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Chapter 674:

Chapter 672: Whoever quits first will be the loser

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Chen Chen flew aimlessly, avoiding the detection of the Mahayana realm cultivators in the Ziwei holy region. He was looking for a place to hide first.

However, in less than half a day, he vaguely felt that danger was coming. It was as if there was a knife hanging above his head that could fall at any time.

“Such a strong sixth sense. Could it be that the demon puppet Saint King is so eager to find trouble with me?”

Chen Chen rubbed his forehead. He was still not a match for a peak mahayana cultivator.

More importantly, Sacred King Demon puppet was good at the path of karma. Unless he went to some special place, he would not be able to hide from sacred King Demon Puppet’s investigation.

Special Place… to the Abyss World, the True Spirit World was a special place.

However, sacred king demon puppet must have a connection with the Abyss sect’s sacred king. If he found out that he had disappeared near the Abyss sect in the Abyss world and combined with the fact that he had an immortal body.., he would soon suspect that Chen Chen was dead.

Therefore, he couldn’t return to the true spirit world..

‘Then where should he go?

Chen Chen raised his head and looked at the sky, somewhat at a loss.

In the next second, his pupils suddenly constricted, because the originally blue sky had suddenly turned pitch black. A terrifying monster head that was hundreds of miles in size condensed from black clouds appeared in the clouds.

“It’s here so soon!”

Chen Chen cursed inwardly. He turned around and flew in another direction. However, before he knew it, a white-clothed female cultivator had already blocked his path.

This white-clothed female cultivator Chen Chen had seen before when he used his immortal astral vision to look at the demon puppet holy region. She was the demon puppet Saint King’s puppet.

At the same time, a violent aura came from behind him. He didn’t need to look to know that the giant puppet that had fought with him had also arrived.

‘Wu Wu Wu!

The giant fog monster in the sky let out an ear-piercing cry. Then, two soul shadows floated out from the monster’s head.

These two soul shadows worked together with the two puppets to seal Chen Chen from all sides.

Seeing this situation, Chen Chen moved his body and was a little speechless. He did not expect that there would be two Saint Kings to deal with him.

They really thought highly of him.

“Won’t the two of you show yourselves?”

Chen Chen raised his head and shouted.

No one answered, but the phantom of the monster in the sky trembled. Then, the scene around them suddenly changed. The mountains and rivers all disappeared and were replaced by endless black fog.

‘There were ghost shadows flickering in the Black Fog. Chen Chen only felt that the ghost howls around him were incessant, making him unable to calm down.

He had encountered this kind of world-changing scene when he was battling with Qing Xuan Ming. It was very obvious that this was the domain power of a peak Mahayana expert.

However, this was not the end. Immediately after, some changes appeared in the domain. Over a thousand puppets suddenly appeared in the domain.

‘These over a thousand puppets were connected with each other using spiritual energy. They crisscrossed and formed a monstrous net that covered Chen Chen’s head.

Uh… Ah… Wu..

‘The strange sound and the corpse-like face of the puppet made Chen Chen feel as if he was in the Avici Hell.


‘The female cultivator puppet took the lead and attacked with Majestic Immortal Qi.

Chen Chen could sense that an immortal stone in her body had been shattered. It seemed that this female cultivator puppet was the famous immortal puppet under Saint King Demon Puppet.

“Fellow Daoist Chen, do you want me to come out and help?”

Ao Yu asked through voice transmission.

“No need to help. I Can’t win!”

Chen Chen replied in a bad mood. At the same time, he blocked the immortal puppet’s attack with a backhand palm.

But before he could withdraw his palm, more than a thousand puppets formed a large array and attacked.

An incomparably terrifying pressure was rapidly formed, and under the support of the array, it became stronger and stronger.

Chen Chen still wanted to try and block it, but a strange sound that disturbed his mind came from his ears again. He could even feel that some ghosts had already arrived near him, and were preparing to drill into his body.

Facing this attack of the two-in-one body, the corners of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched, and he took out the Sun Moon soaring shuttle from his storage ring.


Muttering in his heart, Chen Chen directly drilled into the Sun Moon Soaring Shuttle, and at the same time, he activated the Sun Moon Soaring Shuttle’s defense to the maximum.


Aseries of earth-shattering explosions rang out. The attacks formed by more than a thousand puppets slammed into the Sun Moon Soaring Shuttle’s defense array, causing the entire sun moon soaring shuttle to fly up and down.

However, an immortal artifact was still an immortal artifact. How could it be so easy to break through? After taking this attack head-on, the Sun Moon Soaring Shuttle’s defense array only dimmed by more than half, and the magic treasure itself did not suffer any damage.

Chen Chen hid in the sun moon soaring shuttle and took out a few mid-grade immortal stones that had been scrapped. He then placed a few more in.

Fortunately, he had been generous earlier and replaced the low-grade immortal stones with mid-grade immortal stones. Otherwise, the sun-moon Shuttle would have been in trouble after taking this attack.

‘As soon as the mid-grade immortal stones were placed in, a large number of attacks from the outside approached again.

Without much time to think, Chen Chen began to activate the sun-moon shuttle with all his might.


With a soft sound, the sun-moon shuttle broke through the layers of obstacles and flew out of the domain’s range. Not long after, it entered the space passage.

However, the good news did not last long. A moment later, the domain actually followed it into the space passage and once again surrounded the sun moon soaring shuttle.

“A peak mahayana cultivator can travel through space…”

Chen Chen understood and hesitated whether he should directly fly out of the Abyss world.

However, he did not know where he would go if he flew out of the Abyss World from here.

After flying for a while, he could use the system to find his way back. However, this kind of escape… wasn’t something that could be done in a short while. If he lost his way, he might not be able to return for the rest of his life.


Another few attacks came. Chen Chen didn’t have time to think and directly flew out of the true spirit world, entering that pitch-black space.

After staying in the pitch-black space for more than ten breaths, Chen Chen hurried back to the Abyss world. At this time, the domain had already disappeared.

However, before he could relax, a rather sinister voice sounded in his mind.

“Unless you can return to the immortal world, you can’t escape.”

Not long after this voice sounded, the ghost mist domain appeared again.

Seeing this, Chen Chen spread out his hands and sneered.

“Sacred King Demon Puppet, not to mention two peak Mahayana realm experts, even all the peak Mahayana realm experts in your Abyss World Can’t Kill Me. Do you believe me?”

“You’re boasting shamelessly. Let me tell you that Sacred King Tianming and I have already made ample preparations for this trip. You’re an immortal from the lower realm, so the Immortal Qi you can control is limited. It’s also impossible for you to have too many immortal stones on you. Therefore, you

wont be able to use this kind of shuttle immortal tool for long. When your immortal stones are used up, it will be the time for you to be killed.”

Saint King demonic puppet replied very quickly.

Chen Chen laughed when he heard this. He didn’t believe this.

“Okay, then we’ll see. I’ll accompany you guys! Whoever quits first will be the grandson!”

“Don’t worry. Even if it’s a few months, a few years, or a few decades, I’ll still chase after them.”

Saint King demonic puppets tone was resolute and decisive.

Chen Chen also didn’t admit defeat when it came to talking.

“Go after him. You’d better pray that you can kill me this time. Otherwise, you’ll suffer in the future.”

“Tl accompany you at any time!”

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