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Chapter 721

Chapter 720, the Alliance

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Lord Revelation’s face darkened when he heard this. He subconsciously wanted to reprimand him.

What happened to not harming each other before the start of the battle? In the end, they fought until they were on their last breaths!

“Chen Chen… this is too much…”

Chen Chen looked at Lord Revelation with a smile on his face.

For some reason, Lord Revelation suddenly felt a chill in his heart. He blurted out, “This is too much…”

Chen Chen said helplessly, “To be honest, I didn’t think that I would be so powerful now. If I hadn’t stopped at the last moment, I might have made a huge mistake!”

When the peak Mahayana realm cultivators heard this, they all fell silent.

This person was really too good at acting. Even if Heaven’s fate Daolord said something, you would still be gasping for breath.

However, there was nothing they could do. This person was indeed powerful, and they didn’t dare to provoke him.

“Cough cough, let’s treat the evil god temple master’s injuries first.”

Heaven’s legacy Daolord couldn’t bear to hear this any longer. He turned his head and walked in front of the evil god temple master.

Half a day later.

The evil God temple master finally regained consciousness. It was all thanks to the medicinal pills that Chen Chen had given him. Otherwise, with his injuries, he would probably need several hundred years to recover.

After being beaten up by Chen Chen to this state, the evil god temple master felt extremely embarrassed. From the beginning to the end, he sat there with his head lowered, not saying a single word.

As for the others, they were discussing about the alliance of the true spirit world.

This time, no one had any objections. All of them agreed that Chen Chen would temporarily be the leader of the alliance.

After all, in the cultivation world, only the strong had the right to speak. After Chen Chen showed such overwhelming strength today, everything became natural.

At the same time, in the Abyss world.

The battle Saint King returned to the Abyss sect with more than ten Saint Kings. As soon as they appeared, a cultivator from the Abyss sect flew over, he reported, “My Lords Saint Kings, there seems to be an accident

in the true spirit world. The space passage has been sealed.”

The battle Saint King frowned. “Sealed? What are the cultivators doing over there? Bring me to take a look.”

The dark abyss sect cultivator immediately led the way when he heard that. It did not take long for them to arrive in front of the spatial tunnel.

The spatial tunnel between these great worlds was extremely stable. Even with their strength, they were unable to shake it. Now that it was sealed, there could only be one reason. That was because the true spirit

world had set up a formation.

Behind Battle Sacred King, a sacred king carefully sensed the formation. His expression became extremely ugly.

“It’s the array formation of the myriad spirit cauldron. Originally, the myriad spirit cauldron was only used to guard the Dark Abyss sect, but now it’s used to seal the passage… There are two possibilities for this to


“The first is that sacred King Demon puppet betrayed the Dark Abyss World and joined the true spirit world.

“The second is that the true spirit world’s Dark Abyss sect has been forcefully taken over.”

Another sacred king beside him said, “The second reason isn’t very likely. With the array formation of the myriad spirit cauldron, even if all the peak Mahayana realm experts of the true spirit world appeared, they

might not be able to break through the Dark Abyss sect’s defenses in such a short time.

“I guess sacred King Demon Puppet betrayed the Dark Abyss World.”

After he said that, the dark abyss sect cultivator beside him whispered, “Half a day ago, spiritual master divine turtle went to the true spirit world. I don’t know if this has anything to do with him.”

Battle Sacred King glanced at him and said indifferently, “Forget it. No matter what happens, the passage to the true spirit world is sealed. We Can’t go to the true spirit world for the time being, let alone retrieve the

Ten Thousand Spirit Cauldron.”.

“The most urgent matter now is to find the other sacred kings.”

The sacred kings all nodded.

Although they had won the battle with the white-robed immortal, they hadn’t been able to kill the white-robed immortal. Instead, they had let him escape.

Apart from that, sacred king Nether River, Sacred King Ziwei, and the other four sacred kings had managed to survive the white-robed Immortal’s sword attack. In the end, they had escaped and disappeared without a


These four sacred kings had not experienced the resurrection, so strictly speaking, they were not on the same side.

“Battle Sacred King, how much faith power do you need to summon the avatar of the Nether God?”

Asacred king asked.

Battle Sacred King hesitated for a moment and replied, “The faith power provided by cultivators of different cultivation levels is different. Originally, the Saint Realm cultivators of the nether world alone were enough

to summon the avatar of the Nether God.

“However, some time ago, that immortal massacred wantonly for a while. Now, the hundreds of thousands of elites who went to the true spirit world have all gone missing. I’m afraid it’s impossible to summon the

avatar of the god of the dead now.

“I’m afraid we can only wait for that senior in the abyss world to exert his strength.”

The saint king who spoke suggested, “In that case, I think we should first gather all the Mahayana realm cultivators of the Abyss world. If we continue to lose them, it will be even more difficult to summon the avatar of

the god of the dead in the future.”

Hearing his suggestion, battle Saint King nodded slightly.

“That’s good. You should all know where the Mahayana realm cultivators are hiding, right? Let them all come here. I will convert them into believers of the underworld god First.”

After he said this, all the Saint Kings took out their communication tokens and began to gather the Mahayana realm cultivators who had gone out to take refuge because of the massacre of the immortals.

After the communication was almost over, battle-saint king began to arrange missions.

Not long after, more than ten Sacred Kings left the Abyss sect to look for sacred king Nether River and the others, and also to visit their sacred region.

Three days later, more than ten Sacred Kings returned to the Abyss sect.

However, not to mention finding sacred king Nether River and the others, they did not even see the shadows of the four sacred kings.

However, they didn’t find nothing. At least, they brought back all the Mahayana cultivators under sacred king Nether River and sacred King Ziwei.

At this moment, almost all the Mahayana cultivators of the nether world gathered in the nether world sect.

The battle Saint King stood at the highest point and looked down at the hundreds of Mahayana cultivators. He smiled faintly and then took out the statue of the Nether God.

All the Mahayana cultivators panicked when they saw this strange scene, especially the Mahayana cultivators who were forcibly brought back.

“Senior battle Saint King, What are you doing? I want to see Saint King Yunqian!”

Yun Kun, who had received a lot of benefits from Chen Chen, said loudly in the crowd.

“Saint King Yunqian has already been killed by the immortals. The conflict between our Abyss World and the immortal world can no longer be reconciled. However, there is always a way. Other than the immortal

world, we can also rely on the nether god.”

Battle Saint King said coldly and then raised the statue of the nether god high up.

The body of the statue of the Nether God soon emitted a red light, covering over a hundred Mahayana cultivators.

The eyes of over a hundred Mahayana cultivators first struggled, then became confused.

A voice full of temptation began to echo in their ears.

“Those who believe in me will live forever.”

Hearing this, many people’s hearts were shaken.

Never Die… wasn’t this the goal of cultivators?

Now, as long as they believed in the god of hell, they could achieve this goal, so what was there to hesitate about?

Therefore, some cultivators chose to believe in the God of Hell in their hearts. A strange and indistinct power began to emanate from their bodies and spread to the statue of the God of Hell.

The statue of the God of Hell quickly gave a feedback, and a large amount of nomological insights were returned to these cultivators, causing their strength to increase at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Seeing this magical scene, more and more cultivators chose to believe in the god of the dead under the enticement of the voice. Not long after, the cracks on the statue of the god of the dead became much smaller..

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