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Chapter 717

Chapter 716. She had never expected this

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“What… Is This? !”

Saint King puppet exclaimed. She wanted to check the abnormality in her body, but she couldn’t find any trace.

Chen Chen smiled strangely and said, “My devil seed is similar to your soul-seizing seed, but your soul-seizing seed controls cultivators, while my devil seed absorbs cultivation.”

After saying that, Chen Chen communicated with the devil seed in Saint Puppet King’s body. Soon, traces of cultivation power were transferred into his body.

Saint puppet king felt the changes in his body, and his face became abnormally ugly.

Chen Chen said at this time, “Saint Puppet King, many Saint Kings of the Abyss world have fallen and become slaves of the underworld god. They have lost the chance to ascend to the immortal world forever.

“If you return to the Abyss World, you will have the same ending.

“However, it is different with me. If you perform well, I will return your freedom. In the end, there is no deep hatred between us.”

Saint King demon puppet frowned when she heard that many Saint Kings had fallen and become slaves.

She obviously knew what Chen Chen was trying to say.

It was nothing more than hitting a sweet date with a stick. As a cultivator at the peak of the Mahayana realm, she had seen too many such tricks.

But… no matter what, it was better than falling.

Chen Chen glanced outside the Abyss sect’s array without leaving a trace, and then patted Saint King puppet’s shoulder.

“I don’t give you much time to think. Make good use of it.”

“Humph! Think about what? Do I still have a chance to choose?”

Saint King puppet stood up angrily and glared at Chen Chen.

Chen Chen laughed out loud. “That’s right. A wise man submits to circumstances. You will never regret your decision today!”

After saying that, Chen Chen took out the female immortal puppet from his storage ring and threw it in front of Saint King Puppet.

“T’ll return this to you for now.”

Upon seeing the female immortal puppet, Saint Demon Puppet King’s eyes lit up, and he hurriedly began to establish contact with the female immortal puppet.

This female immortal puppet was her greatest pillar of support, and now that she had lost it and regained it, one could imagine how happy she was. Even the depression she felt after surrendering had dissipated by


“Saint Demon Puppet King, how many people can your soul-seizing seed control at most?”

Chen Chen asked, but this time he changed it to voice transmission.

“I can produce unlimited soul-seizing seeds, but I can only control a thousand people at most.”

“It’s enough to produce unlimited soul-seizing seeds. I don’t expect you to control hundreds of thousands of cultivators at the same time.”

Chen Chen replied.

He planted the soul-seizing seed on hundreds of thousands of Abyss sect cultivators not to let demon puppet Saint King control them directly, but to put a shackle on this group of people and let them know that their

lives and deaths were in the hands of others.

Now, those who were not afraid of death had already died, and the remaining ones were all afraid of death. Through this method, they could grasp some power as quickly as possible.

“Planting the soul snatching seed on so many people, I need to borrow the power of the array formation.”

Sacred King Demon puppet said.

“Don’t worry. As long as I can do it, I will support you with all my strength.”

Not long after, sacred king demon puppet began to plant the soul snatching seed on the group of Abyss sect cultivators.

Hundreds of thousands of cultivators of the Abyss sect had no choice but to submit in order to survive.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen felt relieved and came to the side of the Heavenly Demon City Lord.

“Master, the Abyss sect has accumulated a lot of strategic resources. We don’t have to be polite. Let’s keep them all.”

The Heavenly Demon City Lord looked at Chen Chen deeply and said, “Yes, but Chen Chen, what exactly did you experience in the Abyss world to increase your strength to such an extent?”

Chen Chen shook his head and said, “Master, now is not the time to talk about this. Just now, there were Mahayana cultivators from other sects spying on US outside the array formation. I think it won’t be long before

the people from the Cthulhu Hall and the immortal sects arrive.”

The Heavenly Demon City Lord’s expression tensed when he heard this and he ordered loudly, “Collect all the resources of the Abyss sect! Don’t leave a brick or a tile!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Hundred Thousand Sky Demon City cultivators dispersed in a hubbub and began to demolish their homes.

Chen Chen silently went to the myriad spirit cauldron and took out the nine heavens mysterious tower.

“System, where is the most precious treasure within a radius of ten miles?”

“It’s in the host’s hands.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen kept the nine heavens mysterious tower.

This kind of great killing weapon only needed one. No matter how many it was, it wouldn’t be able to be used.

Since the Ten Thousand Spirit Cauldron’s level couldn’t compare to the nine heavens mysterious tower, he might as well give it to someone else. If it really came to a critical moment, it would be of great use.

At the same time, in the evil god Hall of the true spirit world, a black-clothed cultivator suddenly appeared from the void and landed in front of the evil god Hall Master.

“Hall Master! This is a huge change!”

The evil god Hall Master who was sitting in the hall opened his eyes and asked in a deep voice, “What’s wrong? Did those cultivators from Heavenly Devil City really attack the Abyss Abyss sect?”

To be honest, the Heavenly Devil City Master had asked him to bring people to the Abyss sect and said that the Abyss sect was now empty and that it was a great opportunity to break through in one fell swoop. In his

heart, he did not completely not believe it.

It was just that he had a big business and could not afford to take such a risk, so he refused.

Although he refused, he sent the cultivators with the best concealment skills from the evil god temple to the vicinity of the Abyss sect in advance to gather intelligence and prevent accidents from happening.

“Yes, Hall Master… Not only did they attack, but…”

“And what? Did they all die? Tell me quickly!”

The Hall Master of the evil God temple slammed the table and shouted.

“Not all of them died. It’s worse than being completely wiped out. They were all captured alive… but the ones who were captured alive were the cultivators of the Abyss sect. There were hundreds of thousands of


The black-clothed cultivator sorted out his emotions and finished speaking in one breath.

After he finished speaking, he didn’t believe it himself. His eyes were dazed, as if he was living in a dream.

“What? !”

The Hall Master of the Cthulhu Hall suddenly stood up. His eyes were full of astonishment, and he even forgot to control his aura. He directly shattered the throne that the previous hall master had passed down to him

into dust.

“You… you weren’t affected by an illusion?”

“No… No, I saw it with my own eyes. I’m sure,”the black-robed cultivator replied.

The evil god temple master fell into complete silence. If it weren’t for the fact that he had lost his throne, he would definitely have fallen on it.

After all, all the cultivators of the true spirit world had been preparing for the war day and night for the sake of the war between the two worlds that might happen in a few years.

But now, his subordinate told him that the cultivators of Heavenly Devil City had directly attacked the Abyss sect and captured hundreds of thousands of Abyss sect cultivators. To be honest, even if he was dreaming,

he wouldn’t dare to have such a dream!

“Tell me in detail, what exactly happened?”

The evil god temple master asked anxiously.

“The main thing is that the little disciple of the Heavenly Devil City’s City Lord, who had gone missing for a few years and announced to the public that he was dead, has returned. Not only has he returned, his strength

has also become extremely terrifying. With a flip of his hand, he has suppressed more than 100,000 Abyss sect’s experts.

“Moreover, the Abyss sect is indeed empty. There is only one sacred king guarding it.”

“Is… is it that Chen Chen?”

The evil god Hall Master Thought for a while and finally remembered who the Heavenly Devil City Lord’s little disciple was. Wasn’t he the immortal body that won the battle against the Abyss sect back then?

However, he was only at the Mahayana realm back then. In his eyes, he was just a chess piece that performed extremely well. Then, he disappeared for a few years. Now, he had turned the tables and suppressed more

than 100,000 experts?

Could it be that he had gone to the immortal world for a few years?

“Chen Chen? What happened to Chen Chen? where is he? I knew he wasn’t dead! Master, I want to take revenge on him. With my current strength…”

Outside the main hall, You Ming, who had heard Chen Chen’s name, suddenly rushed into the main hall. His face was filled with fighting spirit.

The evil God temple master looked at his disciple with disdain and said angrily, “Scram! Scram as far as you can!”

After saying that, he waved his hand and threw the netherworld out.

“No, I still have to inform the other sects about this.”

After throwing the netherworld out, the evil god temple master paced around the hall twice and then took out a few communication tokens..

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