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Chapter 718

Chapter 717 controlled the power in his own hands

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However, what he didn’t expect was that the other sects had also sent people to scout for information. Now, they had already received the news from the Dark Abyss sect.

The top experts of the true spirit world almost hit it off and immediately decided to go to the Dark Abyss sect together.

Half a day later.

The Dark Abyss sect had completely recovered its peace. Hundreds of thousands of Dark Abyss sect cultivators had all accepted their fate.

As for the Endless War Reserves In the Dark Abyss sect, they were all gathered by the heavenly demon city’s cultivators and handed over to the heavenly demon city’s City Lord.

Chen Chen was teaching the heavenly demon city’s City Lord the four appearances sky defending formation.

The Heavenly Demon City’s cultivators silently watched from the side. Their emotions were extremely complicated.

It was the first time they had seen their disciple teach their master.

Moreover, this master was the city Lord who was considered invincible in their eyes.

Thinking of this, they looked at Chen Chen’s back with even more reverence. Some people even began to feel that the next Heavenly Devil City Lord would definitely be Chen Chen.

Hence, some people began to look at Xiao Ling with sympathetic expressions.

Everyone knew that the city Lord had groomed Xiao Ling as his successor. Who would have thought that..

Facing the group of sympathetic gazes, Xiao Ling’s expression was calm.

He did not really care whether the city lord was the city lord or not. When he first met this little junior brother, he already felt that this person was extraordinary.

More importantly, such a person might not take long to ascend to the Abyss world. After witnessing the previous battle, he even felt that this little junior brother would ascend before his master.

ff he ascended before his master, who would still be the city lord of Heavenly Devil City?

As he thought about this, he smiled faintly. His gaze towards Chen Chen became profound, as if he wanted to see through this person.

However, right at this moment, he suddenly sensed something. The smile on his face disappeared, and he turned to look into the distance.

The distant horizon had completely changed color. A cloud that was so large that it occupied half the sky was rolling over.

“Judging from that formation, there must be hundreds of thousands of cultivators!”

“The evil God Palace Master… The Sect Master of the immortal sect, and the Heaven’s legacy Daolord… are all here!”

Xiao Ling murmured.

There were a total of nine peak Mahayana in the true spirit world. Apart from his master, the Heavenly Demon City Lord, the other eight people were all in the distant cloud.

“Our Heavenly Demon City has gained a lot from this battle, and our strength has more than doubled. If we can digest all the spoils of war today, then in the future, the true spirit world will be in an extremely powerful

situation. Our Heavenly Demon City will become the overlord of the entire true spirit world… the evil God Palace, the immortal sect, and the others definitely don’t want to see this scene.

“These people… I’m afraid they don’t come with good intentions!”

Thinking of this, Xiao Ling was secretly worried. He subconsciously looked at Chen Chen and the Heavenly Devil City Lord, but found that the two of them were still busy studying some array formation, as if they didn’t

see the array formation at the horizon.


After more than ten breaths, a huge cloud floated above the Abyss sect.

The sect master of the immortal sect was the first to speak, “Fellow Daoist heavenly devil, we’re Late.”

The Hall Master of the Cthulhu Hall looked at the scene below with a stunned expression. “Fellow Daoist Skyfiend, what are you doing? Has It already ended?”

Looking at the exquisite acting skills of the two.., skyfiend City Lord raised his head and said with a calm smile, “That’s right. The Abyss Abyss sect is empty. Under the support of disciple Chen Chen Chen, our Skyfiend

city has already taken over the Abyss sect and captured hundreds of thousands of Abyss sect cultivators.”

Heavenly Secrets Daolord laughed loudly when he heard this. “Good! That’s great! As long as we occupy this place and send experts to guard the entrance, our true spirit world will be safe!”

He was truly delighted. After all, the Heavenly Secrets Sect was just a special sect and didn’t have any intention of contending for hegemony.

Sky Demon City Lord smiled and didn’t say anything.

ff the Dark Abyss world was still the same as before, there was nothing wrong with Heavenly Secrets Daolord’s words.

However, according to what Chen Chen had said, they might not be able to defend the abyssal world if they stayed here.

At this moment, the Hallmaster of the Cthulhu Hall finally began to express his intentions.

“Fellow Daoist skyfiend, how much did you gain from this battle?”

The hallmaster of Skyfiend City didn’t reply. Chen Chen said calmly, “The amount of resources we gained was comparable to the total reserves of our Skyfiend City.”

When the Hallmaster of the Cthulhu Hall and the hallmaster of the gate of immortality heard this, their eyes flashed with a brilliant light.

One had to know that cultivation resources were the foundation of a superpower. If not for the sake of resources, the superpower wouldn’t have expanded to such an extent.

Moreover, even though the Heavenly Devil City had only doubled the amount of resources, the actual meaning was far more than that.

One had to know that both the Heavenly Devil City and the evil god temple had huge businesses. They needed to maintain the consumption and operation of the various large cities. Only one-third of the total

resources could be used as war resources.

Now that the Heavenly Devil City had suddenly expanded to such an extent, the amount of war resources that could be used was probably more than all the other sects combined.

The sect master of the immortal sect couldn’t help but say, “Fellow Daoist Heavenly Devil, in the past few years, our major sects have been united, and we have no distinction between us. In order to deal with the War

of the two worlds, we have used up a lot of resources.”

Skyfiend City Lord fell silent.

What the Sect Master of the immortal sect said was true, especially the cultivation of the Abyss Suppression Army. The great sects had used up a huge amount of resources.

And the process of obtaining all of this in skyfiend city today was too easy. If he didn’t spit out some of it, it wouldn’t make sense.

However, the main contributor to this matter was Chen Chen. As for the specific arrangements, he would still have to listen to Chen Chen’s opinion.

With that thought in mind, the Heavenly Devil City Lord looked at Chen Chen who was beside him.

Chen Chen smiled and said, “Didn’t you come here just to get a share of the spoils? Sure…”

Hearing this, the evil god Temple’s Hall master, the Gate Master of the Gate of immortality, revealed a gratified expression.

“However, I need you to agree to one of my requests.”

Chen Chen changed the topic and continued.

“What request? As long as we can do it, we will definitely not hesitate,”the Gate Master of the gate of immortality replied.

Chen Chen was not in a hurry to answer. Instead, he glanced at the two worlds passage in the distance and pondered for a moment.

Just as the hundreds of thousands of cultivators were so nervous that they were completely silent, he finally opened his mouth.

“My request is very simple. Before the crisis between the two worlds is completely resolved, the cultivators of the few great sects must listen to My Sky Demon City’s deployment?”

Chen Chen said it casually, but the contents of his words were like a thunderbolt that resounded in the minds of all the cultivators.

This… was too big of a heart!

To mobilize all the experts in the true spirit world!

Even those cultivators who had appeared in the past and were publicly acknowledged as the strongest in the world did not dare to say such words.

The evil god Temple Master was even more furious!

“Chen Chen, don’t go too far! Listen to your orders? Do you know how many cultivators’lives are at stake here? Or does your sky demon city want to use this opportunity to unify the True Spirit World?”

The sect master’s expression was extremely unsightly.

The crisis between the two worlds had been completely resolved. Who would be the judge of this?

In his opinion, the crisis between the two worlds had already been resolved.

But if Chen Chen felt that it hadn’t been resolved, and if he still felt that way after thousands of years, then wouldn’t the few great sects have to listen to the Sky Demon City?

“Chen Chen, although you’ve made great contributions to the true spirit world, you can’t speak carelessly.”

Facing the questioning of the two people, Chen Chen shook his head and stood up, he said resolutely, “The real crisis hasn’t arrived yet. At this moment, I have to control all my power in my hands. Only then can I safely

tide over the crisis.”

After saying this, Saint King demon puppet stood up very cooperatively not far away.

The hundreds of thousands of Abyss sect cultivators who were originally dejected immediately cheered up when they saw this. They raised their heads and looked at the hundreds of thousands of true spirit world

cultivators in the sky.

The hundreds of thousands of people looked at each other across the sky. Even if there was not much hostility between them, the atmosphere was extremely grave all of a sudden!.

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