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Chapter 707

Chapter 706, revenge

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“Sigh, this immortal has come with ill intentions. There might be some variables in conquering the true spirit world. No matter what, fellow Daoist, follow me to the true spirit world first. This place is too dangerous.”

Sacred King Nether River Said and then made an inviting gesture.

Chen Chen did not stand on ceremony and directly flew towards the depths of the Abyss sect. At the same time, he asked, “Will battle Saint King be able to deal with that Immortal?”

A trace of worry flashed across Sacred King Nether River’s eyes when he heard this.

“I don’t know, but the supreme existence in the Abyss hasn’t been able to kill battle Saint King. I think he should be fine.”

Soon, the two of them entered the true spirit world’s Abyss sect area one after the other.

Compared to before, the True Spirit World’s Abyss sect had more than 100,000 cultivators, and there were no weaklings.

The Ten Thousand Spirit Cauldron was still high in the sky, and Majestic Immortal Qi fell down, enveloping the entire dark abyss sect. Under such protection, the cultivators outside couldn’t see what was going on

inside at all.

It could be imagined that if the Ten Thousand Spirit Cauldron was taken down one day, these 100,000 strong cultivators would scatter to the true spirit world and cause great damage to the true spirit world.

“System, is sacred king demon puppet within a radius of 100 li?”

“Thirteen Li in front of the host.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen’s eyes lit up. He looked ahead and saw a medium-sized female cultivator who looked quite young after piercing through many obstacles.

“This should be the main body, right? I didn’t expect Saint King Devil puppet to be a female.”

As if sensing Chen Chen’s gaze, Saint King Devil puppet suddenly raised his head and looked over.

Seeing this, Chen Chen withdrew his gaze and calmly said to sacred king nether river beside him, “With the appearance of the Nether Abyss sect, as long as there aren’t too heaven-defying experts in the true spirit

world, this battle will definitely be won.”

“Let’s Hope so.”

Sacred King Nether River squeezed out a smile and began to arrange a place for Chen Chen to stay.

After arranging everything, Sacred King Nether River went to treat his injuries with a pale face.

At the same time…

In the Abyss world, Battle Saint King flew all the way to the Abyss world, followed by the white-robed immortal, who was even faster than battle Saint King.

However, every time he was about to attack battle Saint King, Battle Saint King would suddenly increase his speed and dodge his attacks.

Seeing that he was getting closer and closer to the Abyss World, the white-robed immortal frowned.

Of course, the main reason he went down to the lower realm was for the abyss. However, before he went down to the lower realm, his master had repeatedly warned him not to go near the abyss unless it was

absolutely necessary.

He had to use a roundabout way to solve the problem.

He had always remembered these words. When he looked at the battle Saint King again, it didn’t seem like he was running away, but rather, it seemed like he was trying to lure him.

With this thought in mind, he coldly said, “Battle Saint King, are you now a member of the Abyss? Otherwise, a mortal cultivator like you wouldn’t have such strength.”

Heaven’s favorites had their limits. He admitted that there were some heaven’s favorites in the lower realm who could kill Immortals in reverse.

However, he was also a heaven’s favorite in the immortal world. He was several times stronger than his junior sister. No matter how powerful a mortal cultivator was, it was impossible for him to escape from his


The only explanation was that the other party believed in the god of Abyss and obtained extraordinary power.

Facing the question, battle saint king sneered, “Hehe, then you don’t have to care. It was your junior sister who fell into my hands back then. I studied her for a long time before I killed her.”

The battle Saint King emphasized the word “Study”, as if there was a hidden meaning behind it.

Hearing this, the white-robed immortal flew into a rage. He wished he could use some trump cards to forcefully kill the battle Saint King.

However, after chasing him for another thousand miles, he suddenly stopped.

The reason why the immortal world sent him down was not only because he was powerful, but also because he was reliable and prudent in handling matters.

After flying for thousands of miles, he quickly regained his composure.

The battle Saint King had said those things to provoke him and lure him to the Abyss.

Under such circumstances, he could not continue to chase after him.

After stopping, he turned around and flew toward the nearest holy region.

His calmness did not mean that he was not angry. Some hatred could only be washed away with fresh blood.

Since the various sacred zones of the Abyss World had secretly united together, then they should all die.

Three days later.

In the Abyss sect of the true spirit world, Chen Chen opened his eyes.

Although he didn’t go out during these three days, he could feel that the atmosphere in the Abyss sect was getting more and more oppressive.

There were a few sacred kings who had been wandering outside for a long time, as if they had something to say to him, but in the end, they didn’t come in.

“Fellow Daoist Nether River, if you have something to say, come in and say it.”

Seeing their bashful looks, Chen Chen couldn’t help but say it directly.

As soon as he finished speaking, the figure of Sacred King Nether River appeared in front of Chen Chen.

Compared to three days ago, he had become much more haggard, and there was a hint of sadness in the depths of his eyes that couldn’t be concealed.

“What’s Wrong?”

Chen Chen asked again, and at the same time, he added in his heart, “If there’s anything sad, hurry up and tell me so that I can be happy.”.

Sacred King Nether River sighed and said in a mournful voice, “Fellow Daoist, you may not know this, but that immortal has been wantonly slaughtering people in the nether world for the past three days. In just three

days, he has already killed millions of cultivators, and six holy realms have been turned into flat ground by him!”

Hearing this, Chen Chen covered his face and held back his smile.

Asecond later, his face was filled with sympathy and righteous indignation.

“I didn’t expect that the immortal would be so cruel. He massacred millions of cultivators. Many of them are not holy realm cultivators, right?”

Saint king Nether River replied, “Yes, that immortal has no taboos. He killed every cultivator he saw along the way! It can be said that he is crazy to the extreme!”

Chen Chen laughed coldly in his heart.

Since he dared to kill an immortal, he naturally had to be mentally prepared for revenge.

Immortals and immortals were not people with a good temperament.

“He is a little crazy. wonder if the Nether River Holy Region…”

“The Nether River Holy Region has been destroyed. Nearly half of the hundred thousand cultivators have died…”

“Fellow Daoist Nether River, I’m sorry for your loss. I wonder what arrangements the nether world has made. Are We just going to let him continue killing wantonly?”

Chen Chen consoled him and asked.

Sacred King Nether River raised his head, and hatred flashed in his eyes. He said coldly, “To resist the outside world, we must first settle down. All of us sacred kings have decided to return to the nether world first and

work together to finish off that Immortal!”

Chen Chen nodded.

With twenty sacred kings working together, there was still hope of killing an immortal.

Of course, there was also the possibility of all of them being wiped out.

At this time, Sacred King Nether River said again, “Originally, we planned to bring the myriad spirit cauldron back to the Abyss World to suppress that immortal. However, considering that the myriad spirit cauldron

comes from that immortal’s sect, if something goes wrong at the critical moment, the consequences would be unimaginable. Therefore…”

“Therefore what?”Chen Chen narrowed his eyes.

“Therefore, we would like to ask fellow Daoist to make a move! Fellow Daoist has a supreme treasure. If you are willing to make a move, our chances of winning will be greatly increased!”

After saying that, sacred king Nether River cupped his hands and bowed deeply to Chen Chen..

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