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Chapter 801: Chapter 800, the most powerful maxim

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“Look, he’s dead.”

Chen Chen put away the god-slaying spear and smiled indifferently.

He was not afraid of releasing this underworld emperor because of his own mistake. It was because he knew that with his current strength, no matter how he jumped around, he would not be able to release the undying underworld emperor in front of him.

As for whether the mung bean could break the seal, Chen Chen did not know,

but it was most likely impossible to do so.

Unless the word “Break”appeared on the Mung Bean’s turtle shell, otherwise, it would not be of a high level.

“Although your cultivation is not strong, you still have some ability. You can actually see the location of that Scourge, Hehe.”

The Eternal Underworld Emperor raised his head as he spoke, revealing a pair of scarlet eyes.

At the same time, in the depths of his eyes, a simple word that could not be remembered flashed and shot toward Chen Chen.

In the blink of an eye, that word was imprinted on the palm of Chen Chen’s Golden Glove.

“What is this word?”

Chen Chen looked at it a few times but he couldn’t help but to ask curiously.

“Life. As long as this word isn’t destroyed, I can protect you from death.”

The undying underworld emperor calmly replied, his tone filled with confidence.

“In the entire primordial chaos world, there are only so many maxims. If I can completely grasp one of them, I would be an emperor-level expert. What I have mastered is the word ‘life’.”

“I see.”

Chen Chen was enlightened.

In the past, he didn’t know how immortal emperors were refined. Now, he finally knew.

However, it was really strange for a underworld emperor to master the ‘life’character.

“Senior underworld emperor, where is the owner of this god-sealing demon jar, the immortal emperor? Also, can you tell me what is going on in this battlefield? Why are the floating corpses so huge?”?

Eternal underworld emperor lowered his head again and muttered, “Why should I tell you? I have fulfilled my promise to you.”

Chen Chen took out a bunch of sundries from his storage ring and tracked them through the system. He found a few storage rings of underworld cultivators.

Finally, he found a black flower from the storage rings of underworld cultivators and placed it next to eternal underworld emperor.

Looking at the black flower, the eternal underworld emperor was in a daze for a long time. Finally, he said, “You, junior, really have an exquisite heart. Let me ask you, do you know that the primordial chaos world we are in is divided into the three realms of mortal and Underworld Immortals?”

“Yes.”Chen Chen nodded.

“Above the mortal world is the immortal world, and below the mortal world is the underworld. This is the primordial chaos world.

“Outside the primordial chaos world is the endless primordial chaos void space. The place where we are now is the primordial chaos void space.

“Passing through the primordial chaos void space, there are many primordial chaos worlds in the distance.

“These primordial chaos worlds also have living beings and experts.

“Some experts or special living beings even have the ability to pass through the void space.

“For example, the thing you just killed is a creature from the other primordial Chaos Worlds. Back then, the immortal world called it a “God.”.

“Of course, that wasn’t the leader of that race. It was just a slightly stronger creature that grew up in this god-sealing demonic jar.”

Chen Chen listened as he planted flowers. He even found a handful of underworld soil and placed it in the void.

Eternal underworld emperor continued, “This primordial chaos world is the home that all the living beings in the three realms rely on to survive. We emperor-level existences all hold the same concept — to defend against enemies outside the realm.

Therefore, the experts of the three realms came to an agreement.

No matter how the three realms fought, they had to work together to resist the invasion of the living beings outside the realm.

“For hundreds of millions of years, our primordial chaos world has fought against the invading living beings of the other primordial chaos worlds more than ten times. In the end, we won.”

“Then why were you sealed here by the Immortal Emperor?”

Chen Chen asked curiously.

“Because 30 million years ago, there was a huge battle between the immortal realm and the underworld because of a primordial chaos innate treasure that floated over from the void space.

“During that battle, several monarch-level existences died while I was sealed here by the immortal emperor.

“Of course, the Immortal Emperor didn’t have it easy either. Right now, I still don’t know where my seal is recovering.”

The eternal underworld emperor sneered as he spoke.

Chen Chen, on the other hand, was interested in the primordial chaos innate treasure. What kind of treasure could have caused the war in the immortal realm and the underworld, and even caused the death of a monarch-level expert.

Before he could ask, the eternal underworld emperor revealed a trace of reminiscence, and there was even a trace of shock in his eyes.

“No one knows what that is. All they know is that it’s a huge glowing object, and there’s a word for it… it’s a word that has never appeared before. Perhaps you don’t know, but there are strong and weak proverbs… for example, the life I control, in terms of lethality, it’s actually not strong, but I can be undying and indestructible.

For example, the title of immortal emperor, strictly speaking, is somewhat restraining me.

“As for the words on the glowing object, we can’t answer them… but just by drawing them from our memories, we can faintly feel a powerful force.

“This force represents the law and order, and represents the starting point of everything.

“The top experts of the immortal realm and the underworld believe that the maxim is the source of all proverbs, the origin of the entire primordial void space..

“Later on, who obtained the Hong Meng Innate Treasure?”

Chen Chen asked.

“It disappeared, completely missing. Presumably, many immortal emperors and underworld emperors are still looking for that treasure, right? “Or they went to find the source of that treasure… Hehe, after all, if they really mastered that word, they could become the strongest expert in the Endless Hong Meng Void Space and become the immortal emperor among the immortal emperors…”

The eternal underworld emperor sneered and said, then he didn’t say anything else.

Chen Chen nodded slightly.

In fact, there were no immortal emperors in the immortal world at present. If what the eternal underworld emperor said was true, then most of these immortal emperors would have gone out to look for that treasure.

After all, whoever could find that treasure had a chance to become an ultimate expert of primordial chaos.

At that realm, he would probably have reached the end of his cultivation.

Cultivators and cultivators could also completely free themselves from cultivation.

If he had spent tens of millions of years and was tired of doing what he liked to do, he would probably have gone to look for that treasure.

“Thank you for your explanation, senior! I’ll Take My Leave Now!”

Chen Chen cupped his hands and led the Green Lotus Immortal King out. In a few breaths’time, they flew out of the god-sealing demon pot.

At this moment, the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King was still waiting silently outside. The other two immortal kings had already disappeared without a trace.

Seeing this, Chen Chen didn’t even need to think to know what had happened.

Although these people had already reached the immortal King realm, it didn’t affect them at all. When it was time for them to flee, they wouldn’t hesitate at all.

Seeing Chen Chen bringing the Blue Lotus Immortal King Out, the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King immediately flew over and let out a long sigh of relief.

“It’s good that you are fine. Flying Phoenix said that you have some special abilities. At the start, I didn’t believe it, but now, I completely believe it.”

Chen Chen smiled faintly and didn’t say anything.

The Green Lotus Immortal King, on the other hand, spoke with determination, “Fellow Daoist Chen, I want to join your true Nether Immortal Realms!”

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