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Chapter 773 Chapter 772, rank four Golden Core

“If this person is guarding here, I won’t be able to enter.”

Chen Chen looked at Mo he from afar and thought to himself.

In a place like this, it was impossible to change one’s appearance and blend in. It was absolutely impossible.

Immortal kings were not fools. No matter how you changed your appearance, they would be able to recognize you at a glance.

As for secretly breaking through the array and entering, that was even more impossible.

Of course, even if Mo he did not recognize him, he would not be able to enter as a mere gold immortal.

At the thought of this, Chen Chen temporarily suppressed the palpitations in his heart and blended into the crowd of immortals who were watching

Half a day later.

There were more and more immortals around the myriad immortal platform. Chen Chen glanced at them casually. There were probably more than a million of them.

However, many of them looked absent-minded. It seemed that some of them were pulled over by Immortal King Beichen to support him.

At this moment, the void trembled. Seven cranes flew out and pulled a carriage to the sky above the myriad immortal platform.

Seeing this carriage, all the immortals were shocked!

“It’s the seven cranes of the Ethereal Immortal King!”

“The Ethereal Immortal King is here personally!” Along with the exclamations, the formation automatically opened a passage.

At the same time, the voice of the Beichen Immortal King reverberated in the air. “The arrival of the Ethereal Immortal King truly brings light to my humble abode.”

The Ethereal Immortal King didn’t say anything. Instead, the chariot slowly landed on the myriad immortal platform. Seven immortal cranes silently stood guard around the chariot, looking extremely majestic.

The moment the ethereal immortal king arrived, the atmosphere in the surroundings changed.

After a while, a Phoenix’s cry sounded. The distant sky suddenly burst into flames, and a woman took shape from the flames.

“Flying Phoenix Immortal King!”

“Hiss! This is amazing!”

“The Supreme Spirit Immortal King is here too!”

After half a day, a total of seven immortal kings arrived at the northern constellations immortal court.

As immortal kings, they were all full of vigor. Although they didn’t show themselves, each of the carriages was more exaggerated than the other, so much so that the immortal Qi on the Ten Thousand Immortal platform was so strong that it was dazzling.

The immortal monarchs who mingled among them all sat up straight and didn’t dare to breathe loudly.

Not to mention immortal kings, even the immortal spirits pulling the carriages of some immortal kings weren’t people they could afford to offend.

Immortal monarchs were all like this, and ordinary immortals who didn’t have the qualifications to enter the myriad immortal foundation were even more so.

Hence, at this moment, the entire myriad immortal foundation and the surrounding hundreds of miles were completely silent. Only a few immortal spirits would occasionally make some movements.

After a period of silence, the Beichen Immortal King finally spoke.

“I didn’t expect so many people to give me face today. Since this is the case, I have nothing to hide. I shall place this yin-yang Fusion Dao pill furnace in the center of the Myriad Immortal Foundation.”

After speaking, the gigantic yin-yang fusion dao pill furnace slowly descended from the sky and landed in the center of the Myriad Immortal Foundation.

The moment it landed, countless divine senses swept over. After confirming that it was the real yin-yang Fusion Dao Pill Furnace, an immortal King spoke out.

“It’s indeed a yin-yang Fusion Dao pill furnace. Seems like this trip wasn’t in vain.”

The Beichen Immortal King laughed when he heard this. “It’s just a pill furnace. It can only be considered the prize of this Treasure Appreciation Convention. The real treasures still need to be displayed by everyone.”

The group of Immortal Kings were all speechless.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they wanted to make a deal with the Beichen Immortal King and obtain the yin-yang Fusion Dao Pill Furnace, they would have long spoken out against this fool who loved to show off.


Endure it for a moment and it would be over!

The Beichen Immortal King didn’t seem to notice the emotions of the group of Immortal Kings. He turned his head and glanced at one of the immortal kings in the crowd.

That immortal king immediately understood and stood up, he then spoke in a clear voice, “This humble one is here to participate in the Treasure Appreciation Convention. It’s truly my honor to be able to meet all of you immortal kings. However, since this is the treasure appreciation convention, I naturally have to take out some treasures for everyone to admire.

This humble one is only an immortal king and doesn’t have many precious treasures. Initially, I wasn’t willing to make a fool of myself, but I was afraid that I would disappoint the Beichen Immortal King’s good intentions. Hence, I casually took out an item and let everyone have a look. This can be considered as throwing a brick to attract a jade.”

After speaking, he took out a transparent crystal that was as large as a diamond and placed it on the nine immortal foundations.

Before everyone could see what this crystal was, an immortal king spoke, “Primordial Void Crystal is the best spatial material in the immortal realms. It’s truly rare for an immortal lord like you to have such a treasure.”

This immortal King spoke calmly, but the surrounding immortals weren’t as calm.

Primordial Void Crystal. They had heard of such a treasure, but no one had seen it before.

They only knew that many immortal kings liked to refine this thing into a palace and carry it around with them.

In terms of rarity, it could be considered the exclusive possession of Immortal Kings! Ordinary immortals like them would not have to worry for a few million years after obtaining such a piece.

This made many immortals extremely envious.

The Immortal King was surrounded by countless envious gazes, and he was quite pleased with himself.

He couldn’t help but wish that this item was truly his.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t. In fact, this was something that the Beichen Immortal King had lent him.

With someone taking the lead, more and more people began to display their treasures


Chen Chen silently watched from the crowd.

It had to be said that the value of the treasures displayed by these immortals was just right. Although they were all very precious, they weren’t so precious that they could cause the immortal kings to have evil thoughts. Most of them were similar to the primordial void crystals, which were exclusive to the immortal kings. However, they were all supplementary items that could be dispensed with.

After many immortal kings displayed their treasures, the Beichen Immortal King Glanced at the group of Immortal Kings. His meaning was self-evident.

The surroundings of the myriad immortal platform fell silent once more. Countless immortals began to wait eagerly.

It was just foreplay. The treasures taken out by the immortal kings were the main course!

With so many immortal Lord Pearls and jades in front of them, no immortal king would take out anything lower in value than them.

After a moment of silence, a faint voice came from a circular flying boat on the right side of the Myriad Immortal Foundation.

“As everyone knows, I am an alchemist. Then, I will take out a medicinal pill for everyone to


As soon as he finished speaking, a golden light flickered, and a medicinal pill the size of a grape flew out from the flying ship, quietly floating in the center of the Myriad Immortal Foundation.

Seeing this medicinal pill, many immortals in the surrounding began to subconsciously swallow their saliva.

“This is… a rank four golden pill!”

“A medicinal pill that takes forty million years to form a pill, it’s even older than me!”

The Immortal King in the flying boat started to introduce.

“This rank four golden pill was refined by my master more than forty million years ago. After forming the pill, he placed it in the place with the densest immortal Qi in the Supreme Spirit Immortal realm. After ten million years, he placed it in the flames of the earth veins, and after ten million years, he took it out of the flames of the earth veins and placed it in the chaotic space..

After 40 million years of cultivation and absorption, it finally became what it is now.”

Hearing his introduction, the group of Immortals was amazed.

Chen Chen, who was in the crowd, was also slightly emotional.

Forget about the other treasures, but this rank four golden core was definitely worth spending a lot of effort to get it.

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