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Chapter 804: Chapter 803, conjectures

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“Secret realm?”

The expression of the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King changed slightly. Why couldn’t she tell where the secret realm was?

At this moment, the gigantic ball of black hair in the distance underwent a drastic change.

The black hair stood up straight, and a crack appeared in the middle of the ball. After that, the crack grew larger and larger, as though a huge mouth was opened.

Within the huge mouth, there was a faint glow. Even from afar, one could feel the terrifying energy within.

Upon seeing this scene, the surrounding immortal kings all retreated.

In the next second, a beam of light with a diameter of tens of thousands of miles shot out from the huge crack, sweeping out in all directions.

However, the group of immortal kings had clearly understood the attack method of this huge sphere, so they were prepared in advance.

The light swept past, but it didn’t hit a single person.

Just as the light dimmed, Chen Chen sensed a spatial fluctuation from the crack.

Taking a closer look, there seemed to be an entrance to a secret realm.

There were even a few items that were thrown out from the entrance.

When the group of Immortal Kings saw something flying out, they immediately swarmed over.

Not long after, they picked out a useful treasure. As for the useless items, they were casually thrown out.

When he saw those things that were thrown out, Chen Chen’s pupils constricted and his eyes were filled with astonishment.

After that, he stretched out his hand and a small black object fell into his hand.

“What is this?”

The Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King came over to take a look. After that glance, the expression on her face changed from curiosity to disdain.

Because the thing in Chen Chen’s hand was only an object made of ordinary iron. With just a little bit of cultivation, it could be deformed.

No wonder those immortal kings casually threw it away. This kind of thing had no value to immortals.

“It’s just ordinary iron. Do you have to be so surprised?”

Seeing that Chen Chen was still staring at that piece of ordinary iron, the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King was a little puzzled.

Chen Chen waved his hand. “Don’t… let me be quiet…”

As he said that, he turned around and carefully looked at the object in his hand.

This was indeed a piece of ordinary iron, but it was a hexagonal ring-shaped piece of ordinary iron with a layer of spiral patterns in the middle.

This was a large nut..

“The product of a technological civilization.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself, thinking of countless possibilities in his mind.

He had a vague feeling that the universe he lived in his previous life was in this boundless void space. He had made such a guess in the past, and now he felt that this guess was more and more reliable.

He could even be a little more daring.

That universe might be in the body of some giant creature.

Didn’t some scientists in his previous life come up with a similar guess at that time?

When he thought of this, his mood became somewhat complicated.

If he really had the chance to return to that world in his previous life, would he go back to live?

The answer was no.

He was doing well in this world. There was really no need to return to that world to be a little gold-digger.

But he wanted to go back and take a look.

He just needed to take a look, take a look at his friends in the past, and take a look at the world that had truly allowed him to grow up.

It was enough to know the connection between this world and that world.

“Chen Chen, what that monster spat out just now was a spiritual treasure of destiny. How about…”

The Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King was moved when she saw a spiritual treasure of destiny. She could not help but suggest.

However, before she could finish her words, Chen Chen’s body flashed and he was already above the black furry ball.

In the next second, the Nine Heavens Mysterious Tower flew out of his body and became the same size as the black-furred sphere, covering the top of the black-furred sphere’s head.

Chen Chen closed his eyes and the cultivation power in his body continued to pour into the nine heavens mysterious tower.

This time, the nine levels of the nine heavens mysterious tower lit up eight levels, forming an eight-colored light that covered the black-furred sphere.

For a moment, all kinds of energy surged toward the black fur ball.

The eighth light, in particular, faintly formed a single word. As for the word, Chen Chen did not recognize it.

However, he clearly saw that after being hit by the word, the black fur ball became several times slower, and the speed at which the fur on its body trembled slowed down a lot.

When the surrounding immortal kings saw this scene, they were all overjoyed.

“It’s actually a great DAO Supreme Treasure!”

“If I’m not wrong, it seems to be the Nine Heavens Mystic Tower of the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm!”

“Isn’t the Nine Heavens Mystic Tower lost? Who Is this person?”

To be honest, if a group of immortal kings who controlled a region gathered together, they wouldn’t be in such a state when they saw a great DAO Supreme Treasure.

The problem was that this group of Immortal Kings couldn’t control a region like the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King. Such immortal kings basically had no fate with a Great Dao true treasure.

Now that a strange race suddenly appeared, it was no wonder they were surprised.

Although they were surprised, their attacks didn’t slow down.

However, in the void space, without powerful treasures, the strength of the attacks unleashed by these hundreds of immortal kings was limited.

Even though the speed of the black fur ball had slowed down a lot, they weren’t able to cause too much damage to the black fur ball.

At this moment, a black shadow flashed past the group of Immortal Kings, heading straight for the black fur ball.

At the same time, a black light lit up, forming a faint rune that imprinted itself on the crack that the black fur ball had just cracked open.


With an explosion, the black fur ball, which had only lost some of its fur after being attacked by over a hundred immortal kings, suffered a blow that caused a 10,000-meter-long hole to appear on its body.

Following that, all the fur on the black fur ball drooped down, as if it was dead.

At this moment, all the immortal kings noticed that the black fur ball’s interior was filled with old wounds and was already filled with the aura of death.

The reason why it was able to fight against them earlier was probably because it was just a flash in the pan.

It was hard to imagine how strong this creature would be if it won?

However, at this moment, it wasn’t the time to hesitate. Because the black shadow that broke through the defense of the black fur ball had already entered the interior of the black fur ball and headed straight for the entrance of the secret realm.

When the group of Immortal Kings saw this, they naturally didn’t want to be left behind and quickly followed after.

Chen Chen, who was above the black fur ball, frowned at this moment.

Others might not be able to see who the black shadow was, but he did.

That black shadow was the demon embryo that he used to trick the Beichen Immortal King back then.

Compared to a few days ago, the strength of this demon embryo was much stronger. It even had a great DAO supreme treasure in its hand, a halberd. When it unleashed its full power, a mantra actually appeared.

The demon embryo had used that halberd to break through the defense of the black-furred sphere.

“This damn thing’s strength is growing a little too fast…”

Chen Chen thought to himself. Then, he flew toward the entrance of the secret realm, followed closely by the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King, Green Lotus Immortal King.

In addition, there were many immortal kings watching in the dark. When they saw this scene, they couldn’t help but follow. Looking at the number, there were almost a hundred of them.

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