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Chapter 72: Chapter 72: Lucky Tracking

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After drinking the Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite, a burst of majestic vitality erupted from Xiao Wuyou’s right arm and a new arm soon grew out.

Chen Chen was relieved to see this. The Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite had indeed lived up to its name, being a heavenly treasure. Not only could it heal Hu Xian’er’s damaged heart, it even allowed his master to regrow his missing arm.

‘If I had known earlier, I would have given Master a little more.’

Now, however, he was too embarrassed to give him more. After all, he had said before that he only had a limited amount.

He could only make up for it later in other aspects.

“Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite. Wuyou, where did you get such a good thing from?”

You Ruoshui leaned over, most of the worry in her tone dissipating.

“I obtained it by chance,” Xiao Wuyou answered with a smile, not mentioning Chen Chen.

“Hmph, since you’re okay now, seize the time and break through!”

You Ruoshui could tell with a glance that Xiao Wuyou was being perfunctory, but she didn’t take it too seriously and simply humphed coldly.

Xiao Wuyou nodded slightly, looked at Chen Chen, then instructed, “Disciple, when I transcend the Thunder Tribulation later on, it will be the time when the Thunder Spirit Qi in heaven and earth is the densest. You will build your foundation at that time, understand?”

“Understood!” Chen Chen answered solemnly, gripping the Dragon Pearl tightly.

Hearing Chen Chen’s answer, Xiao Wuyou turned to look at the distant sky. His eyes became solemn and he murmured incessantly, “I, the 28th-generation disciple of Tianyun Clan, Xiao Wuyou, am talentless, but I’m breaking through the Nascent Soul realm today. Ancestors, please bless me!”

After saying that, an unparalleled wave of ethereality erupted from Xiao Wuyou’s body and an invisible force propelled Chen Chen and You Ruoshui into the distance.

Immediately afterwards, a golden elixir covered in lightning slowly flew out from Xiao Wuyou’s body before being suspended in mid-air.

As soon as the golden elixir appeared, the sky immediately became gloomy, the rolling clouds converging towards the top of Xiao Wuyou’s head.

Even Chen Chen, who was far away, could sense that an inexplicable force was causing the sky to quake, as if it would descend into the world at any moment.


With a loud thunderclap, a sanguine lightning bolt suddenly appeared in the sky and struck Xiao Wuyou’s golden core.

His body quivered violently, and his face turned slightly pale, but the look of certainty in his eyes remained.

The lightning bolt seemed to have opened Pandora’s Box, and the following lightning bolts came one after another, each one denser than the one preceding it. They all surged into the golden elixir that came with lightning.

Soon, the golden elixir was covered in cracks.

At this juncture, the Thunder ethereality between heaven and earth had also reached its highest point.

Without needing to be reminded, Chen Chen swallowed the Dragon Pearl, which was nearly as big as a fist, in one go.

As a ruthless person who dared to jump off of a cliff without a status of cultivation, swallowing a Dragon Pearl was nothing to him.

Chen Chen inhaled sharply.

As soon as the Dragon Pearl entered his belly, Chen Chen couldn’t help but inhale, clearly feeling the Dragon Pearl vaporizing directly after entering his body.

A massive, indescribable wave of ethereality rampaged through his body. That feeling…

It was like drinking 10 liters of soda in one sitting. All sorts of gases would rampage in one’s gut, but outsiders would never understand how it felt…


He could withstand the impact because he had a special constitution. If ordinary Qi cultivators, or even cultivators at the Foundation Establishment realm, attempted to do this, they would probably die after swallowing the Dragon Pearl.


A few moments later, Chen Chen looked up at the sky and let out the sound of a dragon roar!

The violent ethereality rampaging inside his body finally drew out the two vortexes of the Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique.

They also began fusing.

Chen Chen understood that he was going to start foundation building!

“What is going on with this kid?” You Ruoshui asked, her jaw dropping at the sight. She had been paying attention to Xiao Wuyou, but she was now shocked by the commotion Chen Chen had made.

To be honest, she hadn’t noticed what Chen Chen’s status of cultivation was earlie.

However, she realized that Xiao Wuyou seemed to have mentioned the word foundation building.

‘Is this kid going through foundation building?’ You Ruoshui wondered in disbelief. Who would cause such a huge stir during foundation building? She didn’t cause so much of a commotion when she reached Core Formation back then!

However, before she could understand the situation, a bright stream of light suddenly emanated from Chen Chen’s body and he was instantly illuminated, while the ethereality between heaven and earth began to surge towards him like the water of a hundred rivers surging to the sea.

Even Xiao Wuyou’s tribulation clouds began to move towards Chen Chen from afar, as if they were attracted to him.


After a long time, Chen Chen exhaled and the light in his body finally dissipated, while the two vortexes in his body also fused into one, emitting an ethereality that was several times stronger than before.

Once peace was restored, Chen Chen looked up at the sky, after which his body floated upward.

After stepping into the Foundation Establishment realm, he had gained the ability to fly.

During Qi training, the total amount of ethereality was large, but the degree of coalescence was not as good as when one was at the Foundation Establishment realm. Hence, before reaching the realm, one was unable to fly.

Now that he had gained the ability to fly, he would be able to use the system over ten times more efficiently than before!

“Host, you have forged the foundation of the Great Dao, and the tracking range has been increased to 30 meters! Host, you are also rewarded with a chance of Lucky Tracking.”

Hearing the system alert in his mind, Chen Chen was first happy, then confused.

‘What on earth is Lucky Tracking?

‘It hadn’t appeared before!’

“Lucky Tracking begins!”

After the alert, Chen Chen felt a pop-up screen quickly scroll through his mind. It was so fast, he could only vaguely see some fragments.

“Track down a person of the opposite sex that best matches the host’s aesthetic standards.

“Track a set of techniques that the host subconsciously likes the most.

“Track a divine soldier that is the most compatible with the host.

“Track an underling who will be pleased and concede to the host once he sees you.”

Staring at the pop-ups, Chen Chen was dumbfounded.

‘What are all these?’

Before he could get a clear idea, the pop-ups stopped appearing in his head.

“Tracking the host’s favorite food. Tracking begins!

“There is a 100,000-year-old mussel spirit in the boundless ocean within 2,620,000 kilometers north of the host. Host, after eating its core mussel meat, you will find it to be the most delicious food in the world. End of Lucky Tracking!”

‘That’s it?’

Chen Chen was speechless, as he hadn’t expected that the food that he subconsciously felt was his favorite would be tracked.

‘But this is of no use!

‘Millions of kilometers away! A 100,000-year-old mussel spirit!

‘When will I be able to eat it!? I can’t travel millions of kilometers just to eat it, can I?

‘And even if I do, I might be the one getting eaten, not the other way round!

‘I’m incompetent…’

Chen Chen sighed in his heart. It was the saddest thing in the world.

‘I obviously know what my favorite food is, but I might never get to eat it in this life…’

Fortunately, the system did not track a woman for him. That would make him feel terrible, to know of her existence but never be able to see her…

Mussels may not move much in the sea, but humans would run around. Just because it had been tracked didn’t mean that he would be able to find it.

While Chen Chen was feeling conflicted, Xiao Wuyou’s golden core finally cracked open and a tiny person who looked exactly like Xiao Wuyou wriggled out.

This little man in the void had a solemn expression on his face, but due to the fact that his body was so small, he looked funny rather than imposing.

When Xiao Wuyou saw the little man, a smile of relief graced his face and he saluted the little man.

The little man returned the salute, then quickly wriggled into Xiao Wuyou’s body.

From then on, Xiao Wuyou had officially stepped into the Nascent Soul realm.

Chen Chen’s face was incredibly sullen. As a person suffering from OCD, he continuously thought of only one question.

‘What exactly does the mussel spirit taste like?’

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