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Chapter 723 Chapter 722, the tribulation of ascension

After entering the Sun Moon soaring shuttle, Zi Yue began to look around.

Chen Chen chuckled and suddenly poured immortal qi into the Sun Moon soaring shuttle. In the blink of an eye, the Sun Moon soaring shuttle disappeared from its original spot.

When Zi Yue finally came back to her senses, it was already one minute later. At this time, the surrounding scenery had undergone earth-shaking changes. Looking at some familiar scenes, zi Yue exclaimed, “We’ve arrived at the Abyss World Already? Which Space Passage did you come in from?”

Chen Chen did not explain. He just smiled and did not say anything.

The sun-moon soaring shuttle continued to fly. It did not take long for it to fly to a quiet place.

At this time, Chen Chen asked, “Tell me, where is the Ascension platform exactly?”

“It’s on a small island in the Netherworld Sea. We can fly straight west from here.”

Zi Yue said softly.

“Netherworld Sea, I got it.” Chen Chen responded and once again activated the Sun Moon Soaring Shuttle. After fifteen minutes, they arrived at the Netherworld Sea.

Zi Yue was dumbfounded. She had an impression of that place just now. From there to the Netherworld Sea, even if a sacred king flew at full strength, it would still take a day.

But Chen Chen only took 15 minutes with him!

What kind of flying ship was this?

“Don’t be in a daze. Continue to point the way.”

Chen Chen said again.

“From here… to the north.”

After another 15 minutes, Chen Chen finally tracked down an island on the sea level in the distance.

The reason he called it tracking was because the island was surrounded by countless arrays. Among them, there was no lack of hidden arrays. It was impossible to detect the existence of this island with the naked eye and spiritual sense.

After finding the island, Ziyue became excited.

“The Ascension platform is built on this island. My grandfather must be inside!”

However, as soon as she finished speaking, the world began to change color.

Seeing this scene, the smile on Ziyue’s face suddenly froze, and despair gradually appeared in her eyes.

The Great Tribulation of Ascension!

What appeared in the sky was the Great Tribulation of Ascension!

In the end, she was one step too late!

Chen Chen frowned and looked at the sky. Then, he summoned the green bean and broke through the dozens of arrays on the island. Finally, he brought Zi Yue into the island.

Runes were carved all over the island. It was another huge array.

In the middle of the array, an old man sat cross-legged with his eyes closed. It was Saint King Zi Wei.

Before Ziyue could speak, Saint King Ziwei opened his eyes. When he saw Ziyue, his eyes were full of surprise and joy.

“Ziyue girl, it’s great that you’re okay. I didn’t expect to see you again before the Great Tribulation of Ascension. Now, even if I fail the tribulation, I don’t have any regrets!”

Hearing this, Ziyue’s eyes quickly turned red. She cried out in a sobbing voice, “Grandfather! Actually, you don’t have to be in such a hurry to transcend the tribulation! Now that I’ve pledged allegiance to Daoist master divine turtle, you can come with us to the true spirit world!”

Sacred King Zi Wei shook his head and said, “It’s too late.”

Then, he looked at Chen Chen and said with a smile, “Thank you, fellow Daoist, for taking Zi Yue in. Please accept this.”

Then, he threw a storage ring to Chen Chen.

Chen Chen took it and took a look. There were more than ten thousand different treasures in the storage ring. In addition, there were also a large number of spiritual crystals, pills, and other cultivation resources.

From the looks of it, it was probably all the resources of the Ziwei Holy Region.

“Sacred King Ziwei, thank you very much.”

Chen Chen put away the storage ring and thanked him.

At this time, Sacred King Ziwei didn’t ask about the true spirit world, nor did he ask why Ziyue would seek refuge with him. Clearly, he had seen through all the causes and effects.

Before he ascended, there was only one thing in his heart that he couldn’t let go of, and that was his granddaughter ziyue.

That was why he had chosen to hand over all the resources of the Ziwei holy region to him.

“I’ll have to trouble you in the future, fellow Daoist.”

Sacred King Ziwei cupped his hands, a hint of apology in his eyes.

In the next second, a golden bolt of divine lightning suddenly descended from the rolling tribulation clouds in the sky and struck sacred King Ziwei.

Sacred King Ziwei’s entire body trembled. He quickly closed his eyes and began to seriously transcend the great tribulation of Ascension.

Although Chen Chen had seen two great tribulations of Ascension through the Nine Heavens Mysterious Town Pagoda, they were all imitations. This was the first time he had seen someone who could become an immortal after transcending it.


Another bolt of lightning struck down. Sacred King Ziwei raised both of his hands into the sky. Surging spiritual energy gathered in his hands from the surrounding array formations and blocked the lightning.

However, this lightning was very special. It actually turned into a lightning pillar and continued to pour down, showing no signs of disappearing In addition, white light appeared in the sky and eventually turned into tens of thousands of tribulation fires. They rained down like a storm.

After the tribulation fires landed on the formation, the light of the formation began to dim. Saint King Ziwei’s face also turned slightly pale. Seeing this, Ziyue covered her mouth. Although she was very worried, she didn’t dare to make any sound. She was afraid that she would disturb Saint King Ziwei’s tribulation.

Fortunately, Saint King Zi Wei was worthy of being the number one blacksmith of the Abyss world. Seeing that he couldn’t resist the lightning pillar, he immediately took out a magic treasure to protect his surroundings.

The magic treasure flashed with light and actually blocked the countless tribulation fires.

Unknowingly, two hours had passed.

Saint King Zi Wei fought with the endless tribulation clouds in the sky for dozens of rounds, but the tribulation clouds in the sky still had no intention of disappearing.

At this moment, Chen Chen suddenly looked toward the north.

He felt that a devil seed was rapidly approaching him.

“The Great Ascension Tribulation is too noisy. It has indeed attracted other cultivators.”

Chen Chen muttered.

Of course, he didn’t think that only one person came. The real situation should be that the cultivator he planted the devil seed with was just a follower.

“Ziyue, we should go.”

Chen Chen said coldly.

Ziyue’s eyes were fixed on the Lightning Tribulation, and her head kept shaking.

On the other side, Saint King Ziwei seemed to have heard Chen Chen Chen’s words and said weakly, “Ziyue girl, I’m afraid I Can’t pass this tribulation. You should leave quickly. I reckon that it won’t be long before other cultivators come.”

Hearing this, Ziyue burst into tears. For a moment, she didn’t know what to say.

Chen Chen looked at the Lightning Tribulation in the sky and had a sudden thought.

“Saint King Ziwei, are you willing to join me?”

“What’s the point of saying this now, fellow Daoist?”Saint King Ziwei said with a bitter smile.

“If you’re willing, I’ll fight for you and give you a chance to start over. However, I can’t guarantee that I’ll succeed, “Chen Chen said very seriously, just as he finished speaking, Zi Yue knelt down beside him and begged, “Please save my grandfather’s life, senior! Zi Yue is willing to serve you for the rest of Your Life!”

“Hehe, I’m just cherishing talent, and it’s Saint King Zi Wei I’m cherishing, not you.”

As Chen Chen spoke, he took out the Nine Heavens Mysterious Tower and released his true form, Green Bean Ao Yu.

In the blink of an eye, the four symbols defensive formation was set up.

“It’s just the power of the Ascension Tribulation. It shouldn’t be as powerful as the second level of my nine Heavens Mysterious Tower.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself and began to activate the nine heavens mysterious tower with all his strength. Today, he was going to use the nine heavens mysterious tower to disperse this ascension tribulation!

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