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Chapter 753 Chapter 752 went one step further


Lightning started to flash and thunder rumbled in the sky, and an unyielding will surged into Chen Chen’s heart.

He knew that this was the true underworld’s Heavenly Dao’s will conveying his emotions.

“The true spirit world was born for so many years, and in the end, it chose me…”

How could he not understand what the Heavenly Dao’s will meant? It was nothing more than wanting the current true underworld to go one step further.

Moreover, it had placed all its hopes on Chen Chen. It had even transferred a portion of its power to Chen Chen, causing him and the true underworld to rise and fall together. “I should be able to live as long as the Heaven and Earth, right?” Chen Chen shook his head and laughed softly. It was already hard to say what level of cultivation he was at. He had grasped the power of the Heavenly Dao’s laws. Even if he wanted to create the destructive effect of the strike from the heavens in the true underworld, he could do it.

However, he was not an immortal.

After all, his true body was not tainted by the slightest bit of immortal qi. He only used the power of laws.

“With a realm as my domain, I should be considered the strongest mahayana cultivator in history.”

Chen Chen looked up at the sky and said. Then, he closed his eyes.

In an instant, he could see clearly what all the female cultivators in this realm were doing. Which female cultivator was cultivating, which female cultivator was slacking off, who was fighting..

It was as if Chen Chen had placed an eye on their heads, and he could see everything clearly.

Of course, it was the same for true spirits and male cultivators.

For example, youming was cultivating in an old forest deep in the mountains, and he was cultivating very hard. With a thought from Chen Chen, the mountain below him immediately collapsed. The Netherworld was caught off guard and fell directly into the ruins.

Of course, obtaining such powerful strength also meant that he had some additional obligations.

From now on, if his true body wanted to become stronger, he had to make the true underworld better.

At this moment, he finally understood why the Heavenly Dao would send down a great tribulation when some cultivators were transcending their tribulations.

It was true that they did not contribute much to this world, but they did cause a lot of destruction.

One month after mastering the power of the Heavenly Dao’s laws, Chen Chen’s main body arrived at the dragon-kun plains that was once the battlefield.

After the previous battle, the spatial cracks here had become even more numerous. There were even some places that were purely black holes, as if a piece was missing out of thin air.

If an ordinary cultivator were to come here, they would only end up dead if they were not careful.

However, these were nothing to the current Chen Chen.

The only thing that truly caught his attention was the great void Dragon Kun.

After arriving at the Dragon Kun plains, Chen Chen brought mung bean to a place not far below the great void Dragon Kun. As if sensing the arrival of mung bean, this “Half-blood son”, the Great Void Dragon Kun let out a joyful neigh.


Seeing that the great void Dragon Kun was not hostile, Chen Chen slowly leaned over and finally stood on the great void Dragon Kun’s body.

“System, do I have anything that the great void Dragon Kun likes to eat here?”

Chen Chen took out a bunch of things and used the system to track them.

Very quickly, the system designated some treasures with spatial attributes. Chen Chen was not stingy and directly gave these treasures to the great void Dragon Kun to devour.

Strictly speaking, the Great Void Dragon Kun was a benefactor to him. If it was not for the Great Void Dragon Kun, he would not have obtained the Heavenly Dao of the supreme pure mysterious nor the Nine Heavens Mysterious Tower.

And without these two things, his fate would change drastically.

“Brother Long Kun, can you understand what I’m saying?” After feeding the great void Dragon Kun, Chen Chen asked carefully.

His main purpose of coming here today was to communicate with the Great Void Dragon Kun. The world will could not communicate with it, but he could.

If he could slightly control the direction of the true underworld through the Great Void Dragon Kun, then the true underworld might really be able to advance one day.

He did not expect that as soon as he finished speaking, the Great Void Dragon Kun’s incomparably huge eyes glanced over with disdain, as if it was saying, “Little Fellow, I can understand anything you say.”.

Chen Chen was overjoyed when he saw this. He subconsciously wanted to communicate about where to go, but before he could speak, he swallowed his words.

The Great Void Dragon Kun being trapped here was the will of the Heavenly Dao’s idea. If the Great Void Dragon Kun knew that the will of the Heavenly Dao was intentionally using it as a coolie, it would definitely fly into a rage.

When that time came, how would it still be able to drive the true underworld?

It was already good enough that it did not cause any trouble!

Therefore, some words could not be said directly. They had to be guided in other ways.

As for how to guide it.. Chen Chen looked at the void above him. In his opinion, the Kun was a fish. If a bait appeared at a specific location, then the great void Dragon Kun should fly in that direction, right?

Wa Wa..

Seeing that Chen Chen did not speak, the great void Dragon Kun hissed twice and was ready to spit something out.

Chen Chen hurriedly stopped it and said, “I’m not here to ask for something. I’m just here to bring mung bean to see you. I’ll come often in the future.”

After saying that, he looked at mung bean and said, “Mung bean, you can cultivate here for three days. You can return home after three days.”

Mung bean blinked her eyes, indicating that she had no objections.

Chen Chen smiled in relief when he saw this. He had to play the emotional card in this matter, and mung bean was a very good breakthrough point, just as he was about to continue saying some words to sense the Kun, a change in a special place in the true underworld caught his attention,

since he had mastered the Heavenly Dao and connected to the world will, he could now monitor the entire true underworld.

However, a person’s energy was limited. Even if his soul consciousness cultivation base was extremely powerful, it was impossible for him to monitor the true underworld all the time.

Thus, he could only settle for the second place and focus on monitoring a few special places.

The first place was where the dark abyss of the Dark Abyss used to be.

The second place was where the realm passageway used to be. As for the third place, it was where the entrance to the false immortal world was.

And the place that had just undergone a change was near the entrance to the false immortal world. The space there had actually produced ripples.

“This is an inter-world fluctuation…”

Chen Chen had once used the sun moon soaring shuttle to pass through the great world barrier, and this was what had appeared.

Now, the source of the ripple was not at the entrance, but near the entrance. It meant that something was crossing over from the Qian Yuan world.

One had to know that the Qian Yuan world did not have any treasures or experts that could cross the great world’s barrier in the past..

With this thought in mind, Chen Chen became secretly vigilant.

A moment later, the spatial ripple finally changed. A green head that was about ten meters in size slowly poked out. “This… This is a kun?”

Seeing the appearance of the head, Chen Chen was extremely astonished.

He had originally thought that it would be some immortal or some treasure that had crossed over, but who would have thought that it would be a kun!

After the Kun stuck its head out to make sure that there were no abnormalities in the surroundings, it completely emerged. This was a hundred-meter-long, green-colored Kun with two pairs of enormous void wings.

After fully revealing its body, the Green Kun let out a low cry, and then a ray of light enveloped its entire body. Not long after, the Green Kun transformed into a green-clothed immortal.

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