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Chapter 720

Chapter 719 was still alive

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On the other side, Chen Chen took out the nine heavens mysterious tower.

In this battle, not only did he have to defeat the evil God shrine master, but he also had to let all the cultivators of the true spirit world know of his strength.

This was also the fastest way to make all the cultivators of the true spirit world submit to him wholeheartedly.

Seeing Chen Chen take out the treasure, Lord Daoist Heaven’s legacy not far away said, “The two of you are experts of our true spirit world, and neither of you can lose. So when the battle starts later, hope the two of

you won’t be too heavy handed.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the evil god temple master said, “Don’t worry, Daoist Lord of Heaven’s secrets. I Won’t hurt a junior in front of everyone.”

Chen Chen also smiled and said, “I won’t disrespect senior either.”

When Daoist Lord of Heaven’s secrets heard this, he nodded and said, “Then let’s begin.”

After he finished speaking, Chen Chen released his true form, Green Bean Ao Yu, and began to set up the four appearances sky defending formation.

The Heavenly Devil City Lord had just learned the four symbols heaven defending formation not long ago, and his pupils shrank slightly when he saw this scene.

“This kid… He didn’t use his full strength in the previous battle!”

Saint King puppet whispered from the side, “He used this treasure to defeat four Saint Kings, including me, and even killed one of them.”


Hearing that, Skyfiend City Lord’s expression changed.

He knew that the treasure that needed to be activated by the four symbols heaven controlling array was powerful, but he didn’t expect it to be so powerful.

He couldn’t defeat four peak Mahayana realm experts even if they were the weakest peak Mahayana realm experts.

“Does the Cthulhu Palace Lord have a grudge against Daoist master divine turtle? He actually made Daoist master divine turtle use his full strength right from the beginning.”

Sacred King Demon puppet asked curiously.

“There’s no grudge…”the Skyfiend City Lord murmured. He was still shocked by the fact that Chen Chen had defeated four sacred kings working together.

“Then he must be trying to establish his power.”

Sacred King Demon puppet glanced at the Master of the Cthulhu Hall, his eyes full of schadenfreude.

While the two were talking, Chen Chen had already fully activated the four symbols heaven controlling formation. The Nine Heavens Mysterious Tower also flew high into the sky, turning into a

three-thousand-feet-wide tower. The immortal light that surrounded it covered thousands of miles.

However, that incomparably terrifying aura caused the expressions of many surrounding cultivators to change as they retreated.

Heavenly Fate Daolord couldn’t help but shout loudly, “Chen Chen! You must show Mercy!”

When the evil god temple master who was facing the Nine Heavens Mysterious Tower heard this, a wave of anger quickly rose from within his mind. He threw his head back and let out a long roar, and an essence soul

phantom that was also ten thousand feet in size appeared behind him.

n the true spirit world, in terms of physical body, the Heavenly Devil City Lord was the strongest, but in terms of essence soul and divine sense, he was well-deserved to be number one.

Even Daolord Tianji, who was skilled in divination, was unable to compare to him.

After the Essence Soul Phantom appeared, a pitch-black spear that was between

Illusion and reality appeared in the Phantom’s hand.

The evil God temple master waved his right hand, and the long spear pointed straight at Chen Chen, followed by a burst of wind-breaking sound that sounded like the wails of ghosts and howls of wolves.

Many cultivators were intimidated by the spiritual sense in the whistling sound, and their faces instantly turned extremely pale.


Facing the intimidation of the extremely sharp spiritual sense, Chen Chen laughed lightly, and then poured all the immortal Qi into the nine heavens mysterious tower.

The first level of the nine heavens mysterious tower quickly lit up, and the tribulation clouds of the Ascension Tribulation quickly condensed in the sky. The terrifying power of the Ascension Tribulation quickly locked

onto the evil god Shrine Master.

Immediately after, the second level of the nine heavens mysterious tower also lit up slightly.

Chen Chen, who was in control of the nine heavens mysterious tower, began to faintly sense a trace of the power of the second level of the Nine Heavens Mysterious Tower.

“The first level is refined from ten great divine gold. It represents the peak power of the mortal world, the Ascension Tribulation… This second level seems to be…”

Before Chen Chen could completely sense it, a giant phantom claw that was thousands of meters long suddenly stretched out from the second level of the Nine Heavens Mysterious Tower. It was like a golden hook as

it clawed at the evil god Shrine Master’s Claw.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen was suddenly shocked and immediately withdrew all his immortal qi.

The giant Phantom Claw quickly dimmed, but it still slammed in front of the evil god temple master.

At this moment, the evil god Temple Master’s entire body was trembling. He only felt that the surroundings were filled with the sound of wind and thunder, as if the sky was collapsing and the Earth was collapsing!

The giant golden claw in front of him also grew larger and larger, and finally completely occupied all the worlds in his eyes!

“What the Hell Is That!”

The evil god temple master was greatly shocked. The destructive power of the giant claw actually made him almost unable to move.

Fortunately, under the strong desire to survive, he forcibly overcame the fear in his heart and regained control of his body. Moreover, he threw out more than a dozen life-saving magic treasures at once.

n just an instant, dozens of colorful shields wrapped around his entire body.

At this moment, the dim golden claw also struck the dozens of shields.


Aseries of explosive sounds were heard. The golden claw easily pierced through the dozens of shields as if it was breaking through a piece of paper, in the end, it turned into a faintly discernible shadow and struck the

ten thousand feet large Yuan Shen Shadow of the evil God shrine master.


With a soft sound, the evil god shrine master flew out like a meteor and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Just as everyone was stunned by this scene, a world-shaking roar came from the second floor of the Nine Heavens Mysterious Town Tower!


The voice turned into a visible sound wave and rolled in all directions. Soon, it spread over ten thousand miles.

The countless clouds in the sky were directly scattered. As for the surrounding cultivators, those below Mahayana realm all spat out a mouthful of blood.

Even the faces of many Mahayana realm cultivators turned extremely pale.

“Chen Chen… quickly take that treasure of yours!”

Lord Daoist Tianji called out loudly.

Chen Chen looked at the crumbling scene within ten thousand li when he heard this. He embarrassedly removed the four symbols heaven controlling formation and put away the nine heavens profound pagoda.

Compared to the first time he used the nine heavens profound pagoda, his cultivation base had risen quite a bit. However, he didn’t expect the power of the second level of the nine heavens profound pagoda to be so


“It seems that an extremely powerful immortal spirit essence soul is sealed in the second level of the nine heavens mysterious tower… Fortunately, I stopped quickly, or else the evil god temple master would have been

killed with a slap.”

Chen Chen was also a little afraid. If he accidentally killed the evil god temple master, then the power of the true spirit world would not be unified.

Seeing that many cultivators around had not recovered from the roar just now, Chen Chen hurriedly chased in the direction where the evil God temple master flew.

After flying for about three thousand kilometers, he finally saw the evil god temple master embedded in the mountain wall.

At this time, the evil god Temple Master had completely lost consciousness. His treasured clothes had all turned into rags, and his face was as pale as a dead man.

Seeing this, the corners of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched. Without saying anything, he flashed in front of the evil god Temple Master and fed him a pill. Then, he began to carefully check the situation of the evil god temple


At the same time, a few other peak Mahayana realm cultivators also rushed over from afar. Seeing this situation, Lord Tianji was the first to speak. He asked anxiously, “How is He?”

Chen Chen withdrew his hand and let out a breath as if he had been relieved of a heavy burden.

“Fortunately, he still has a breath left.”.

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