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Chapter 79: Chapter 79: White Tiger Successor

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As soon as Sun Tiangang spoke, the corners of the Grand Elder’s eyes twitched a little as he sighed helplessly.

Chen Chen, on the other hand, looked at Sun Tiangang with immense relief, as if he was relieved that he didn’t misjudge him.

After confirming the candidate, Chen Chen made his way to Xiao Wuyou’s side and whispered, “Master, I’ll have to trouble you to take care of the few pets in my courtyard.”

“Don’t worry.” Xiao Wuyou said calmly, but after hearing his words, Chen Chen really felt much more relieved.

In fact there was nothing to worry about. Although the Ochre Yellow Spirit and the morning glory were both fools, Hu Xian’er was extremely intelligent. Besides, she had her own transmission token, so if she were to really encounter any trouble, she could contact Chen Chen immediately.

Moments later, Elder Han of the Wuxin Clan said indifferently, “If there is nothing else, let’s go.”

Chen Chen did not hesitate after hearing his words and stepped onto the flying boat quickly, with Zhang Ji and Sun Tiangang following him.

Elder Zhao, who was at the peak of the Golden Core peak realm was the last to get on the flying boat.

Immortal cultivators had all kinds of items in their storage equipment, so there was no need to prepare much for a long trip.

Watching Chen Chen get on the flying boat, Xiao Wuyou had an urge to say something, but did not do so in the end.

Chen Chen then turned towards his master before turning to look at the inner and outer clan disciples who were all waiting steadily like little chicks.

The flying boat slowly began to rise and eventually rose to a height of a thousand meters where it propelled off into the distance.

They were on the flying boat.

The people of the Wuxin Clan arranged the accommodation for Chen Chen’s group of four.

“Heavenly Guest Room?”

Elder Zhao looked at the sign of the accommodation and frowned slightly.

“Hehe, distinguished guests of the Tianyun Clan, Senior Brother Duan said that Saint Chen Chen’s strength is amazing and he far surpasses the successors of other clans, so he is worthy of the Heavenly Guest Room.”

After he spoke, the person from the Wuxin Clan bade farewell to the group respectfully.

After he left, Chen Chen asked curiously, “What? Could it be that there is something more to this Heavenly Guest Room?”

Elder Zhao nodded and said softly, “This is not the first time I’ve been on one of the Wuxin Clan’s flying boats. There is only one Heavenly Guest Room, four Earth Guest Rooms, and sixteen Human Guest Rooms on it.”

“The Wuxin Clan is being such a good host, huh?” Sun Tiangang remarked in astonishment.

He thought that he would be given a hard time when he arrived at the territory of the Wuxin Clan, however, he never expected to be given the best room as soon as he boarded.

However, Chen Chen came to a sudden realization. He was not a fool like Sun Tiangang.

Of the eight clans in the north, the Tianyun Clan was ranked second while the White Tiger Clan was ranked first. However, the successors of the White Tiger Clan had yet to board at this time. Yet, Chen Chen’s group had already been given the best room. What would the successors of the White Tiger Clan think?

They would probably be irked.

The Wuxin Clan was clearly trying to sow discord and create trouble among the eight clans in the north.

“We’ll stay then. The Tianyun Clan is not so weak as to be too afraid to stay in a guest room.”

Elder Zhao rolled his eyes at Sun Tiangang and finally made his decision.

Chen Chen, who was standing at the side also nodded slightly while the two of them took the lead to enter the guest room.

Sun Tiangang and Zhang Ji both looked at each other in confusion, not understanding the meaning of Elder Zhao’s words. At last, they had no choice but to shake their heads and follow behind with a look of bewilderment on each of their faces.

The Heavenly Guest Room was extremely spacious. It was a large suite and had plenty of space for four. Each of the group members had a different expression upon entering.

After entering, Zhang Ji whispered, “Big Brother, why do I feel that it is not as luxurious as the Spring Breeze Pavilion in Blue Wind City?”

“The Spring Breeze Pavilion is part of the mortal world so it’s very fancy. Any bed in this room is worth a few Spring Breeze Pavilions.”

Chen Chen shook his head as a response. If he had seen correctly, even the table which was across the room was made of an entire slab of Spirit Stone, worth no less than a thousand Spirit Stones.

It was just a guest room and yet, it was so well-equipped. Clearly, the Wuxin Clan had a strong background.

After seeing the accommodation, Elder Zhao and Sun Tiangang remained indoors to cultivate while Chen Chen and Zhang Ji returned to the deck.

At this moment, the six successors were standing by the railing of the deck and looking down at the scenery below.

Chen Chen leaned over the ledge.

“System, apart from myself, who is the strongest within the nearest 30 meters?”

“You Lanxin, who’s 12 meters towards the left in front of you. Her status of cultivation is in the late stage of foundation building.”

Hearing the system’s answer, Chen Chen looked towards the back of the figure in the distance who was wearing a black veil.

She was simply a replica of his master’s wife. Even their clothing style was the same.

Since You Lanxin was the strongest, it meant that the information given by his master was correct.

Apart from the Tianyun Clan and the White Tiger Clan, the successors of the other six clans were not too competent.

According to the information, four of the six successors were in the late stage of foundation building, while the other two were in the middle of foundation building.

Those who were in the late stage of foundation building were alright but those who were in the middle stage were too weak.

Of course, if he did not join the Tianyun Clan, the Tianyun Clan would probably have only sent Sun Tiangang.

However, they would definitely overwhelm Sun Tiangang with resources to allow him to surge to the late stage of foundation building.

Seemingly sensing that someone was looking at her, You Lanxin turned around and saw that it was Chen Chen. A trace of curiosity flashed in her eyes, and she took the initiative to approach Chen Chen before bowing to him.

“Greetings Senior Brother Chen, I’m Lanxin. Master has mentioned to me that Chen Chen, a disciple of the Tianyun Clan, is incredibly talented. After meeting you today, I realize that you really live up to your name.”

Chen Chen was slightly stunned to hear her words, as he did not expect this seemingly aloof successor to approach him and curry favor with him right away.

Just as he was about to answer with some compliments, You Lanxin suddenly lowered her voice again.

“Senior Brother Chen, Master has already instructed me that no matter what happens on this trip, all the people of the Youshui Clan will be following your lead.”

“Huh?” Chen Chen was a bit surprised.

This trip actually concerned the rise and fall of a clan. Yet, his master’s wife actually gave such an order.

‘Do I look that trustworthy?’

However, since she had taken the initiative to approach him, there was no reason for him to refute. After all, more people meant more strength.

After thinking about it, Chen Chen responded with a smile, “You’re being too polite, Junior Sister, you and I are on the same side to begin with. Of course we should work together.”

“Senior Brother, you’re right. What do you think of this trip?”

You Lanxin asked again.

The two of them began chatting on the deck with each other.

In the beginning, You Lanxin merely wanted to get to know Chen Chen better but as the two continued to talk, she couldn’t stop.

She was looking forward to getting to know him better because he seemed to always think differently from others and would say shocking things.

“No wonder Master said that this guy is not a good person and wants me to listen less to his nonsense… lest I get cheated. Now it seems that what she said is true.”

You Lanxin looked at Chen Chen who was giving out instructions, secretly keeping her guard up.

At this moment, the flying boat suddenly stopped as the elders of the Wuxin Clan alighted from the boat together with Duan Bing.

Chen Chen looked down, only to see the deep mountains and old forests below. There was a majestic building in the midst of the deep mountains and old forests.

“This is the White Tiger Clan, which ranks first among the eight clans in the North and third among the 36 clans of State of Jin.” Chen Chen muttered.

Looking at the land below, he didn’t think that the White Tiger Clan’s territory was any better than that of the Tianyun Clan.

Just as he was about to look through the clouds to observe the scene below, a violent fluctuation of ethereality came from below.

After about five minutes, the ethereality fluctuation disappeared.

After another three minutes, Duan Bing and Elder Han of the Wuxin Clan got back onto the flying boat.

However, this time, Duan Bing was in a worse state than he was when boarding at the Tianyun Clan. Not only was his face swollen after being beaten up terribly, he even lost a tooth and anger was written all over his face.

Four people were following behind him.

The leader of the four was a man who was wearing a set of white full-body armor. His entire face was covered by the armor, with only an indifferent pair of eyes exposed.

The more impressive thing was that he would emit a cold and domineering aura at all times, which seemed more murderous as opposed to the chilliness of the Supreme Wang Qing Dao. Duan Bing could not help but shudder.

Several other saints and successors on the deck became visibly horrified and fearful when they caught sight of the armored man as they subconsciously took a few steps back.

The armored man was famous among the eight clans of the north, known to all as a murderous elite, the best of his generation!

He was Ye Wusheng, the successor of the White Tiger Clan.

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