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Chapter 752: Chapter 751 will of Heavenly Dao

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“Yes, your disciple!”

Xuan Feng cupped his hands and replied in a deep voice.

“Alright, go. I’ll wait for Your Good News.”

The Nine Heavens Immortal King waved his hand casually and disappeared.

Xuan Feng was stunned. After a few minutes, he turned around and flew towards the direction of the Heaven Origin World.

At this moment, in the true nether world, the matter of establishing the true Nether sect had already been discussed.

Apart from the main sect, the true Nether sect would also establish four sub-sects.

The first sub-sect was located in the former nether world and controlled all the Nether God believers in the nether world.

The second to fourth sub-sects were built on the foundation of the three super sects of the former true spirit world.

Each of the four sub-sects had a sub-sect master, and each sub-sect master would listen to Chen Chen, the real sect master of the true dark sect.

After the discussion, everyone in the city Lord’s mansion dispersed, leaving only Chen Chen and the Heavenly Demon City Lord in the city.

“Chen Chen, are you really not going to the immortal world in the future?”

The Heavenly Demon City Lord asked in a soft voice, his tone was quite regretful.

After all, going to the immortal world was the highest wish of all cultivators.

Chen Chen smiled and replied, “Anyway, with my cultivation base, I’ve already attained immortality. I’ve Been to the immortal world before, and I don’t feel anything good about it, so I’ll just leave it to fate. If it’s possible, I hope that I can stay in the lower realm forever.”

The Heavenly Devil City Lord Sighed when he heard that. ‘That’s good too. With you around, the true underworld will sooner or later surpass the true spirit world and the Dark Abyss World in the past.”

“What About You, master? What are your future plans?”Chen Chen asked.

“I plan to stay in the true underworld for another hundred years before I ascend. I’ll have to Trouble You Then.’

Heavenly Demon City Lord said bluntly. “A hundred years… that’s still early. There’s no rush.”

Heavenly Demon City Lord was speechless.

A hundred years was nothing to them, but to Chen Chen, it was indeed a long time.

One had to know that Chen Chen had only ascended to the true spirit world for less than ten years, but he already had his current cultivation.

In another hundred years… it wouldn’t be strange for anything to happen.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but smile, but at this moment, Chen Chen’s brows furrowed.

When the Heavenly Devil City Lord saw this, he asked, “Why? Did Something Happen?”

“It’s nothing major. Something seems to have happened to my main body…”

Chen Chen said softly with a hint of doubt in his tone.

On the other side.

In a secluded and secluded place somewhere in the true spirit world, Chen Chen’s main body was fiddling with a few true spirit eggs. At that moment, he froze on the spot and looked at the sky.

For some reason, he felt a huge, illusory consciousness appear above his head.

His clone had reached the Golden Immortal realm and experienced so many twists and turns. He was not an ignorant person. Soon, he figured out what it was.

“This is… the will of the Heavenly Dao.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself. There was an indescribable strange feeling in his heart.

Because he felt that the will of the Heavenly Dao was trying to get close to him.

Chen Chen did not resist. Gradually, he felt that the will completely enveloped him.

Following that, a strange scene happened. The hundreds of nomological powers that he had obtained through the demonic seed, along with the few nomological powers that he had originally cultivated, were slowly fusing together under this enormous willpower.

“This is the feeling…”

Chen Chen had a faint realization in his heart. When he had absorbed the hundreds of nomological powers, the nomological powers in his body had shown signs of fusing together. However, because a great battle was imminent, he did not pay much attention to it and subsequently stopped fusing.

Now that he was enveloped by the will of heaven and earth, the law energy had begun to merge again.

Over a hundred law energy… What kind of law could it merge into?

Chen Chen could not imagine, but he knew that the law energy that could be merged would definitely far surpass space-time, yin-yang chaos, and other traditional law energy.

No one complained that he was too strong, and Chen Chen was the same.

Feeling the law energy in his body merging, Chen Chen hurriedly sat down on the spot, closed his eyes, and put all his attention into it.

After an unknown amount of time, an illusion that had never existed before appeared in Chen Chen’s mind.

It was a piece of chaos.

After an unknown amount of years, a ray of light lit up in the chaos and turned into a small world.

This small world wandered around in the chaos and unwittingly fused with a large number of similar small worlds before finally turning into a large world.

Within the great world, living beings gradually appeared. Due to the spiritual essence, these living beings rapidly gained sentience.

Civilization developed extremely quickly, and Chen Chen could feel an inexplicable joy.

That feeling was as if he was watching his own children grow up healthily.

After an unknown number of years, this great world had already grown to a certain extent, and the entire world had completely stabilized.

The great world began to produce experts one after another. After these experts reached a certain realm, they began to leave this great world.

It was unknown if he had seen too many of these scenes, but an inexplicable restlessness began to appear in Chen Chen’s mind.

It was a will that was unwilling to accept the status quo.

Finally, one day, an accident happened. An enormous void immortal spirit passed through this great world.

This great world did not hesitate at all and entangled this enormous void immortal spirit.

The Void Immortal Spirit’s power was incomparably enormous. It actually pulled the great world that was originally completely stable slightly.

Not long after, it slightly fused with a portion of the great world next to it.

But it was only a portion. It was not until a period of time had passed that the great world completely turned in a circle before it collided head-on with another great world.

Upon seeing this, Chen Chen understood that this great world was naturally the true spirit world.

And the reason why the True Spirit World’s ascension pathway was sealed was because of the world’s will.

The True Spirit World was unwilling to treat it as an ordinary great world, so it entangled the great void Dragon Kun. With the Great Void Dragon Kun as a power source, the true spirit world moved slightly and encountered the Qian Yuan World and the Abyss World One after another.

However, it was just a brush with the Qian Yuan world, but it was a direct encounter with the Abyss world.

The final outcome was self-evident.

Chen Chen took a deep breath. As the saying goes, one should walk higher. He did not expect this world to want to walk higher.

Could it be that after fusing with the world, it could become an immortal realm?

Before Chen Chen could continue thinking, the hundreds of nomological powers had already fused together, turning into a white nomological power that entered his body.

As soon as this white nomological power entered his body, the world in Chen Chen’s eyes changed.

The entire true underworld seemed to be in his control at this moment.

“This is the power of Heavenly Dao Laws…”

Chen Chen was shocked. This nomological power had actually given him a power that was similar to the will of Heavenly Dao.

In other words, from now on, he was bound to the will of Heavenly Dao in this true underworld.

And the entire true underworld became his domain..

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