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Chapter 770 Chapter 769, Dao Protector

After carefully sizing up the gold immortal in front of him, the nether king asked, “What’s your name? Which Immortal Realm are you from?”

“Chen Chen, from the lower realm.”

Chen Chen answered truthfully. “The lower realm…”

A hint of surprise flashed across the Nether King’s eyes when he heard that.

In fact, his mentality was similar to that of the Nine Heavens Immortal King. He treated the cultivators from the lower realm like grass.

Now that he knew that the person who let him out was from the lower realm, his mentality could not help but change.

Chen Chen could tell what he was thinking at a glance. He did not care much and asked, “Senior, can you come to the fallen immortal mountain without being affected by the Fallen Immortal Mountain?”

“Hehe, as the nether king, how can I be affected by a dead person?”

The Nether King replied with a smile. Then, he looked at the Great Void Dragon Kun behind Chen Chen Chen.

He was not affected. That was because the power system he cultivated was completely different from that of the immortals in the immortal world.

But what was up with this immortal spirit?

He was actually unaffected. And it seemed like this immortal spirit was somewhat related to this kid in front of him.

Before he could continue thinking, the void in the distance began to tremble.

Sensing that earth-shattering pressure, Chen Chen knew that the Nine Heavens Immortal King was chasing him. He hurriedly said, “Senior, if you want to take refuge, you can enter the stomach of this immortal spirit.”

After saying that, he entered the inner world of the Great Void Dragon Kun first.

He actually had the confidence to dare to do so.

Just now, he used the system to track it. In the end, the strongest expert in the vicinity was actually the great void Dragon Kun.

This also meant that the great void Dragon Kun was stronger than the heavily injured Nether


If not for this, he would never dare to say such words. Otherwise, if he led the wolf into the house, everyone would suffer.

The Nether King hesitated for a second before following Chen Chen into the stomach of the great void Dragon Kun.

The Great Void Dragon Kun did not care about the terrifying pressure behind it. It slowly flew to the center of the Fallen Immortal Mountain.

Arriving at the broken true Nether World Continent, the nether king was surprised again.

Who would have thought that there was an immortal realm in the stomach of this immortal spirit? Moreover, there were so many cultivators in the immortal realm.

However, these cultivators were really weak, not much better than grass.

He lost interest after looking at them for a moment, and his eyes unconsciously began to size up Chen Chen again. It was really interesting that a gold immortal dared to find trouble with an immortal king despite having such a small territory.


“Senior, let’s go there and talk.”

Chen Chen said and made an inviting gesture.

The Nether king spat out a few blood clots and followed Chen Chen into a rather quiet courtyard.

An hour later.

The nether king understood the enmity between Chen Chen and the Nine Heavens Immortal King

Of course, Chen Chen also learned about the enmity between him and the Nine Heavens Immortal King.

“I didn’t expect senior to have such a deep enmity with the Nine Heavens Immortal King…”

Chen Chen sighed,

in truth, the grudge between the nine Nether King and the Nine Heavens Immortal King was much more complicated than he had imagined, the matter had to be traced back to millions of years ago.

At that time, the immortal King’s cultivation base in the Nine Heavens Immortal realm was already extremely high, only a step away from becoming an immortal emperor. And this step had troubled him for over ten million years.

Hence, he decided to imitate an immortal emperor and explore the endless primordial chaos.

Before he left, he passed the Nine Heavens Immortal realms along with the nine heavens profound pagoda to his eldest disciple, the current nine Nether King.

In the end, not long after the old immortal King left for primordial chaos, his second disciple colluded with a few other immortal kings from the other immortal realms and started a rebellion.

The nine Nether King didn’t expect this at all. Under the circumstances where he wasn’t prepared, he directly died and his soul vanished.

However, after he died, his resentment was huge and soon attracted the attention of the nether god.

With the help of the nether god, he was reborn and became the nether king. He had an undying body.

After that, he chose to take revenge again. In the end, he was alone and still couldn’t defeat the nether king. After several failed attempts, he was sealed in the dark forest.

“I can not live under the same sky as him!”

The Netherworld king gritted his teeth, his eyes burning with rage.

When Chen Chen saw this, he said softly, “Senior, since the Nine Heavens Immortal King is our common enemy, why don’t we work together?”

“Work together? Although you have some secrets, it can only be a small matter. What’s the use of me working together with you?”

The Nether King glanced at Chen Chen, his eyes filled with disdain.

But Chen Chen could see a hint of craftiness in his eyes. Clearly, this nether king was testing his background.

After sensing it, Chen Chen calmly smiled and said, “Senior, don’t worry. I will definitely be able to help you. But before that, we have to understand each other’s needs first.

First of all, you have already become the nether king. Even if you defeat the nine-heavens immortal King, you wouldn’t be able to rule the nine-heavens immortal realms, right?”

The Nether King was speechless. His hatred had been fermenting for millions of years. Why would he care about the nine-heavens immortal realms now?

“I only want to kill him.”

The Nether King’s attitude was extremely firm.

Chen Chen laughed mischievously and stood up.

“Senior, what do you think of me? Why Don’t You Be My Dao Protector? When I become an immortal king, I’ll go and kill the Immortal King of the Nine Heavens for you.”

Upon hearing this, the Nether King’s breathing stopped, and he felt as if he had been played.

How could it be so easy to become an immortal king from a gold immortal?

Even those who were diligent, talented, and had good opportunities would have to cultivate for millions of years.

Asking him to be a dao protector for millions of years? Wasn’t that playing him?

But before he could get angry, Chen Chen began to persuade him. “Senior, I know what you’re thinking.

First of all, you must know that I’m not an ordinary gold immortal. If I were ordinary, I wouldn’t be able to release you, who has been trapped for millions of years, and let you regain your freedom.”

Upon hearing this, the Nether King’s expression eased up a lot.

After all, the favor of regaining his freedom was there. For the sake of the favor, he had to continue listening to this kid.

“Second, even if I really have to cultivate for millions of years to become an immortal king, so what? A few million years isn’t too long for you, right?

“Moreover, apart from this method, what else can you do to deal with the Nine Heavens Immortal King? “Besides me, who else in the immortal world is willing to cooperate with you, the Nether King?

“I dare to say that if things continue like this, the situation will remain the same in a few million years.

“But if you become my dao protector, you will at least have a powerful helper in a few million years, don’t you think so?”

Hearing this, the nether king fell into deep thought.

This kid’s words seemed to make some sense.

He had been sealed for a few million years and was almost completely cut off from the immortal world and underworld. He didn’t have any helpers at all.

Now, he was alone, and he was the nether king. No matter how long he stayed in the immortal world, he was still alone.

But if he worked with this kid in front of him, he could at least have one more helper.

No matter what, the strength of a Mosquito was still strength, right? At the very least, it would be good to have someone to talk to.

When Chen Chen saw the change in his gaze, he immediately took a drastic medicine.

“A hundred years! Senior, you just have to be my dao Protector for a hundred years! I will definitely let you see more hope!”

His words were firm and decisive, and he was incomparably confident. The Netherworld King was instantly moved. He subconsciously raised his head and met Chen Chen’s determined gaze.

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