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Chapter 71: Chapter 71: Disciple, This Is for You

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Immediately afterward, a fifty meters long black dragon that was as thick as a water tank soared to the sky, engulfed by huge waves. It hung high in the sky.

“You Ruoshui, how dare you come and create trouble for me again? Have you forgotten how your companions ended up last time?”

The black flood dragon spoke in human language with contempt in its large eyes that were like lanterns.

You Ruoshui smiled as she silently glared back at the black dragon with hatred.

Moments later, Xiao Wuyou slowly began making his way towards the river. When he finally got close, he said out loud with a serious tone, “Black Dragon, I want to borrow your pearl today.”


Right after he spoke, a thunderstorm exploded, and the originally clear sky suddenly became packed with dense clouds.

“Tsk, Master is always so domineering when he’s outside.”

Chen Chen couldn’t help but sigh in admiration as he watched from the side. He probably still had to cultivate for a year or so to reach that stage.

Of course, if Xiao Wuyou were to find out what he was thinking, he would become so infuriated that he would nearly vomit blood…

“I’ve met you before. Xiao Wuyou, do you really think I’m afraid of you?”

The black dragon sneered as the entire water level of the river rose steeply by at least a hundred meters, followed by a curtain of water that covered the sky.

“Kid, come to me. A battle between two experts at the peak of the Golden Core realm is not a joke.”

You Ruoshui saw Chen Chen watching with great interest, and with a wave of her hand, she pulled Chen Chen towards him.

Chen Chen quickly stabilized his body and said respectfully, “Thank you Master’s wife, but won’t you help Master?”

You Ruoshui’s body shook violently when she heard Chen Chen’s words. She then muttered, “What did you call me?”

“Master’s wife!” Chen Chen exclaimed with an innocent look.

You Ruoshui froze for several seconds before she suddenly burst out into laughter once again.

“Kid, you’re much wittier than your master. Your master doesn’t need my help, I cultivate water techniques, which is restrained by thunder techniques. If I forcefully intervene, it will only affect your master’s performance.”

Seeing Yui Ruoshui smiling radiantly, Chen Chen sighed with relief.

Fortunately, he did not go wrong with bootlicking…

“Ahem, I have some heavenly treasures here that can beautify one’s face. Please kindly accept it. Of course, you look just like a young girl, so these heavenly treasures can only be the icing on the cake at best.”

While speaking, Chen Chen pulled out several heavenly treasures from his storage ring, which caused You Ruoshui’s jaw to drop.

‘Xiao Wuyou is such a daft person. How did he take in such a smart and witty boy?’

After hesitating for a while, You Ruoshui nevertheless accepted the heavenly treasures.

She couldn’t help herself. It was women’s nature to be vain.

However, she couldn’t take Chen Chen’s gifts for nothing in return. After putting away the heavenly treasures into her storage ring, she took out a black mask.

“This mask is a special product of the Youshui Clan. It can change your appearance as you wish, and it might be useful for you.”

“Thank you, Master’s wife!”

Chen Chen was in a good mood after receiving the mask.

He could use the system to find some heavenly treasures, but he could not find such items. Hence, the exchange was a sure profit for him.

During their conversation, Xiao Wuyou and the black dragon had already begun to fight hard. There was a huge downpour and the gloomy clouds were rolling amidst the thunder.

From time to time, small cultivators would approach to take a look at the situation, but after seeing the scene of the battle, they all turned around and left in fear.

Just like that, the battle lasted for an hour. All of a sudden, the sound of the black dragon’s roar suddenly filled the air.

“Xiao Wuyou, if you didn’t cultivate the lightning method, you would never be my opponent!”

After the deep voice sounded, the black dragon plunged directly into the river and vanished.

Xiao Wuyou, who was in the sky, immediately followed without hesitation.

Seeing this scene, You Ruoshui exclaimed in shock, “Wuyou! There’s already enough commotion! Besides, the dragon is already injured, why do you still have to chase it!? The black dragon’s territory is under the water!”

“I will kill it today.”

Xiao Wuyou’s voice was full of killing intent, but Chen Chen, who was by the river, couldn’t help but clench his fist.

‘Master came here today with the purpose of breaking through to the Nascent Soul realm. The battle with the black dragon is just an additional battle. In fact, there’s no need to kill the black dragon.’

It was enough to create an intense battle atmosphere. Once he broke through to the Nascent Soul realm, the movement would naturally be regarded as the aftermath of the battle by the cultivators nearby.

However, now that his master was determined to go down the river, his reasoning was self-evident.

He just wanted to seize the dragon pearl for himself …

Thinking about this, Chen Chen’s emotions became extremely complicated.

Truth be told, he respected Xiao Wuyou greatly but he didn’t have a strong relationship with him.

Yet, Xiao Wuyou now chose to take the risk during his breakthrough to the Nascent Soul realm, all because of his foundation building. That made him feel very guilty.

The moment Xiao Wuyou entered the river, the entire river directly surged upwards towards the sky amidst countless dragon roars. Endless waves of water spread in all directions.

However, the waves did not affect the towns in the distance due to You Ruoshui’s presence.

Unlike her previous calm and collected self, You Ruoshui’s eyes were full of anxiety; at several points throughout the fight, she felt an impulse to jump into the river. However, after seeing the lightning in the river, she stopped in her tracks.


Accompanied by an explosion, Xiao Wuyou was blasted out of the water. Amidst the water mist, Chen Chen vaguely saw that Xiao Wuyou’s body had been dyed red.

Before he could clearly see, Xiao Wuyou did not surge into the river again.

Seeing this, Chen Chen could not help himself but yell at the river, “Master, there’s no need for that. I can also go through foundation building with my own abilities!”

However, the lightning still flashed in the middle of the river while the waves soared to the sky. Xiao Wuyou did not show the slightest tendency to give up.

“Ah, I really owe him a huge favor.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself with a complicated expression.

The battle lasted for another hour, and finally, by around noontime, the river had calmed down once again.

At this point in time, the entire surface of the river had been completely dyed red, with some vaguely apparent dragon scales floating on the river’s surface.

A few moments later, a slightly disheveled figure emerged from the river and made its way to the river bank.

“Master… you…” Chen Chen said in a shaky voice.

You Ruoshui even rushed to Xiao Wuyou’s side.

At this moment, Xiao Wuyou’s clothes were tattered and stained bright red. Apart from that, Xiao Wuyou’s right arm was missing. Clearly, he had lost an arm during the battle.

“Wuyou, how did this happen to you!?” You Ruoshui exclaimed as he looked at Xiao Wuyou, her tone full of heartache.

“If I didn’t slaughter this demon dragon, how would I be able to break through to the Nascent Soul realm?”

Xiao Wuyou did not mean what he said. He quickly sped up and scurried toward Chen Chen while an unspeakable smile appeared on his pale face.

He then used his only arm to place a fist-sized black pearl in Chen Chen’s hand.

“Disciple, this is for you, with this Dragon Pearl, you should be able to break through to the Foundation Establishment realm.”

“Master, your arm…”

“Don’t worry, with the Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite, it will recover soon.” Xiao Wuyou said as he took out the Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite from his storage ring and gently took a mouthful of it.

After looking at Xiao Wuyou who was shivering, Chen Chen glanced at the Dragon Pearl in his hand.

At this moment, Chen Chen genuinely regarded him as his master.

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