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Chapter 712 Chapter 711, breaking the formation

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The white-robed immortal’s face turned ice-cold when he saw this, and the immortal sword in his hand glowed even brighter.

As the nine tribulations immortal-exterminating formation circulated, nine attacks comparable to the great tribulation of Ascension bombarded the white-robed immortal inside the formation.

However, a true immortal was still a true immortal. Facing the nine tribulation forces, the white-robed immortal brandished his sword to block them with ease. He even seemed to be looking for an opportunity to


Sacred King Luochen stood beside the eye of the formation and looked at the white-robed immortal in the formation with a grave expression.

Chen Chen, on the other hand, was very calm. After all, he came here to be a bystander.

However, it had to be said that the white-robed immortal was really powerful. This nine tribulation immortal-exterminating formation was formed by nine peak Mahayana realm cultivators relying on the formation

diagram. In terms of power, it was a few times stronger than when he used the four symbols heaven-controlling formation to activate the Nine Heavens Mysterious Tower.

Back then, when he used the nine heavens mysterious tower to deal with the four sacred kings, it was as easy as crushing a dead branch.

But now, this group of Sacred Kings used the nine tribulations immortal vanquishing formation to deal with this white-robed immortal, but they could not do anything to him.

Moreover, this white-robed immortal was ordered to descend to the world, so he definitely had a terrifying backup plan. If he really went all out..

To be honest, Chen Chen did not think that this group of sacred kings could win.

Of course, the best outcome for him was for both sides to suffer heavy losses.

“Combine formations!”

The two sides were in a stalemate for a while. Saint King Nether River, who was in control of the formation, suddenly shouted. The nine formation cores burst out with a powerful tribulation force at the same time,

attacking the white-robed immortal.

The white-robed immortal’s expression turned slightly solemn when he saw this. At the same time, he drew a line on the immortal sword with his finger, and a stream of red blood qi immediately poured into the

immortal sword.

The Immortal Sword suddenly let out a light hum, and the light was more than ten times more dazzling!

“Crossing the Immortal!”

With a low shout, the white-robed immortal raised the immortal sword and pointed it at the sky!

In an instant, a stream of sword light shot straight into the sky and disappeared into the clouds. Then, a shocking sword light that was 30,000 feet in size poked its head out of the clouds and pressed down on the Saint

Kings below.

Looking at the terrifying sword Qi that was so big that it could blot out the sky and the Sun, as if it wanted to split the abyss world into two, Chen Chen could not help but be shocked.

It was okay to follow behind, but if he died here, it would be a little embarrassing.

Fortunately, Saint King Nether River was also a person with a certain ratio. When he saw the sword Qi fall, he quickly controlled the power of the nine tribulations to turn around and face the sword qi.

The two terrifying attacks met in the void in an instant.

The expected explosion did not occur, but the two attacks actually confronted each other in the void. The sword qi and the blue light of the tribulation power instantly split the night into two, not giving way to each


Seeing this scene, sacred king Nether River’s face turned slightly pale. When he regained his senses, he said sternly, “Everyone, don’t hold back! Do your best!”

After saying that, he began to chant silently. Streams of white energy flew out of his body and entered the eye of the array beside him.

The other sacred kings were the same, but the energy that was injected into the eye of the array was different.

Sacred King Nether River sacrificed the power of longevity, while sacred king Ziwei sacrificed the power of cultivation..

On the other hand, Chen Chen and sacred king Luo Chen threw two good treasures into the eye of the array.

The power of the nine tribulations immortal-exterminating formation, which was suddenly enhanced by so much power, suddenly increased by several times. The power of the nine tribulations, which represented the

blue light, also lit up, and began to rapidly suppress the huge immortal sword that fell from the sky.

The Immortal Sword in the white-robed immortal’s hand trembled continuously, as if it could not be held steady.

Seeing that the huge sword Qi in the sky was about to be suppressed back to the clouds, he opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of golden blood, which sprayed onto the immortal sword.


After receiving this mouthful of blood essence, the immortal sword suddenly stabilized.

On the other side, the huge sword Qi in the sky was also greatly replenished and began to suppress the power of the nine tribulations.

This was only the beginning. After spitting out a mouthful of golden blood, the white-robed immortal took out a round ball from his storage ring and threw it directly at one of the formation cores of the nine

tribulations immortal-exterminating array.

The round ball expanded rapidly in the wind. After flying for several thousand meters, its diameter had already reached dozens of meters.

Its entire body was emitting black light, and a faintly discernible and terrifying power filled the surroundings.

“Saint King Yunqian! Be careful!”

Saint King Nether River shouted.

The person guarding the formation core was Chen Chen’s neighbor, Saint King Yunqian. He naturally did not dare to be negligent in the face of the round ball. In the blink of an eye, he had decided to go all out.

“I will fight you to the death!”

With a loud roar, sacred king Yunqian’s body shrank by half, and half of his blood essence was sent into the eye of the formation.

The Eye of the formation he was guarding needed to sacrifice the power of his blood essence. To suddenly receive half of the blood essence of a peak Mahayana expert, one could imagine the increase in power.

In almost an instant, a tribulation force that was several times stronger than the tribulation force that was sent into the blue light shot out from the eye of the formation again and attacked the black ball.

The white-robed immortal who was controlling the immortal sword did not look at the sphere again after throwing it out. However, at this moment, a mocking smile still appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Soon, the black sphere and the tribulation force collided!

However, what all the sacred kings did not expect was that the tribulation force completely disappeared after colliding with the giant sphere, as if it had never appeared.

When Sacred King Yungian, who had shrunk by half, saw this, despair appeared in his eyes as he muttered, “My life is over!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the sphere crashed into his body, carrying him along as it crashed into the eye of the array.

There was no explosion, nor was there a loud sound. Not long after the black sphere crashed into sacred king Yunqian’s body, sacred king Yunqian’s entire body disintegrated into the tiniest of molecules, completely

disappearing into the world.

Even his primordial spirit had disappeared without a trace, as if this person had never existed in the world.

After the black ball hit the array core, it also disintegrated into scattered spiritual energy.

When the array core was broken, the power of the nine tribulations immortal-exterminating array was reduced by nearly half!

In the world, the blue light that originally represented the power of the nine tribulations immediately dimmed.

At the same time, the giant sword in the clouds began to shine brightly!


The white-robed immortal let out a low growl, and the giant sword suddenly descended, crushing the power of the nine tribulations as easily as breaking a dead branch!

Seeing the giant sword in the sky hurtling toward them, the sacred kings could no longer maintain any array formation. Each and every one of them went all out, using their greatest trump cards in order to protect

their own lives.

Chen Chen was still okay. When the immortal in white threw out the black sphere, he had expected this situation. Therefore, he started to run early and flew thousands of miles away.

As for why he could predict it, it was because he had seen the sphere before. It was the heavenly meteorite.

However, the heavenly meteorite that the immortal in white threw out was a few sizes smaller. No matter if it was immortal Qi or spiritual qi, they would be decomposed into the most basic elements of heaven and

earth by the mysterious power of the Heavenly Dao of Taiqing Xuan.

It would be a miracle if a sage king could block this thing..

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