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Chapter 802: Chapter 801, a huge harvest

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“Fine, as long as that Immortal King from the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms doesn’t find trouble with me, it’s fine.”

Chen Chen casually replied. After that, he unwillingly stared at the Godseal Devil vessel.

This thing still had an owner and he couldn’t obtain it.

Naturally, even if he obtained it, he wouldn’t be able to activate it.

After all, with his current strength, he could only use the nine heavens profound pagoda.

“Forget it, I can’t be too greedy.”

Chen Chen sighed in his heart, his expression gradually relaxed.

The next second..

His figure flashed, and he flew to the bottom of the deity-sealing demon pot and began to copy it hysterically. After a full quarter of an hour, he finally arrived in front of the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King and the Green Lotus Immortal King.

His expression returned to his calm and collected self.

“Cough cough, let’s go.”

This time, he finally stopped hesitating and flew in the direction he came from without looking back.

As he flew, Chen Chen connected to the internal space of the mung bean and categorized the treasures.

“Attack type magic treasures, one hundred and twenty thousand… There are a total of eighteen thousand that have reached the level of spirit treasures in the destiny realm, but there are only two that have reached the level of Great Dao Supreme Treasures.

One is called the Purple Lightning Wind Thunder Hammer, and the other is called the nine serenities soul extinguishing spear.

Chen Chen did not know how powerful these two Great Dao supreme treasures were at the moment.

However, since they were on the same level as the nine heavens mysterious tower, they were definitely not weak.

Defensive type magic treasures, about 130,000 pieces, 20,000 pieces that had reached the level of spirit treasures in the Destiny Realm, and three Great Dao Supreme Treasures.

The first one was called the Ruyi God transformation armor, which was an armor refined by an emperor-level exotic creature from the outer realms.

Its defense was powerful, needless to say. The most important thing was that after wearing the Ruyi God transformation armor, one could transform at will. If one wanted to grow strange tentacles or something, they could do so with a single thought.

To be more precise, as long as one wore this armor, they could transform at will as one could imagine. During battle, they could transform in all sorts of ways, and the opponent would be unable to defend against them. That was why it was called the Ruyi God transformation armor.

The second one was called the Unmovable Divine Emperor Bell. After it was activated, it would enter the invincible mode on the spot. As long as the energy was not exhausted, the unmovable divine emperor Bell would be able to attack anything in the area.

The third item was called the Purple Heaven controlling divine wheel.

This treasure was the most unique. During a battle, it could be casually released.

After that, this treasure would revolve around the owner of the treasure, blocking most of the attacks. After that, it would absorb the energy of these attacks and then proceed to defend.

In Chen Chen’s words, this was a perpetual motion protective wheel.

If ordinary immortals used this treasure, immortal kings would not be able to take it down for a period of time.”

As they flew, the golden armor on Chen Chen’s body disappeared and was replaced by a set of black leather body armor. His aura instantly changed from a war god to a devil king.

At the same time, the golden hoop on his hand disappeared as well, turning into a purple bracelet.

The Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King beside him saw Chen Chen’s transformation and the corners of her eyes twitched.

She wasn’t an ignorant immortal king. The two treasures that Chen Chen had just changed into were both Supreme Dao Treasures. She could tell at a glance.

One had to know that there was only one Supreme Dao Treasure in the entire flying Phoenix Immortal realms.

But this Chen Chen was so good. Now, he only had two treasures on him.

“Riches and riches are sought through risk. My ancestors are truly not deceiving me.”

The Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King muttered to herself. Then, she forcibly turned her head away, no longer looking at the treasures on Chen Chen’s body.

She was afraid that if she looked too much, it would affect her state of mind.

On the other hand, the Green Lotus Immortal King was not surprised. She had personally seen how many things Chen Chen had collected. It was normal for him to have a few Supreme Dao Treasures. Hence, she merely smiled and silently followed behind Chen Chen Chen.

Chen Chen continued to categorize the treasures.

“Alchemy Furnace, puppet forging table… There are only ten thousand of these miscellaneous treasures.”

Actually, this was also very normal. Items like this would definitely be stored in storage equipment, and it was impossible to take them out during battle. If he opened all of his storage rings, the total number of such treasures would definitely not be less than the number of offensive and defensive treasures

“I don’t have any Great Dao Supreme Treasures for the one thousand destiny-level spiritual treasures… forget it, I won’t bother with these odds and ends.”

Chen Chen casually threw these treasures to the side and then looked at the mountain-like storage equipment.

“Storage equipment, two million one hundred thousand…”

Chen Chen scanned it with his divine sense and sighed helplessly.

At the level of an immortal king or immortal lord, it was naturally impossible for him to only have one storage equipment.

For example, he had seven or eight storage equipment on him.

That was why the storage equipment he obtained was so much more than the offensive and defensive magic treasures.

“It’s tiring work… forget it, I don’t need these storage equipment. I just need the things inside.”

Chen Chen sighed. Then, he had mung bean use the power of space to destroy all these storage equipment.

Mung bean did as he was told. After a wave of space fluctuation, more than two million storage equipment were all turned into powder. All the items in them instantly turned into a huge mountain that was hundreds of miles tall and tens of thousands of meters tall.

Chen Chen took a rough look. The number of various items must be in the hundreds of millions.

He found 50 to 60 million in the pill bottle alone.

Seeing so many things, Chen Chen felt a little dizzy. For a moment, he actually did not know how to proceed.

“It would be good if there is the motto ‘treasure’. I will definitely be able to comprehend it.”

Chen Chen praised himself in his heart.

To be honest, in terms of cultivation, he might not be the strongest in the three realms, but in terms of the wealth of collections, he was definitely the one with the most in the three realms.

Several battles with creatures from the outside world spanned over a hundred million years. How many experts had died in the process?

Chen Chen could not figure it out.

He only knew that the current immortal realm was close to ten thousand immortal realms. On the surface, there were close to twenty thousand immortal kings.

As for immortal kings, there were probably close to a million.

And this was only an immortal realm.

If the time span was increased to a hundred million years, this figure would be many times higher.

No wonder there were so many floating corpses on the battlefield of the primordial void space.

“Sigh, only I became an immortal king. If an ordinary immortal saw so many things, his state of mind would probably collapse on the spot.”

Chen Chen sighed and took a deep breath. At the same time, he told himself that the mountain-like things in the depths of his heart were all dung and soil.

Just like that, half an hour passed before his state of mind gradually stabilized. He began to size up the treasure mountain with a cold gaze.

“Well, there are fifty-eight million pill bottles… almost all the known types of pills can be found. Even the Nirvana pills of the Flying Phoenix immortal realm can be found in three of them.

“As for the various levels of gold cores, there are nine thousand eight hundred… among them… Hiss, there’s one rank eight gold core, three rank seven gold cores, and five rank six gold cores…”

Seeing the various gold cores hidden in the treasure mountain, Chen Chen’s emotions, which had just calmed down, surged again. In his excitement, the Ruyi God transformation armor on his body suddenly shook, and a huge black tail grew out, it rose up to a thousand meters high!

“No… I have to calm down! What is this? What kind of world have I not seen? It’s all dung, all dung.”

Chen Chen bit the tip of his tongue, muttering in his heart. Then, he put away the Ruyi God transformation armor and looked at the two immortal kings next to him with an apologetic look.

“I just tested the function of this magic treasure. Please don’t take offense.”

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