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Chapter 719

Chapter 718, Challenge

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The evil God temple master subconsciously took a few steps back. The anger on his face disappeared and was replaced by an incomparable solemnity.

When he first heard what Chen Chen had said, he did not take it seriously. He just thought that Chen Chen had said a condition that they could not accept, and then he could leave enough room for bargaining.

Looking at Chen Chen’s expression now, it didn’t seem like he was talking nonsense.

Then the problem was really serious.

The sect master of the immortal sect also realized this and said coldly, “Chen Chen, do you really think that by taking in these cultivators of the Abyss World, you can be lawless?

“There are eight peak Mahayana realm cultivators here today! “You can’t be impudent!”

The Lord of Heaven’s secrets started to mediate the situation. “What exactly happened in the Abyss World? We can sit down and discuss it slowly. Why did it have to go to this extent?”

As the saying went, one should never hit a smiling person. Chen Chen’s attitude softened a little when he saw this.

“It’s a long story. There are too many things involved. I Can’t explain it to you all right now.”

“Then sit down and talk about it.”

Lord Daoist Tianji tried his best to persuade them.

The other peak Mahayana cultivators also followed behind.

“That’s right. Peace is the most important thing. If there’s anything, we can sit down and talk about it.”

Chen Chen smiled when he heard this, then he made a hand gesture to sacred king demon puppet to calm down.

When Sacred King Demon puppet saw this, he immediately retreated behind Chen Chen, and the hundreds of thousands of Dark Abyss sect cultivators’heads once again drooped down. The originally tense atmosphere

instantly disintegrated.

“The few of you can come down and talk, but don’t feign civility with me anymore. Time is of the essence right now.”

Chen Chen made an inviting gesture after he finished speaking.

When heavenly fate Daolord saw this, he was the first to land in the Abyss sect. The other peak Mahayana realm experts thought for a moment and followed behind him. It was not until the evil god temple master

snorted coldly and entered the Abyss sect.

Chen Chen invited everyone to a large hall in the Abyss sect and began to explain in detail what had happened in the Abyss world recently.

Fifteen minutes later, the group of peak Mahayana realm cultivators present finally realized the seriousness of the problem.

“If the Abyss World revives and turns the entire Abyss world into the territory of the Abyss God, do you think they will let go of the true spirit world that is right next to them?”

Finally, Chen Chen asked in a serious tone.

The peak Mahayana realm cultivators were silent. They originally thought that the Abyss sect had been conquered and the true spirit world was safe and sound. Now, it seemed that the real crisis had just begun.

Lord Daoist Tianji said with a bitter face, “The power of the god of Hell can allow cultivators to surpass the peak of a realm. If they attack the true spirit world, how can we defend it?”

“That’s why I need to gather my power and gather the resources. In the past, although our true spirit world was united on the surface and supported each other, we still acted on our own in the dark. If it wasn’t for

that, we wouldn’t be the only force attacking the Dark Abyss sect today.”

Chen Chen swept his gaze across the crowd and his tone was somewhat mocking.

The evil God temple master said at this time, “Even if what you just said is true, why should you be the one to gather the power and gather the resources?”

“Because the power in my hands is the strongest, stronger than any of your sects!”

Chen Chen’s tone was incomparably confident when faced with the evil god temple master’s sharp gaze.


The evil God Palace Master wanted to deny it, but he couldn’t open his mouth. Thus, he looked at the Heavenly Devil City Master.

Without waiting for him to speak.., the Heavenly Devil City Master was the first to express his stance. “Chen Chen personally went to the abyss world. He is the most familiar with the current situation. It is most

suitable for him to integrate the power of the true spirit world. This is the intention of everyone in our Heavenly Devil City.”

Hearing this, the evil god Palace master lightly snorted. In his heart, he was quite disdainful towards the Heavenly Devil City Master.

When his master was reduced to listening to his disciple’s orders, the Heavenly Devil City Lord was simply unworthy of being the top expert in the true spirit world.

When the other cultivators in the great hall saw that the Heavenly Devil City Lord was so firm in supporting Chen Chen Chen, their hearts gradually began to waver.

In the final analysis, they had all followed the three great superpowers. Now, they were only following the Heavenly Devil City. It didn’t make much of a difference to them.

“This concerns the future of the true spirit world for tens of thousands of years. How can we be so careless?”

The evil god temple master suddenly stood up, and an imposing aura that wasn’t angry was emitted.

No matter what situation or future, it was impossible for him, the temple master of a superpower, to listen to the orders of the little disciple of Heavenly Devil City Master.

His strength, status, and arrogance wouldn’t allow it!

“Enough, you make it sound as if I want to annex the little inheritance of your evil god Hall.”

Chen Chen waved his hand and stood up.

Then, he continued, “Evil God Hall master, how about this, let’s not talk nonsense anymore. You and I will have a battle. If you can beat me, I will listen to you on this matter.”

When the top experts in the hall heard this, their hearts trembled.

Although they had received news that Chen Chen’s strength was not weaker than the peak of the Mahayana realm, evil god temple master was one of the top peak of the Mahayana realm in the true spirit world.

In terms of strength, he was not weaker than Saint King Nether River, Saint King Ziwei, and the others from the Abyss world.

When Evil God temple master heard that Chen Chen wanted to challenge him, he narrowed his eyes and said, “Is that true?”

“It’s absolutely true.”


The evil god temple master immediately agreed.

To be honest, he did not have any intention of belittling Chen Chen. In fact, he even admired Chen Chen very much.

To be able to lead heavenly demon city to destroy the Dark Abyss sect by himself, how could such a person not have some real ability?

If his disciple, you Ming, had such ability, he would probably wake up laughing in his dreams.

As for why he agreed so readily, it was still because of his pride.

Now that the junior had challenged the senior, if he still hesitated and feared this and that, how could he face others?

If he was careless and really lost, he was not going to go back on his word.

In the cultivation world, the strong preyed on the weak. The resource forces could not compare to others, and their own strength was also inferior to others. If he continued to shout and resist, it would be


“Are there any rules and restrictions for this battle?”

The temple master of the evil God temple asked again.

Chen Chen smiled indifferently. “You set the rules.”

“Then there are no rules. I heard that you have many treasures and powerful true spirit beasts. You can use them all you want.”

The temple master of the evil God temple was very generous.

“Then I won’t stand on ceremony.”

With that, Chen Chen directly flew out of the main hall and arrived outside of the Abyss sect.

A group of peak Mahayana realm cultivators followed him. They wanted to see what kind of confidence Chen Chen Chen had to challenge the evil god Temple Master and still be undefeated.

The evil God temple master landed at the back. When he passed by a group of Evil God temple cultivators, he shouted at you ming below, “Look at him, and then look at you! Now that Chen Chen wants to challenge

your master, me!”

You Ming was dumbfounded when he heard that. He looked helplessly at Chen Chen who was flying at the front. After being stunned for a moment, he said, “Master, you must not lose!”


The Master of the Cthulhu Hall snorted. In the next second, he flew more than ten miles in front of Chen Chen.

At this moment, although he was a little nervous, he did not panic.

Chen Chen said, “If you can beat me, I’ll listen to you on this matter.”.

What did this mean? It meant that both sides were tied. In fact, it could be considered that Chen Chen won.

And the reason why Chen Chen said this was because he did not have enough confidence and did not have the confidence to beat him. That was why he was able to gain a small advantage through the voice technique.

Just as he was thinking about this, Chen Chen took out a pagodshaped treasure from afar.

Seeing that Pagoda, the evil god Temple Master was enlightened.

“That pagoda is most likely some powerful defensive magic treasure, which is why he has such confidence… I’m afraid he’ll have to use that magic treasure in this battle.”

The evil God temple master thought to himself. At the same time, he silently sensed an extremely powerful offensive magic treasure in his body and was prepared to launch a series of attacks later..

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