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Chapter 709

Chapter 708, the nine tribulations of exterminating immortals and the inescapable net

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When they arrived at the Abyss World’s Abyss sect, the eight sacred kings were already on standby. Including the batch brought back by Sacred King Nether River, there were a total of nineteen.

In other words, other than the fallen sacred king shattering void, sacred king strangle hell, and the Missing Sacred King Demon Puppet, Sacred King Battle, all the Sacred Kings of the Abyss World were here.

Including Chen Chen, there were exactly twenty people.

Seeing that all the sacred kings were here, Sacred King Nether River asked in a deep voice, “How is the situation now? where is that Immortal?”

As soon as he finished speaking, a gloomy voice came from not far away.

“He just destroyed our Lingfeng sacred region, but I’ve already dispersed most of the cultivators in advance, so there aren’t many casualties.”

Hearing this answer, Sacred King Nether River looked at the other sacred kings and asked, “Did you also dismiss your disciples?”

Many sacred kings nodded.

ff they didn’t dismiss the cultivators at this moment, wouldn’t it be the same as sending them to their deaths?

However, Sacred King Nether River was quite dissatisfied when he saw them nod.

“If you don’t leave the cultivators for him to kill, will he continue to attack the other holy regions? How will he enter our ambush then?”

Hearing this, the Saint Kings were all stunned. Then, someone began to send a message to arrange for some cultivators to enter the sanctuaries so that the immortal could vent his anger.

Chen Chen also sent a message in the corner. However, he did not ask the cultivators to stay in the sanctuaries to die. Instead, he asked them to evacuate.

However, he felt that the possibility of the immortal coming to the divine turtle sanctuaries was not high.

After sending the message, the group of Saint Kings took a flying boat and flew toward the Luochen sanctum.

At this time, the defenses of the Luochen sanctum were extremely tight, and there were several layers of protective arrays.

However, the Saint Kings all knew that the defenses were useless to the immortal.

The reason why they set up so many arrays was to attract the immortal.

The immortal was more or less proud. He might not be willing to attack the defenseless sanctum, but the Luochen sanctum, which was heavily guarded, was his main target.

After entering the Great Hall of the Falling Star Saint Lands, the Saint Kings began to discuss strategies for exterminating immortals.

After all, killing immortals was not a small matter. It was not something that could be solved just by swarming up. They had to plan well and maximize their strength.

“Now that we are all in the same boat, everyone will have to do their best when the time comes. I don’t want to say any more about this request. I want to talk about the nine-calamity immortal-exterminating array.”

Sacred King Nether River said solemnly.

Hearing the nine-calamity immortal-exterminating array, the faces of the sacred kings below turned grim.

The nine-calamity immortal-exterminating array was an extremely powerful array passed down from the ancient times of the nether world. It required the combined efforts of nine peak Mahayana realm experts to

form the array.

This array was not used even when it was used to exterminate the female immortal of the Nether World Ten thousand years ago.

“The nine-calamity immortal-exterminating array has nine array cores. It needs nine sacred kings to guard it… Sacred King Ziwei, Sacred King Xuan Dao, and I will guard three of them. Who will guard the remaining


The Sacred Kings began to discuss among themselves. Normally, none of them would submit to the other, but today, they were all very modest.

This was because they knew that once an immortal was trapped in the nine-tribulation immortal-slaying formation, if they wanted to break the formation, they would definitely attack the weakest core.

Therefore, sacred king Nether River and the other two were actually relatively safe guarding the formation cores. The truly dangerous ones were the other six sacred kings guarding the formation cores.

“Fellow Daoist divine turtle, are you willing to guard the array core?”

After a long discussion, only five people were selected. Finally, Sacred King Nether River had no choice but to look at Chen Chen.

Chen Chen raised his head and said, “I’m an immortal, so I can’t use Spiritual Qi. How can I guard your array core?”

Sacred King Nether River smiled and said, “As long as you guard the array core without being attacked, you don’t need spiritual Qi.”

Chen Chen nodded and thought for a while. Then he said with a faint smile, “I’m an immortal. Do You Really Trust me to guard this array core?”


Sacred King Nether River was also a bit hesitant.

Of course, he was not at ease. However, a clever woman could not cook a meal without rice. The five people he had just selected had similar strength, but the remaining sacred kings were one level weaker than these

five people.

If arandom sacred king was sent to defend, it would almost certainly become an opening for the immortals.

If not for that, he would not have come to Chen Chen’s head.

Just as he could not make up his mind, sacred king Luochen said, “Senior divine turtle and I will guard the last array eye together. The battlefield is in My Luochen sacred region, so I have no reason to retreat.

“Besides, if I’m not here, the remaining ten sacred kings can still set up the inescapable net formation.”

The inescapable net formation was also an ancient formation, but it was not a killing formation, but a trapping formation.

According to the plans of the Sacred Kings, after the Immortals entered the Luochen holy region, they would first set up the inescapable net formation to trap the Immortals, and then set up the nine-tribulation

immortal-slaying formation to fight the immortals head-on.

With the nine-tribulation immortal-slaying formation at the front, the saint kings who were building the inescapable net formation would have much less pressure.

However, the requirements for the inescapable net formation to be solid were not low either. At least ten Saint Kings would be needed to join it.

Ten Saint Kings would build the inescapable net formation, and nine Saint Kings would build the nine-tribulation immortal-slaying formation.

There was exactly one more person, so Saint King Luochen could guard the formation with Chen Chen.

Since the other party had already said so much, Chen Chen had no reason to refuse.

“Alright, then I’ll guard the same array eye as sacred king Luochen.”

He didn’t believe that the immortals would still attack the array eye that was guarded by two people.

“Senior, I’m relieved to hear that. Let’s go out and try the two arrays first.”

Sacred King Nether River’s expression softened a lot as he pointed outside.

The Sacred Kings naturally didn’t have any objections. The nether world hadn’t used these two formations for tens of thousands of years. They wouldn’t be at ease if they didn’t practice them.

Not long after, Chen Chen was led by Sacred King Luo Chen to a mountain peak in the sacred zone.

This was the core of the formation they were guarding.

“Senior, the nine tribulations immortal-slaying formation contains the power of the nine tribulations. We are guarding the core of this formation, the Lightning Tribulation!”

Sacred King Luochen introduced.

At the same time, the nine tribulations immortal vanquishing formation was activated, and a small whirlpool with a diameter of several meters appeared in front of the two.

It was obvious that this small whirlpool was the core of the formation.

“Can we guard the core of this formation with just us?”

Chen Chen looked around suspiciously.

“Senior, don’t worry. If an immortal attacks the core of a formation, the power of the nine tribulations will crazily attack him. At that time, he will definitely be greatly restricted.

“If we really can’t defend, we can still offer some Dharma Treasures.”

Sacred King Luochen pointed at the small whirlpool and said.

“Offer a Dharma Treasure?”

“That’s right. If you throw a dharma treasure into the small whirlpool, its self-detonation power will rapidly increase the power of the Thunder Tribulation in the array core. The better the Dharma Treasure you throw

in, the stronger the power of the Thunder Tribulation.”

After saying this, sacred king Luochen gave a storage ring to Chen Chen.

“These are the three treasures given by Sacred King Ziwei. Keep them and sacrifice them at the critical moment. Remember, this array eye can not convert the power of Immortal Qi, so if you want to sacrifice an

immortal weapon, it won’t work.”

“Okay, I understand.”

Chen Chen took the storage ring and opened it. There were three treasures on the weapon refining list.

However, they were not considered top-tier. They were only at the level of 70th or 80th on the refining list.

However, sacrificing them was considered a luxury..

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