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Chapter 80: Chapter 80: Those Who Obey Me Will Prosper and Those Who Defy Me Will Die

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“Ye Wusheng, White Tiger Holy Spirit Body at the peak of the Foundation Establishment realm and cultivates the White Tiger Battle Heavenly Technique. Countless disciples of the demon clan were killed by him. Two years ago, he killed the Young Master of the third division of the demon clan in the middle of a great battle. He’s an expert within the younger generation.”

Chen Chen looked at the armored man and recalled the information that his master had told him.

The difference between the successors was also massive and some of them were just stand-ins for the real successors.

How strong could those successors be?

Ye Wusheng, who was standing in front, was a true successor who was highly valued by the White Tiger Clan since his early days of cultivation. Not to mention, he was also a huge fan of battles and had been through countless battles before. Over time, he had gained a very expansive collection of battle experiences.

Under such circumstances, it was normal for Duan Bing to be beaten up badly.

Ye Wusheng was wearing a full suit of armor and following behind a disciple of the Wuxin Clan. Soon, they arrived at the residence that the Wuxin Clan had arranged for them.

Upon sight of the sign of the guest room, an old man behind Ye Wusheng immediately flew into a rage.

“Earth Guest Room? What do you mean?”

The Wuxin Clan disciple couldn’t help but shiver when a Golden Core powerhouse glanced at him with a deathly stare. He then said carefully, “The Heavenly Room is occupied by several people from the Tianyun Clan. Elder Han and Senior Brother Duan think that the successor of the Tianyun Clan is the strongest successor on this trip, so he deserves to stay in the Heavenly Room.”

As soon as he said those words, the four people from the White Tiger Clan all turned towards him at the same time, not hiding the icy coldness in their eyes at all.

One of the accompanying disciples even said directly, “What a joke, Senior brother Ye is the recognized number one cultivator of the young generation in the eight northern sects, can you be more clever in your means of sowing discord!?”

Another accompanying disciple chimed in, “Yes, and even if you give the Heavenly Guest Room to the Tianyun Clan, would they dare to stay there?”

Hearing the question, the Wuxin Clan disciple smiled awkwardly and responded, “They’re obviously competent, why wouldn’t they dare?”

“You!” The two accompanying disciples hollered furiously before turning to look at the crowd. Moments later, they saw Chen Chen.

Seeing this scene, Duan Bing, who had been beaten up and bruised badly, grew excited and began yelling in his heart!

‘Fight! Fight!’

However, things didn’t go as planned, and just as the two accompanying disciples were about to go and question Chen Chen, Ye Wusheng, who had been staying silent spoke up.

“Go in.”

After speaking coldly, Ye Wusheng stared at Chen Chen coldly and then turned around to enter the Earth Guest Room.

Seeing this, the other three, even the Golden Core Elder, could only follow behind in silence.

“Oh gosh! He scared the wits out of me…”

After waiting for Ye Wusheng to leave, You Lanxin suddenly patted her chest with fear.

After doing so, she seemed to realize that she had lost her composure and quickly put on a look of aloofness again.

Looking at this scene, the corners of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched.

He reckoned that she had probably just been pretending to be aloof all along. She herself was the only one who knew how silly she was.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen’s face gradually became cold while the gaze in his eyes became deeper.

Fortunately, he was already really cold and aloof, so he didn’t have to pretend.

Seeing Chen Chen’s indifference, You Lanxin said in surprise, “Senior Brother Chen, Ye Wusheng just shot you such a murderous glance… aren’t you afraid?”

“Oh? Is that so? Too bad, I don’t fear anyone in the younger generation of the State of Jin.”

Chen Chen said coldly, with a bolt of lightning flashing in his eyes.

It was real lightning that was blue in color, crackling and popping. You Lanxin stared wide-eyed with shock, unable to maintain the aloof expression on her face.

“Sorry, the energy in my body is too massive to be contained. It will spill out from time to time.”

After he spoke calmly, Chen Chen could no longer be bothered to entertain You Lanxin. Instead, he began walking towards the Heavenly Guest Room slowly while You Lanxin stared at his mysterious back.

The way he walked suavely was exactly the same as the way Ye Wusheng walked.


In the king’s palace in the capital of the State of Jin, there was an old man and a young man sitting on the ground before the throne with an indifferent expression.

The old man then said indifferently, “Chongye, the elites of the 35 clans should be on their way. The preparations made in the capital should almost be done as well.”

“They’re just a bunch of bumpkins. Master, you’re insulting the word elite by calling them so.”

The young man said in a deep voice without disdain in his eyes. He simply said so calmly, as if he was just stating facts.

“A few of them are not bad, especially Lin Jin from the Green Dragon Sect and Ye Wusheng from the White Tiger Clan, both of whom have strength close to the Perfected stage of Foundation Establishment. This time, they are reopening the battle of the ranking of the 36 clans during your ascension to the throne. They might be the only variables.”

The elder explained with a glow in his eyes.

The ranking of the 36 clans was set hundreds of years ago. In the past hundreds of years, too much had happened and some clans fell while some rose.

The previous rankings were no longer accurate.

Of course, the Wuxin Clan did not care about the ranking.

The so-called ranking battle was just an excuse.

The ranking battle was open to all clans in the State of Jin, not only the 36 clans.

The Wuxin Clan had already supported several clans so that when the ranking battle really began, the few clans would allow them to get rid of those that defied the Wuxin Clan.

When the time came for them to force those clans to give up the mountains that were rich in spiritual energy, they would be able to justify their actions.

The other wavering sects would naturally stand on the Wuxin Clan’s side after watching from the side.

It was also the most gentle way that the Wuxin Clan could unify the 36 sects.

It was the best strategy.

Getting violent and physical right away would not be a good choice as the other demon clans could take advantage.

“Don’t worry, Master, if the Green Dragon Clan and the White Tiger Clan refuse to be unified, I will severely injure Lin Jin or Ye Wusheng before challenging the other sects. The plan will be foolproof.”

At this moment, the corners of the young man’s mouth curled slightly, and for once, there was an expression on his face.

Looking at the young man in front of him, the old man felt heartened and relieved.

After thousands of years, a suitable candidate for practicing the Supreme Wang Qing Dao had finally appeared in the royal family, allowing the Wuxin Clan’s force to enter the impenetrable royal family.

Without the restraint of the royal family, it would be a perfect opportunity for the Wuxin Clan to unify the 36 sects.

Now, they were just missing one last element.

Once it was completed, the State of Jin would be politically and religiously unified like the State of Zhou while the clan master of the Wuxin Clan would become the king.

The Wuxin Clan would also become the ultimate leader within the State of Jin.

“You naturally have to fight. During the ranking battle, you must show formidable strength, so as to deter those wavering clans. At this point, they do not know about the ranking battle yet and you happened to have made preparations. You must understand that you have to devote all your strength.”

The old man said with a smile.

Seeing that the master who practiced the Supreme Wang Qing Dao was laughing, the young man grew a little surprised, even becoming distracted for a short moment. His expression suddenly became ferocious.

“Don’t worry, Master, those who obey me will prosper, those who disobey me will die! My Wuxin Clan is determined to unify the 36 sects!”

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