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Chapter 710

Chapter 709 was off to a bad start

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The twenty sacred kings practiced in the Luochen holy region for half a day. After making sure that everything was safe, they all went into hiding carefully.

Everything was ready now. All they needed was the east wind.

As long as they waited for the immortal to arrive in the Luochen holy region, they could take revenge for their recent feud.

However, they waited for three days.

During these three days, news kept coming from the outside world about which holy region the white-robed immortal had destroyed and how many cultivators he had massacred.

However, the white-robed immortal did not come to the Luochen holy region, as if he knew that there was an ambush here.

Under such circumstances, the patience of many sacred kings had been gradually worn away.

Only people like Chen Chen, who had no interests at all, could be as calm as water.

Fortunately, Sacred King Nether River, Sacred King Ziwei, and the other old fellows were able to stay calm. Although they were a little anxious, they knew that the best way now was to wait.

With them suppressing them, even if the other sacred kings lost their patience, they could only follow behind and wait.

Late at night one day later, the Moon was dark and the wind was high.

The group of Sacred Kings were all sitting cross-legged inside the array formation when a world-shaking roar suddenly came from the distant sky! It broke the silence of the night!

Hearing this roar, the twenty Saint Kings opened their eyes and looked towards the north at the same time.

At some point in time, a huge black shadow appeared in the distant sky.

This black shadow couldn’t be seen clearly in the dark night, but its pair of golden eyes were astonishingly bright. It was like a searchlight looking at the Luo Chen Holy Region.

“It’s it…”

Atrace of surprise flashed through Chen Chen’s eyes.

Back then, in order to help ao Yu increase his strength, he had investigated the extremely powerful true spirits of the Abyss World.

Among them, there was a special mention of a true spirit called the Ming Peng.

This true spirit was publicly acknowledged as the strongest true spirit on the land of the Abyss world. Its strength was comparable to the peak of the Mahayana realm, and ordinary sacred kings did not dare to provoke


Its unique characteristic was that its roar was like a dragon, and its eyes emitted a golden light.

At that time, he had not been able to activate the nine heavens profound suppression pagoda, so he did not dare to have any designs on this true spirit.

A white light flashed in Chen Chen’s eyes. He activated his celestial dipper extreme eye and soon discovered a white-clothed figure on the back of the Ming Peng. It was the white-clothed immortal.

From the looks of it, the white-clothed immortal must have subdued the Ming Peng.

Before Chen Chen could even think about it, the last thing the sacred kings wanted to see happened.

In the northern skies, Ming Peng had already arrived in the sky above the Luochen sacred region, but the white-robed immortal had stopped in place.

“Kill all the cultivators inside.”

The white-robed Immortal’s voice came from afar.

Ming Peng let out a long howl when he heard this, and his pair of heaven-blotting wings suddenly attacked the protective array formation of the Luochen sacred region.


With a shocking boom, the array formation of the Luochen sacred region began to shake violently.

However, the many sacred king experts below the array formation were all hiding inside the array formation, not moving at all, afraid that the white-robed immortal would discover something amiss.

Boom! Boom!

The boom continued, but the white-robed immortal in the distance had no intention of intervening.

When Sacred King Luochen saw this scene, he gritted his teeth and said, “This can’t go on. If Ming Peng breaks the array formation, all the previous efforts will be wasted!”

To be honest, there were some cultivators in the Luochen sacred region who were acting as bait.

After the Dark Roc entered the array, he killed all these people. If the group of Sacred Kings still didn’t make a move, the other party would leave.

If they made a move, they could only kill one true spirit. What use would that be?

“Senior, I’ll take charge of the Protective Array First!”

After saying this, sacred king Luochen flew out of the protective array and headed toward a certain place in the center of the sacred region.

With her presiding over the great formation, the protective formation suddenly became indestructible. No matter how much Ming Peng attacked, he could not shake it in the slightest.

Roar! Roar!

Unable to break the formation, Ming Peng turned his head helplessly to look at the white-robed immortal.

The distant white-robed immortal, seeing this, said indifferently, “Oh? There are peak Mahayana cultivators inside?

“It seems that I haven’t killed many mortals in the past few days, and I haven’t intimidated you.

“Or perhaps there’s more than one peak Mahayana below the array formation, which is why you have nothing to fear.”

Hearing his words, the hearts of the sacred kings all rose to their throats.

This white-robed immortal was too clever. They had only revealed a slight flaw, but he had already seen through them.

“Let me see just how many of you there are.”

The white-robed immortal threw his head back and laughed loudly, brandishing the immortal sword in his hand.

In the next second, a streak of white light suddenly streaked across the pitch-black night sky. Immediately after, a thousand-meter-long streak of sword-qi slashed down, spreading out for a hundred kilometers before

flashing past the center of the Luochen Sacred Region.

The originally indestructible defensive array formation was instantly split in half, and the entire Luochen sacred region was split in half as well.

Sacred King Luochen looked down at the bottomless ravine of sword-qi that was over a thousand kilometers long, and her expression was extremely unsightly.

If such a powerful sword Qi had struck her body just now, she would have died on the spot.

On the other side, the powerful divine sense of the white-robed immortal had already completely scouted out the interior of the Luochen sacred region. Even if there was an array formation covering it, it could not

escape his detection.

“Nineteen sacred kings, what a grand gesture. It seems that they have gathered the power of a single world to deal with me.”

The white-robed immortal laughed coldly, but he did not show the slightest fear. Then, he silently chanted a spell, and a small pagoda flew out from his body.

The small pagoda expanded rapidly against the wind, and before long, it was ten thousand meters tall, enveloping the sky above the falling dawn sacred region.


The white-robed immortal pointed at the enormous pagoda, and the three lowest levels of the pagoda immediately lit up. At the same time, boundless immortal Qi poured down from the pagoda.

“A bunch of Fools dared to ambush me. Today, I’ll capture all of you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the huge tower slowly pressed down.

The Sacred Kings of the falling dawn sacred region were actually unable to move in the face of that enormous pressure.

The pressure on Chen Chen’s body was also extremely heavy, but what made him even more surprised was that the tower above was exactly the same as his nine Heavens Mysterious Tower!

Could it be that the sect did not refer to a nine heavens mysterious suppression pagoda?

The Nine Heavens Mysterious Suppression Pagoda’s standard treasure?


Chen Chen quickly saw the difference, because this pagoda had already used three layers of power.

And back then, he had only used one layer of power to control the nine heavens mysterious suppression pagoda with the four appearances heaven controlling array.

And that one layer of power had already defeated the four great saint kings.

If he used the power of the second layer, the power would be unimaginable. It would probably be no problem for him to defeat dozens of sacred kings.

If the nine heavens mysterious tower was really above his head, how could he use the power of the third layer to deal with people like him?

Obviously, the tower above his head was far from being comparable to his nine heavens mysterious tower.

It was probably one-to-one.

This thought flashed through Chen Chen’s mind.

At this moment, an aged voice suddenly sounded from afar.

“Violet Qi from the east!”

As the voice sounded, a painting scroll appeared in the air. The painting scroll slowly unfolded, and endless violet qi flowed out from it.

Under the protection of the Violet Qi, the pressure on the sacred kings of the Luochen sacred region was greatly reduced. They took this opportunity to escape from the Luochen sacred region..

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