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Chapter 768 CHAPTER 767, leaving no name behind

The distance of 1,800,000 Li arrived in the blink of an eye. Soon, Chen Chen arrived in the sky above the dark forest.

As soon as he arrived in this area, he felt an extremely dense aura of death. This aura made his heart feel extremely stifled, and his expression unconsciously became solemn.

As he fell into the dark forest, the surroundings were completely silent. It was completely silent.

He used his divine sense to check and found that there were no other life forms within a radius of 10,000 kilometers apart from the inky black trees.

As he walked in the dark forest, he could even hear his own footsteps clearly.

After familiarizing himself with his surroundings, Chen Chen flew directly in the direction of his target.

The deeper he went into the dark forest, the denser the aura of death became. When he reached a certain level, even with Chen Chen’s cultivation level, he could feel his life force draining away at an accelerated rate.

In such an environment, it was no wonder that no living creature dared to approach him.

After flying for fifteen minutes, Chen Chen stopped and closed his eyes to carefully sense.

According to the system’s guidance, the seal was a hundred miles in front of him.

He could also sense the difference in his surroundings, especially the direction of the trees. There was a faint pattern.


A gust of cold wind blew past, and Chen Chen felt a bone-chilling chill.

At the same time, a faint voice sounded in his ear.

“Junior… What are you doing here? Did that bastard send you here?”

Hearing this voice, Chen Chen let out a breath and replied, “I wasn’t sent here by anyone.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the dark forest quieted down again.

It wasn’t until more than a minute later that the voice sounded again.

“It seems that you’ve entered the Dark Forest by mistake. Hehe, Lucky Little Guy, you’ve encountered a great opportunity.”

Chen Chen was a little curious when he heard that.

“Great opportunity? What great opportunity?” “Do you see the biggest tree ten miles ahead? That tree is called the extreme yin wood, and it’s an excellent material for refining artifacts.”

Hearing the answer, Chen Chen raised his eyes and looked over. With a glance, he saw the black tree that was hundreds of meters tall and straight like a barb from ten miles away. According to the system, this tree was indeed the extreme yin wood, which was a rare material for refining weapons.

However, it was close to the center of the seal, which was very dangerous. If Chen Chen went to get this so-called extreme yin wood, he would probably become the food for the owner of the voice.

“I don’t lack opportunities.”

Chen Chen answered calmly.

The voice paused for a moment and then said seductively, “Do you know who I am? I think you are very talented, you can be my disciple…”

“You are the underworld underworld king, don’t give me that trick, I won’t fall for it.”

Before the voice finished, Chen Chen interrupted him. The owner of the voice paused again. This time, it paused for two minutes before an angry voice came out.

“Did that guy send you here to humiliate me?”

“No, senior, I’m here to save you.”

Chen Chen said seriously.

Unexpectedly, when he said this, the dark forest immediately reverberated with an extremely eerie laughter, shaking countless leaves.

“Rescue Me? Do you know that the thousand profound demon seal is above my head? Not to mention a puny golden immortal like you, even if an immortal king came personally, he wouldn’t be able to break this seal! Otherwise, why do you think that Guy didn’t send someone to watch over this place?”

Chen Chen fell silent upon hearing this. After thinking for a moment, he took out the mung bean.

“System, is there anyone within a hundred miles who can break the seal in front of you?”

“Yes, the Kun Xuanwu in host’s hands.”

Kun Xuanwu..

Hearing the official title given by the system, Chen Chen could not help but laugh. However, since the system thought that the mung bean could break the seal, there should be no problem.

Thinking of this, he said confidently, “I think I can give it a try.”

“Go ahead and try. However, I have to warn you in advance. I Don’t care why you want to let me out. I will not agree to any of your requests, nor will I answer any of your questions or tell you any secrets…” Chen Chen smiled and said, “Senior, don’t worry. I let you out purely because I want to do something bad. You Don’t have to worry too much.”


The owner of the voice snorted coldly, his tone full of disdain.

Having cultivated to his realm, what kind of people had he not seen?

Some people were kind-hearted and liked to do good things for no reason, while some people were inherently evil and liked to do bad things for no reason.

But this was only limited to low-level cultivators.

When one reached the level of a gold immortal or above, no matter who it was, whether they did good or bad things, they would all have their own purposes. Those brainless people who only did things based on their likes and dislikes had long been buried on the road of immortal cultivation.

Moreover, trying to let him out was a big bad thing. Big Bad Things came with high risks. If they were not careful, they would die and their souls would vanish.

How could a person who sought death for no reason cultivate to the level of a gold immortal? Impossible!

“Senior, I’m here. Please restrain your aura.”

As Chen Chen spoke, he slowly walked forward. When he reached a mile in front of the big tree, he suddenly stopped.

He could already sense the existence of the seal here.

When he sensed Chen Chen approaching, Yama, who was under the seal, slightly restrained his aura.

However, his attention was not on the seal, but on Chen Chen.

He had been sealed in the north for millions of years. He had no idea how long it had been since he had absorbed his life force. As long as this gold immortal came any closer, he would have a chance to intimidate this gold immortal with his aura, then, he would devour the life force of this golden immortal bit by bit!

As for the seal being broken, he did not even dare to think about it.

It was already a great surprise for him to be able to devour a little bit of life force.

“Mung bean, I’ll leave it to you.” As Chen Chen said this, he put down the mung bean.

As soon as the mung bean landed on the ground, its four short legs suddenly stomped on the ground.


With a light sound, a huge rune with a radius of 100 li floated out from the ground. The complexity of this rune was unprecedented.

Chen Chen only took a glance at it, but his head was already dizzy.

The small eyes of the mung bean became brighter and brighter. After looking at it for a few breaths, it stretched out its claws and pressed them into the rune.

A white light instantly merged into the rune and began to circulate crazily within the extremely complex rune.

Because of the appearance of the white light, the various imprints within the huge black runes were rapidly changing.

That scene was like cracking the most complicated password lock of his previous life.

Of course, this seal was tens of thousands of times more complicated than the password lock!

A minute later, the pitch-black seal suddenly turned white. The originally extremely complicated runes suddenly became simple and finally vanished into nothingness.

Seeing this scene, mung bean stretched out its claws and made a gesture to wipe off its sweat. Then, it flew into Chen Chen’s arms.

Without waiting for it to seriously claim credit, its body was pulled by Chen Chen and flew into the distance at an uncontrollable speed.


Chen Chen shouted in his heart. That speed could be said to be extremely fast.

On the other hand, Pluto, who was at the center of the Dark Forest, was currently in a daze.

Because the seal that had bound his freedom for millions of years had suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Because he was not mentally prepared, his brain was in a state of shock at the moment. He did not even have the time to be ecstatic.

By the time he completely came back to his senses, the golden immortal had already disappeared without a trace.

This made him stand on the spot even more stunned.

Who Am I? Where am I? What am I doing?

Is this person sick? Damn it, why did you let me out for no reason?

“Who are you? Why did you save me!”

The Nether King couldn’t help but shout towards the sky.

In the distant void, an illusory response soon came.

“I do bad things, I never leave my name!”

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