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Chapter 722 Chapter 721: Another exploration of the Abyss world

At the same time, in the true spirit world, Chen Chen frowned.

Just now, through the demonic seeds he planted, he sensed that many Mahayana realm cultivators in the abyss world had increased their cultivation bases by a large amount in a short period of time.

If one or two of them had increased their cultivation bases, it could still be explained as a breakthrough. However, with such a large-scale increase, there was only one possibility. It was that this group of Mahayana realm cultivators had obtained the power of the underworld god.

“So many Mahayana realm cultivators have obtained the power of the underworld god. The white-robed immortal should have been defeated in the previous battle.” Chen Chen muttered to himself. He was hesitating whether he should go to the Abyss world to see the current situation.

However, if he wanted to go, he had to bring his main body, green bean ao Yu, with him. Otherwise, it would not be safe.

Just as he was hesitating, Saint King demon puppet suddenly walked in from outside the door and said indifferently, “Immortal turtle, a captive wants to see you.”Do you want to see him?”

“Who?”Chen Chen raised his head and asked. “The granddaughter of Saint King Ziwei, who was kidnapped by you back then.”

Saint King Demon puppet answered.

Chen Chen raised his eyebrows.

To be honest, when he captured hundreds of thousands of Abyss sect cultivators, he noticed Ziyue. But he only paid attention to her and didn’t have any other superfluous thoughts.

“Why is she looking for me?”

“How would I know?”

“Forget it, bring her in.”

Chen Chen waved his hand and said.

Demon puppet Saint King heard him and flew in with Zi Yue not long after.

At this moment, Zi Yue was much more haggard than before. She was no longer as radiant as the proud daughter of Heaven in the past.

When she saw Chen Chen, Zi Yue’s expression was extremely complicated.

She now knew that this spiritual turtle was her greatest enemy, Chen Chen. However, she also knew that with her current strength, it was impossible for her to hurt this man.

Moreover, she was still a demoted cultivator.

“Why are you looking for me?”

Chen Chen’s tone was cold and emotionless.

“Chen Chen, I admit that I’m far inferior to you. I Won’t find trouble with you in the future. Now, I Only Want to ask you one thing. Did My grandfather, Saint King Ziwei, Fall?”

Zi Yue asked with a sorrowful tone.

Chen Chen recalled carefully and said, “If I remember correctly, Saint King Ziwei… should not have fallen.”

Zi Yue was overjoyed when she heard this, and her haggard face finally had some spirit.

“Chen Chen, you are a smart person. What kind of situation do you think my grandfather will be in with the current situation of the Abyss World?”

Chen Chen asked back, “Does your grandfather want to ascend to the Immortal World?”

“Of course. That is his lifelong wish!”Zi Yue answered firmly.

“So you mean he won’t believe in the underworld god? If that’s the case, I guess he is being hunted now.”

Chen Chen spoke his thoughts honestly.

The Abyss World was now in a mess. Even if Saint King Ziwei managed to escape, his current situation would be extremely difficult.

Whether it was the Saint King who sought refuge with the Abyss or the white-robed immortal, he would not have a good ending.

Ziyue became nervous after hearing this.

Chen Chen asked, “You came to me to ask me these things?”

Ziyue immediately replied, “No… If my grandfather did not die, I know where he is! Chen Chen, do you have a way to go to the Abyss World? “I beg you, take me to the Abyss world to find my grandfather. I will convince him to go back to the true spirit world with


“Why should I believe you?” Chen Chen said disdainfully.

“I can tell you where he is right now! My grandfather must be at the Ascension Platform Right Now!”

Zi Yue hurriedly said.

“Ascension Platform? Tell me more about it.”Chen Chen’s interest was piqued.

“My Grandfather built the Ascension platform a long time ago. Not only is its location secret, but the defenses around it are also extremely strong. With the current state of the Abyss World, my grandfather will definitely choose to forcefully ascend… and the scene of ascension can be said to be earth-shattering. I’m afraid that he will attract a great enemy and meet with misfortune…”

After listening to these words, Chen Chen understood.

If he was Saint King Ziwei, he could only forcefully ascend now. After all, hiding was not the way. One day, he would be discovered.

As for why Ziyue said these things to him, it was because she wanted to find another way for Saint King Ziwei.

One had to know that forcefully ascending now was almost a narrow escape.

As if afraid that Chen Chen would not agree, Ziyue said again, “My grandfather is the number one blacksmith in the abyss world. He has countless treasures in his hands. If you can get his support, the overall strength of the true spirit world will increase by one level!” Chen Chen fell silent.

To be honest, just recruiting a peak mahayana cultivator was not worth his trip to the Abyss world.

However, he had been thinking about whether or not he should personally go to the abyss world to check on the situation. Now that this matter had come up, the balance in his heart began to tilt.

At this moment, Saint King demon puppet said, “Saint King Zi Wei’s Dao Heart is extremely firm. He will definitely not be willing to become a follower of the underworld god.

Other than that, with my prestige, I wouldn’t be able to truly command the hundreds of thousands of fallen cultivators of the Abyss World.”

Chen Chen glanced at her when he heard that.

In terms of prestige, Saint King Devil puppet was indeed far inferior to Saint King Ziwei. This was all thanks to the fact that he had held the saint realm grand ceremony back then and had announced that Saint King Devil puppet had used the soul seizing seed to control the other saint realm cultivators.

Because of this matter, Saint King Devil puppet had offended almost all the saint realm cultivators. Therefore, the hundreds of thousands of demoted cultivators now had more respect for Saint King Devil puppet than respect.

“In that case, I will go to the Abyss world for three days. Remember, I will only go for three days. After three days, I will return to the true spirit world regardless of whether I find the person or not.”

This time, Chen Chen did not hesitate and made up his mind.

“Thank you, Master Spiritual Turtle!”

Zi Yue bowed deeply and hope appeared in her eyes.

“Demon Puppet Saint King, you stay here and take care of the hundreds of thousands of abyss world cultivators. If anything happens to them while I am gone, I will not let you off easily.”

Chen Chen glared at demon puppet Saint King and his tone was full of warning.

Demon puppet Saint King didn’t care at all and said indifferently, “Don’t worry. Even if you didn’t plant that devil seed for me, I will stay here well.

“I can’t be your subordinate for a lifetime. If I become a believer of the Abyss God, I Won’t be able to go back for the rest of my life.”

“It’s good that you know. Ziyue, you wait here first. I’ll arrange some things first.”

After saying that, Chen Chen disappeared from where he was.

Not long after, he came to the Heavenly Devil City Lord and told him about his upcoming trip to the Abyss World.

The Heavenly Devil City Lord naturally understood what Chen Chen meant. He immediately promised, “Don’t worry about the true spirit world. The sect master and I will control the myriad spirit cauldron and guard the passage between the two worlds. Nothing will happen.

“As for those Abyss sect captives, there will be no problems with the other sacred kings keeping an eye on them. You, on the other hand, must be extremely careful when you go to the Abyss World.”

“I understand. I will not fight with others unless I have no other choice.”

After saying that, Chen Chen smiled confidently and returned to his cultivation place in a flash. He brought Zi Yue and sat inside the Sun Moon soaring shuttle.

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