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Chapter 772 Chapter 771, treasure hunting competition

Two months later.

When Chen Chen came out of the body of the Great Void Dragon Kun again, he was already in the late stage of the Golden Immortal Realm.

This really gave the nether king a big scare.

In his eyes, two months was just a fleeting moment. The cultivation base in his body only operated for two to three cycles.

However, this kid had forcibly skipped from the early stage of the Golden Immortal realm to the middle stage of the Golden Immortal Realm and reached the late stage of the Golden Immortal Realm.

Could it be that this person was the reincarnation of some heaven-defying immortal?

Sensing that the nether king was using his divine sense to check him crazily, Chen Chen was calm and composed.

In the past two months, he had only absorbed some good treasures.

However, he had to mention that absorbing these treasures alone was far from being as good as refining pills and swallowing them.

During this period of time, he had been wasting heavenly treasures.

However, there was nothing he could do. He didn’t have any alchemists under him who could refine immortal pills.

“Senior, has anything major happened outside these two months?”

Chen Chen transmitted his voice to the nine Nether King

Although the nine Nether King was healing his injuries, he was still an immortal king level existence. Even if he was healing his injuries, his divine sense would still be able to see far away and obtain a large amount of information.

“My junior brother that bastard went to contact other immortal kings. It seems that he wants to make a big move against me. Other than that, Immortal King Beichen organized some Treasure Appreciation Convention and invited many immortal kings to participate. At the same time, he was prepared to use the treasure he just obtained, the yin-yang Fusion Dao Pill Furnace. It is rumored that there are even alchemists who are willing to offer a rank five golden core…”

After that, the nether king continued to talk about other major matters in the immortal realms.

Chen Chen listened silently. After the Nether King finished speaking, he then spoke, “This treasure appreciation convention is a little interesting.”

The Nether King’s silhouette flashed as he appeared before Chen Chen, he spoke with disdain, “Only someone like the Beichen Immortal King who loves his achievements would think of holding such a treasure appreciation convention. Hehe, Treasure Appreciation Convention? Which Immortal King would be so foolish as to take out a real treasure for everyone to admire?” Chen Chen was silent.

The Beichen Immortal King loved his achievements and was extremely shameless. He had experienced this firsthand.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to use the yin-yang Fusion Dao pill furnace to attract a few immortal kings over and use this as a gimmick to hold a treasure-hunting convention to satisfy his vanity.

He could be considered to have brought the value of the yin-yang Fusion Dao Pill Furnace to the extreme.

“Brat, let me ask you, are you the reincarnation of an immortal emperor?”

Seeing that Chen Chen didn’t speak, the nether king asked. “No.”

Chen Chen shook his head.

“Then are you the disciple of an immortal emperor?”

The Nether King asked again.

Chen Chen raised his head and asked, “Immortal Emperor? where is the Immortal Emperor from the immortal realm?”

“It’s hard to say. Back then, my master was only a step away from becoming an immortal emperor. After that, he went to the unknown primordial chaos realm. After that, I haven’t heard any news about him. I believe that most of the Immortal Emperors left the immortal realm just like him.”

“Then how many immortal emperors have appeared in the Immortal World?”

The Nether King Thought for a moment and replied, “I know about seven or eight of them. They are all existences on the same level as the Nether God.”

“Which immortal emperor is the one with the most stories?”‘Chen Chen asked again.

“It’s the Supreme Immortal Emperor. He was an immortal emperor when he first appeared in the immortal world. Moreover, he stayed in the immortal world for over ten million years and left behind many precious cultivation methods and pill formulas. Some people say that he came to our place because he passed through the endless primordial chaos space in another dimension.”

The nine Nether King replied seriously.

Chen Chen nodded thoughtfully. After a moment, he suddenly said, “Senior, I Won’t hide it from you. I’m actually the Grand Supreme Immortal Emperor’s successor.”


The nine Nether Immortal King was shocked.

At this moment, what actually emerged in his heart was not doubt, but realization.

No wonder this kid cultivated so quickly. So it was because of this reason..


After seeing Chen Chen’s crafty eyes, he immediately realized that this kid was spouting nonsense.

This made him a little angry.

“Haha, Senior, Please Don’t blame me. I was just casually saying that. However, as I said, I want to participate in this Beichen Immortal King’s Treasure Appreciation Convention so that I can broaden my horizons.”

“You’re courting death!”The Netherworld King said angrily.

Chen Chen looked innocent when he heard this. “I’m a proper immortal, and I’m not wanted by anyone. How can I be courting death?”


The Nether King was momentarily speechless.

That’s right. The immortal world really couldn’t tolerate this nether king. This kid was just an ordinary gold immortal. He could go wherever he wanted to go.

After two days, Chen Chen arrived at the Beichen immortal realm alone.

As for the Netherworld king, he concealed his aura and hid in a deep mountain at the edge of the Beichen immortal realm. He used his divine sense to constantly keep an eye on Chen Chen’s movements.

Because of the Treasure Appreciation Convention, the Beichen Immortal realm was in a brand new state.

The various damages caused by the nine-headed flood dragon had disappeared without a trace within these two months.

Not to mention some buildings, even some of the flowers and plants that had been destroyed had been transplanted to their original locations.

Chen Chen was flying above the northern celestial realm, and he couldn’t help but marvel at the efficiency of his work.

Of course, what amazed him even more was the stubbornness of the northern celestial king.

In order to make people completely forget about the nine-headed flood dragon, he actually did things to such an extent.

After entering the area of the celestial court, the surrounding scenery was incomparably beautiful, and Immortal Qi curled up everywhere.

Chen Chen’s divine sense spread out into the distance, and very quickly, he sensed a large group of palaces, covering a radius of hundreds of thousands of miles.

The distance between these palaces was very large. There were a total of ninety-nine regions, and each region had its own distinct characteristics.

Chen Chen knew that the vast majority of these palaces were newly built. But from the exterior, he couldn’t see any differences from the old palaces.

“The Heavenly Court in the Legends is only so-so. This beichen immortal king is too good at creating things.”

Chen Chen sighed in his heart.

Because the treasure appreciation convention was going to be held in the next two days, he didn’t encounter any obstructions along the way. Not long after, he arrived at the central area of the Heaven Court.

This was also an area that belonged solely to the Beichen Immortal King. There were a total of 99,999 buildings. In the center of these buildings, there was a huge platform. This platform was made entirely of immortal jade, and there were dragons and phoenixes painted around it.


And around the platform, there were four immortal spirit lions sitting upright. Although they didn’t move much, they were imposing without being angry.

“This is the Beichen Immortal King’s myriad immortal platform…”

Looking at the platform that was covered by the array formation in the distance, Chen Chen muttered.

This myriad immortal platform was the venue for the treasure viewing convention. Not everyone could enter.

Normally, immortals who wanted to join in the fun could only watch the treasure viewing convention through the array formation.

“Reincarnation Immortal Lord, please enter!”

At the entrance of the array formation, a true immortal was welcoming an immortal lord into the array formation.

Hearing that somewhat familiar voice, Chen Chen frowned slightly.

Actually, there was still an immortal who had seen him before in the Beichen immortal realm.

He was the attendant of the Northern Celestial King, Mo he, who was greeting the guests there.

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