, everyone was speechless.

This child was still kept in the dark until now. He thought that the divine elegance sect had produced a person like Chen Chen who could shake the heavens and earth… because of this, he would laugh until he woke up from his dreams every day.

Thinking of this, many people cast sympathetic gazes.

It was enough for a person to live to this point.

Chen Chen thought for a moment, but he did not have the heart to break this child’s beautiful fantasy. He waved his hand and said, “Forget it, God Show is God show. From now on, my title is God Show Immortal King!

“One day, when I become an immortal emperor, I will be called God Show Immortal Emperor.”

“God Show Immortal Emperor!”

Bei Xiu shouted as his face was instantly filled with joy.

Everyone followed behind him and cheered perfunctorily. Soon, the atmosphere in the hall was filled with joy.

After all, it was really just a title.

After he thought of a title, Chen Chen began to distribute the treasures.

To be honest, among the group of people who followed him to the immortal world, the one with the highest cultivation level was only at the Mystic Immortal realm.

Such a gap in strength was probably only found in the true nether immortal realm.

“These people are my foundation in the immortal realm… even if I keep the resources, they will be useless in my eyes when my cultivation base is higher. Now that I’ve given them the resources, it’s a heaven-defying opportunity for them.”

With that thought, Chen Chen took out ten thousand gold cores from his storage ring without hesitation!

Among them, the worst ones were rank two golden cores!

“Ahem, as you all know, there was a time when my cultivation base suddenly rose from true immortal to Gold Immortal.

“The reason for such a huge increase was all because of a single pill.”

With that, Chen Chen took out a rank two golden core from his storage ring.

“This is the pill. It’s called a rank two golden core.”

Looking at the glittering golden pill, everyone’s eyes flashed with a trace of desire.

But soon, the desire in the depths of their eyes was suppressed.

They had been in the immortal world for so long, so they naturally knew the value of a rank two golden pill.

No matter who was present, they all felt that there was someone in the crowd who needed this pill more than they did.

Looking at everyone’s expressions, Chen Chen suddenly felt a sour feeling in his heart.

He could feel that the hall was filled with a feeling of inferiority.

On the surface, they were laughing and laughing, but in fact, everyone knew the difference between them and Immortal Kings.

Perhaps after a long time, if other experts of the immortal world joined the true Nether Immortal realm, they would also become the bottom of the true nether immortal realm..

Just now, wasn’t there an immortal king who joined the true Nether Immortal Realm?

Sensing everyone’s emotions, Chen Chen suddenly laughed out loud.

“Why do you look so weak? Let me tell you, no matter how bad the qualifications of everyone present are, I, Chen Chen, will forcibly send you to the level of an immortal Lord!”

With that, he threw the second transition golden core in his hand to Bei Xiu, who was in the crowd.

Bei Xiu’s face was full of shock. He had never thought that he would receive such treatment.

After all, in terms of cultivation, he was not even ranked among those close to him.

However, what he did not expect was that Chen Chen continued to throw out his jindan. Very soon, the Jindan, which was considered to be extremely valuable in the entire immortal world, fell like rain in the hall.

For a moment, everyone was shocked. This scene… even if they were dreaming, they did not dare to dream like this.

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