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Chapter 805: Chapter 804, secret realm of destruction

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After entering the secret realm, he saw a vast continent in front of him.

This made Chen Chen sigh in relief. He was afraid that a boundless universe would appear in front of him, and then there would be a blue planet in the universe.

Sigh, as long as it was a continent.

Chen Chen slowly landed on the continent.

This continent was about the same size as the true nether immortal realms. However, there was no life on this continent at all. There were ruins left behind after the battle and broken land everywhere.

The other immortal kings had already dispersed in a hubbub to search for their own fortunes.

Chen Chen, on the other hand, bent down and moved a handful of soil away. He dug out a strange-looking object from within.

Although he did not know what this object was, he was certain that it was a product of the technological civilization.

After placing this object into his storage ring, Chen Chen found another piece of a treasure fragment not far away from him.

When two things from two completely different civilizations met, Chen Chen could not help but make some fanciful connections.

To be honest, he was extremely proud of himself when he had just transmigrated to this world.

In his eyes at that time, he was just a Qi cultivating core formation or nascent soul cultivator. When he had arrived in the world he used to live in, he was afraid that he would be blown to smithereens by technological weapons.

However, in his current state…

He felt that any messy technological civilization would be blown to smithereens by him.

However, the two things in front of him showed that the gap between the final form of the two civilizations did not seem to be that great.

For example, the fragment of the Magic Treasure in his hand was a fragment from a spiritual treasure of destiny.

“System, where is the most precious thing in this world?”

“Host, 200,000 li ahead.”.

Upon hearing this answer, Chen Chen quickly flew forward.

After a few breaths, he arrived at the place where the system was guiding him.

There was only a gray ball in the soil in front of him. There was nothing else.

Obviously, the most precious thing the system mentioned was this gray ball.

Without much thought, Chen Chen grabbed the black ball.

This thing was unexpectedly heavy. In terms of quality, it was probably comparable to a mountain range.

After Chen Chen grabbed it in his hand, he began to use the system to appraise it, and very quickly, he figured out the details of this thing.

“World origin… primordial chaos seed. Break it open, and it will slowly grow into a world.”

Chen Chen sighed.

This World origin was indeed precious, but the problem was that it was useless.

The biggest benefit was that after you broke through it, millions or tens of millions of years later, intelligent life would be born within it. Those intelligent life forms would remember you and spread some legends about you.

“It’s useless. Breaking through it will probably take a lot of effort. Goodbye!”

Chen Chen said as he kept the thing and placed it in the deepest part of his storage ring.

“System, where is the second most precious treasure in this world?”

“It’s 1.8 million miles ahead of the host.”

Chen Chen prepared to continue flying but after flying for less than 10,000 miles, a voice rang out from behind him.


Upon hearing this voice, Chen Chen frowned and turned around.

The person who spoke was the devil embryo. Right now, it was carrying a black halberd as it curiously sized him up.

“I’m the Heaven’s Fate Immortal King of the northern constellations immortal realms. You look very familiar to me. Have we met before?”

Heaven’s fate smiled, his eyes filled with closeness.

“Never met before.”

Chen Chen shook his head, his tone was extremely cold.

“The northern constellations immortal king is my foster father. Have we really never met before?”

Heaven’s fate asked again.

“Definitely never met before.”

Chen Chen became even colder.

“Then I might have remembered wrongly. May I ASK HOW I should address you?”Tian Ming continued to ask.

“I’m not familiar with you, so there’s no need for me to answer you. If there’s nothing else, I’ll be leaving.”

After saying that, Chen Chen continued to fly forward.

Seeing that the demon embryo did not follow, he felt much more at ease.

If he was not completely confident in taking down this thing, it would be better for him to stay far away from it.


However, at this moment, an extremely dazzling light suddenly lit up in the distant horizon. Then, the light quickly spread out in all directions!

Through his divine sense, Chen Chen could clearly sense that wherever the light went, everything was crumbling.

Even he felt a hint of threat.

“What the hell is this…”

Chen Chen cursed in his heart and quickly retreated.

If he was not wrong, the source of the light was where the system was pointing.

It was most likely that the treasure had been destroyed.

He retreated quickly, but the demon fetus, heavenly fate, remained where it was. Its eyes were burning as it looked at the approaching white light, as if it was looking at the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Chen Chen looked at heavenly fate’s back and actually noticed a word faintly appearing on heavenly fate’s back.

“Proverbs… This demon embryo has the appearance of an immortal Emperor!”

Chen Chen was secretly shocked.

From the looks of it, this demon embryo was probably a primordial chaos innate treasure.

However, this treasure had a consciousness, and it was extremely evil.

Even if he wasn’t bad to a certain extent now, it was only because he was still growing.

He didn’t have time to continue looking, the white light had already arrived in front of him.

Although the power of this white light could not break his ruyi god transformation armor, no one liked to be attacked for no reason, so Chen Chen still chose to continue retreating.

A moment later, he had already flown out of the mystic realm.

When he arrived in the primordial void space, he saw that the crack in the middle of the black sphere was opened to the maximum, and every pore on his body was emitting white light!

From the looks of it, an extremely violent explosion could happen at any moment!

“This is going to explode! Where’s the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King…”

Chen Chen released his divine sense to search around.

But at this time, the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King’s delighted voice rang out in his mind.

“Chen Chen, take the Green Lotus Immortal King and leave quickly. This is my opportunity, I want to be destroyed in this white light.”

Hearing these words, Chen Chen was extremely speechless. The Green Lotus Immortal King had already arrived beside him and was prepared to leave at any moment.

“Don’t worry, I will become even stronger after my nirvana. This white light doesn’t have any complex law energy or origin energy. It only has the purest destructive energy, the destructive energy that can destroy immortal kings!

Only by dying in the most extreme form of destruction can one welcome the most beautiful new life. You guys should hurry up and leave.”

Alright, after confirming that the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King wasn’t joking, Chen Chen didn’t hesitate and brought the Azure Lotus Immortal King away.

He had no interest in experiencing the most extreme form of destructive energy.


Just as he flew out for ten thousand miles, an extremely terrifying shockwave gushed over from behind him.

Even though he was wearing the wishful God transformation armor, he still felt like his body was being torn apart like a small boat in a storm.

If he was like this, the Green Lotus Immortal King was even more miserable. He immediately spat out a mouthful of blood and suffered heavy injuries.

Chen Chen endured the discomfort in his body and turned his head back to take a look.

Amidst the endless white light, it seemed that many immortal kings had directly dissipated and disappeared. Even the storage rings and all the items inside them had vanished into thin air.

For some reason, he felt that the indiscriminate destruction of everything did not seem to be the means of the cultivation civilization.

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