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Chapter 803: Chapter 802, expansion!

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The Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King looked at Chen Chen suspiciously.

At that moment, she felt an extremely shocking fluctuation suddenly burst out from Chen Chen’s body.

If she had not repeatedly confirmed that there was no one around, she would have thought that some powerful enemy had come to attack.

Was it just a treasure test? That was unlikely.

However, she did not ask any more questions and just continued to fly forward silently.

Before coming here, she felt that there would be a great opportunity, but there was still no sign of it. This made her very anxious.

Chen Chen calmed his emotions again. Only then did he muster the courage to look at the mountain of treasures again.

A moment later, he sorted out all kinds of pills one by one and placed them in a corner.

What was left were all kinds of magic treasures, immortal stones, all kinds of heavenly and earthly treasures, and all kinds of body shapes for refining treasures.

Of course, there were also some personal hobbies.

Having seen too many treasures, Chen Chen did not have the mood to arrange them one by one. After all, there were too many treasures, and he could not use them all by himself.

Thus, he simply began to use the system.

“System, within a radius of a thousand miles, where are the most precious things?”

“In the box 420 miles in front of the host.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen waved his hand, and a seemingly ordinary wooden box flew into his hand from afar.

He opened it and saw that there were four lifelike metal figurines inside.

“These are puppets?”

Chen Chen’s heart trembled.

For them to be listed as the most precious among the treasure mountains, they must at least be at the Great Dao treasure level puppets.

Thinking of this, he hurriedly used the system to appraise them. Very quickly, he obtained information about these puppets.

“Four divine servants, a combination of great dao treasure puppets. They are respectively attack, defense, trap, and seal.

“Each puppet is a great dao treasure, and their strength is comparable to an immortal king.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself. Then, he took out one of the metal golems and examined it carefully.

Only then did he realize that there was a word written on the back of the metal golem that he didn’t recognize.

“This is… Proverbs?”

Chen Chen’s eyes lit up. Then, he took out the other three metal golems.

As expected, there was a small word on the back of each of the figurines.

One of them was vaguely familiar to him. It was “Seal”.

However, this “Seal”was not the real maxim. After looking at it for a few times, Chen Chen would forget it, but his impression was much deeper than the “Seal”at the bottom of the god-sealing demon tank.

If it was as expected, this should be a rune that had 70-80% of the charm of the maxim.

If this was the case for Feng, it should be the case for the other three as well.

If this treasure was refined by a weaponsmith, it would be extraordinary.

That weaponsmith most likely wasn’t an immortal emperor. He was most likely an expert below the immortal emperor realm.

Chen Chen sighed in his heart before pouring his immortal qi into this set of puppets.

In the end, only two puppets rapidly grew to the size of a person. The remaining two didn’t react at all.

It seemed that with his current cultivation level, he could only control two of the puppets.

However, the two puppets represented two immortal king level helpers..

“Four God attendants, what a good thing.”

Chen Chen muttered, then put the four God attendants into the wooden box and put it away.

“System, within a radius of a thousand miles, where is the second most precious item?”

“In the box 320 miles to the left of the host.”

Chen Chen waved his hand when he heard this. Soon, a long box flew into his hand.

Opening it, he saw three long swords filled with dense black qi.

Needless to say, this was another set of Supreme Dao Treasures.

Chen Chen silently appraised the treasures. Unknowingly, he had flown for half a day.

The number of floating items in the surroundings increased again, but he did not see a single person from the immortal realm.

It was not until another hour had passed that an immortal monarch flew past in a panic.

Seeing this scene, the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King stopped the immortal monarch in displeasure without Chen Chen Chen having to make a move.

“What do you mean? Are We Going to eat you?”

The immortal monarch cried out bitterly, “Immortal King, you’ve misunderstood. I escaped from a battlefield a million miles away from here… That’s why I’m in a bit of a sorry state.”

“Battlefield? What’s going on?”

Chen Chen came over and asked.

The Immortal King had a bitter look on his face, he explained, “There’s a huge monster’s corpse that has been resurrected. Its strength is astonishing. Right now, over a hundred immortal kings are surrounding and attacking that monster. If we immortal kings get a little closer, we’ll be implicated…”

“A huge monster…”

The Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King frowned and slowly released his hand.

When that immortal king saw this, he quickly left.

When Chen Chen saw that the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King seemed to be moved, he smiled and said, “Why don’t we go and take a look?”

“More than a hundred immortal kings surrounding and attacking… that monster must be extremely powerful. Aren’t you afraid?”

The Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King asked back.

Chen Chen laughed lightly, and then his laughter grew louder and louder.

“Hehe… hahaha!”

As he laughed, the Ruyi God transformation armor on his body gradually became malevolent. Finally, it wrapped around his entire body tightly.

In an instant, an inviolable and awe-inspiring aura filled his entire body.

Seeing Chen Chen’s attitude, the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King subconsciously took two steps back. A hint of surprise flashed in her eyes.

Before this, Chen Chen gave her the impression that he was gentle, respectful, and thrifty. What exactly happened to make this person so arrogant to the point of laughing out loud without any scruples?

“Let’s go and take a look.”

After laughing, Chen Chen said indifferently. At the same time, the Ruyi God transformation armor on his body returned to its previous low-key state.

“En… Okay.”

The Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King replied and at the same time, distanced himself from Chen Chen.

Chen Chen didn’t mind. He suddenly increased his speed and flew forward.

The distance of a million Li was soon reached.

After fifteen minutes, Chen Chen felt waves of fluctuations coming from ahead.

After flying for another distance, he saw the so-called “Monster”.

It was a gigantic ball covered in black fur and had no face. In terms of size, it was probably the size of a planet. At this moment, it was emitting a terrifying roar from an unknown place.

The sound wave formed by the Roar turned into a huge shockwave that spread rapidly in all directions. The impact force was probably very difficult for the immortal lord to withstand.

After taking a closer look, he saw that there were more than a hundred small dots near the huge black ball that were continuously attacking the black ball.

However, the effect of their attacks was rather limited. Usually, they would attack a few times before the black ball would lose a single hair.

At this rate, it would probably take one to two years before they could kill this monster.

“… the monster has seen it too. Should we help?”

Chen Chen asked softly.

Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King was thinking of backing out.

Instead of spending a year here, it would be better to go to other places to find some real treasures.

Just as she made the decision to leave, a few immortal kings’shouts came from the distant battlefield.

“Since the few of you have arrived, why don’t you lend a Hand? This monster has a strange secret realm from another world within its body! If we can open the secret realm, we will both benefit greatly!”

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