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Chapter 751 Chapter 750, the true underworld

Time flowed like water, and in the blink of an eye, half a year had passed.

Without the origin of the Dark Abyss, the Black Fog in the true spirit world gradually dispersed.

A large number of the remaining believers of the god of the underworld were still living the same life as before.

In the past, the Ascension Passage to the true spirit world was blocked, and they could not become immortals.

Now, they had become believers of the god of the underworld, but they still could not become immortals.

Therefore, becoming followers of the god of the dead didn’t affect the cultivators of the true spirit world as much as they had imagined.

After all, the Dark Abyss world had invaded the true spirit world for a very short period of time. There were even quite a few cultivators who went into closed-door cultivation only to realize that they had become followers of the god of the dead. Moreover, the crisis had been resolved at some point.

For such cultivators, they still had to eat, sleep, and cultivate. In any case, they didn’t expect to become immortals.

At this moment, in the true spirit world’s True Spirit City’s city Lord’s Mansion, a group of cultivators were discussing.

Today was a special day. After half a year of recovery, the true spirit world was close to normal, and today was the day to decide the future direction of the true spirit world. Of course, no matter how much they argued, it wasn’t of much use. The real decision was still in the hands of one person. After arguing for a moment, Chen Chen suddenly appeared in the city Lord’s mansion. In an instant, everyone quieted down,


they did not know exactly what level Chen Chen’s realm had reached, but they clearly understood that this person in front of them could easily sweep through an entire world.

Such an existence should not have appeared in the mortal world, but he was standing in front of everyone like a loophole.

And they could only express their absolute respect.

“The Heavenly Dao of the Abyss world was suppressed before, and then it was heavily injured. Now, it has merged with the Heavenly Dao of the true spirit world. In other words, the abyss world wants to ascend now, and the true spirit world is the same Ascension Tunnel.”

Chen Chen said indifferently as soon as he entered.

Hearing his words, everyone looked at each other with a surprised expression.

If that was the case, didn’t it mean that the cultivators of the true spirit world no longer had any hope of ascending?

After all, the Ascension passageway of the true spirit world was still blocked there.

“Actually, there’s no such thing as the true spirit world and the Dark Abyss World anymore. From now on, our great world shall be called the true underworld world.”

Chen Chen continued.

When everyone heard this, they all agreed. At this time, Chen Chen suddenly changed the topic and said, “Actually, it’s not impossible to ascend to the immortal world. Everyone here is not an outsider. I can tell everyone the truth. I have the ability to bring everyone to the false immortal world without any injuries and ascend there.

However, this matter must not be leaked.”

“Chen Chen, don’t worry. None of the ten people here today are believers of the god of the dead. Moreover, all of them have experienced the test of that battle. They are worthy of trust.”

The Heavenly Devil City Lord stood up and swept his gaze across everyone.

Now, the believers of the god of the dead had finally forgotten the difference between them and normal cultivators. If this matter were to be leaked, it would very easily lead to a confrontation.

Even if there were only two Qi cultivating stage cultivators, there would still be a gap between one who had a slight hope of ascending and the other who had absolutely no chance of ascending

At that time, the true nether world, which had finally stabilized, would inevitably fall into chaos again.

“Yes, I believe you all on this point. As for the future arrangements of the true nether world, I want to establish a sect like the false immortal world and include all the cultivators in it…”

Chen Chen said slowly as he began to explain the situation of the heaven origin world to everyone.

The ten remaining experts of the true spirit world listened attentively. Chen Chen’s intention was very clear. He wanted to abolish all the sects and establish a unified sect.

As for the position of sect master, it was obvious who would take it.

They did not have any objections to this.

Not only was Chen Chen the strongest, even if they wanted to ascend, they had to listen to Chen Chen’s expression. If they did not listen to him, who would?

At the same time, in the Immortal Realm’s nine Heavens Immortal realm. A white-haired man was standing on the peak of an immortal mountain. His expression was calm as he looked at the wind and clouds in the distance.

At this moment, a green-robed immortal appeared behind him.

The moment the green-robed immortal appeared, he bowed.

“Disciple Xuan Feng greets Master! May I know why Master summoned me back?”

The white-haired man did not turn around. He only said indifferently, “Xuan Feng, what is your true form?”

Xuan Feng’s face turned red. He said respectfully, “Disciple’s true form is the green kun…”

The white-haired man turned around when he heard that, revealing a cold face that had not changed for ten thousand years.

“A creature like the Kun is blessed by Heaven and earth. It has a unique talent in the Dao of space. Although you are strong, it should not be to the extent of destroying the space passage in the lower realm.” Xuan Feng was slightly stunned. “Master, you want me to go down to the lower realm? Is there anything else I need to deal with in the lower realm?”

He had become a gold immortal two months ago, and the most powerful cultivator in the lower realm was only a true immortal, right?

What could happen that required him to be specially summoned back as a gold immortal to deal with? Couldn’t he just send other weaker immortals?

“There is one thing. As you know, more than 100,000 years ago, there was a famous rebellion in the Nine Heavens Immortal realm. It stole the Nine Heavens Mysterious Tower, the Supreme Treasure of Our Nine Heavens Sect.

“Later on, I killed this rebellion in the northern constellations immortal realm. However, I was unable to find the nine heavens mysterious tower from his belongings.

“However, half a year ago, when I destroyed an abyss in the lower realm, I sensed the aura of the nine Heavens Mysterious Tower.”

Xuan Feng suddenly understood.

More than a hundred thousand years ago, the people who rebelled in the Nine Heavens Immortal realms were the junior brothers of his master, the Nine Heavens Immortal King. Back then, there were quite a number of immortals who followed the rebellion. However, after the rebellion died, these people scattered all over the immortal realms.

Although most of them were killed during these years, there were still some who escaped the net.

The nine heavens profound pagoda most likely fell into the hands of these people who escaped the net.

And right now, master seemed to have found this fish that had escaped the net, so he sent him to the lower realm to retrieve the nine heavens mystical tower.

“Master! which great world is it in? This disciple will definitely retrieve the nine Heavens Mystical Tower!”

Xuan Feng’s expression was solemn as he spoke.

One had to know that the nine heavens mystical tower was the supreme treasure of the Nine Heavens Immortal realms. If he could bring the nine heavens mystical tower back, it could be considered a great contribution.

With this contribution, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to become an immortal lord in the future.

“In the Abyss world, but now, the Abyss world has already fused with a great world called the true spirit world. This true spirit world is also very special. The Ascension Pathway has caught the eye of the Great Void Dragon Kun and has been completely separated from the immortal world.”

The Nine Heavens Immortal King said calmly.

Xuan Feng was speechless. Who would have thought that there would be such a coincidence in the world? If the Ascension Pathway was intact, it would not be difficult for the Nine Heavens Immortal King to send him down to the lower realm.

But now, the two worlds had merged and the nether world’s ascension pathway had completely disappeared.

It was fine if it had disappeared, but there was a great void Dragon Kun in another great world’s ascension pathway. Even an immortal king would find it difficult to deal with such a situation.

“Master… How Do I go down to the lower realm?”

Xuan Feng asked carefully.

“Go to the Qian Yuan immortal realm. From there, descend to the Qian Yuan world, and then from there to the true spirit world. There is a passageway between the two worlds.

“As for the Qian Yuan immortal realm, I have already informed the Qian Yuan Immortal


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