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Chapter 673:

Chapter 671, Union

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Looking at the black spear in his hand that had turned into a stream of light, the giant man’s lifeless eyes actually lit up with a red light. Then, he looked at Chen Chen’s location.

“He’s actually an immortal from the lower realm. Interesting, but how can he be so weak?”

Hearing this, Chen Chen’s face turned black.

Obviously, the one who spoke now was sacred King Demon Puppet. This person was able to possess a puppet from hundreds of thousands of miles away. His attainments in the puppet technique could be considered to be at the peak.

“Why are you spying on My Saint Realm?”

Saint King puppet asked again.

Chen Chen looked at him coldly and asked, “Why do you think?”

‘As soon as he said this, Saint King puppet’s eyes suddenly became dangerous. An uncontrollable killing intent erupted from his body.

Chen Chen took two steps back. He was just casually saying this. No one knew what Saint King puppet was thinking.


At this moment, the light in sacred King Devil Puppet’s eyes suddenly lit up. An unparalleled power of spiritual sense shot out from his eyes and hit Chen Chen’s body.

However, Chen Chen’s spiritual sense wasn’t weak. In addition, he had many treasures on him. When Sacred King Devil puppet’s spiritual sense hit him, it didn’t make any waves.

Seeing this scene, sacred King Devil puppet didn’t have any intention to continue fighting. He turned around and flew away. Soon, he disappeared from the world.

Seeing this, Chen Chen did not chase after him. Instead, he looked in the direction of the Ziwei Holy Region.

‘The Ziwei holy region had obviously noticed the commotion here. A few Mahayana realm cultivators flew over together.

Chen Chen’s eyes flashed and he flew in another direction.

After flying for thousands of miles, Chen Chen asked in his mind, “System, do I have Saint Demon Puppet King’s Mark on me?”



Chen Chen could not believe it. Since there was no mark, how did Saint Demon Puppet King Find Him?

After thinking for a while, Chen Chen took out a few books that introduced saint demon puppet realm.

One of them had a detailed record of Saint Demon Puppet King’s life.

After reading for a moment, Chen Chen came to a realization.

It turned out that saint demon puppet king held an extremely powerful law power called the law of Karma.

As long as there was a direct cause and effect with him, he would be able to use the thread of karma to find the person who had caused the cause and effect with him.

This made Chen Chen’s heart feel gloomy. He was being targeted by a peak Mahayana expert, and this peak Mahayana expert knew his location at all times.

This was not good news.

At the same time, in the saint realm of the demon puppet, the huge man had just landed next to Saint Puppet King.

Saint King demonic puppet put away the giant puppet, and the killing intent in his eyes was almost uncontrollable.

With a thought, an extremely dignified and beautiful female cultivator appeared in front of him.

However, this female cultivator’s eyes were also lifeless. Obviously, she was a puppet.

At the sight of this female cultivator’s puppet, a hint of infatuation flashed in Saint King Demonic Puppet’s eyes. Then, this infatuation turned into malice. After a long time.., he raised his head and murmured to the female cultivator puppet, “No one can take you away from me! Not even immortals!”

After saying that, he suddenly stood up and flew out of the saint realm of the demon puppet.

A disciple behind him reminded him loudly, “Saint King, the soul-seizing seed hasn’t been cast yet! Where are you going?”

“Let them continue cultivating. I’m going to the Tianming Saint Realm.”

Sacred King demonic puppet’s speed increased sharply after he said that, and it didn’t take long for him to enter the spatial tunnel.

Half a day later, Sacred King demonic puppet appeared in the Tianming Sacred Region.

Sacred King Tianming was good at controlling souls, and he walked the same path as Sacred King demonic puppet. The two of them often worked together to hunt experts before they reached the peak of the Mahayana realm.

After they succeeded, the expert’s body returned to Sacred King Demonic Puppet, and his soul returned to Sacred King Tianming.

After working together for a few times, the two could be considered to be on good terms.

“Why are you looking for me?”

Sacred King Tianming asked in confusion when he saw sacred king demonic puppet come over.

Sacred King demonic puppet frowned when he saw the gloomy expression on sacred king Tianming’s face. “I’ve encountered a troublesome matter, and I need your help.”

Sacred King Tianming sighed when he heard this. “I’ve also encountered a troublesome matter. A mahayana cultivator died under my command, and I still don’t know who did it. Speaking of which, what troublesome matter have you encountered that you still need my old friend’s help?”

Sacred King demon puppet lowered his voice and said, “An immortal has come down.”

“What? !”Sacred King Tianming suddenly stood up, and a hint of shock flashed in his eyes.

Although the Abyss World’s ascension tunnel was normal and connected to the immortal world, there weren’t many immortals who came down. On average, they only came down once every ten thousand years.

The last time was when the battle Saint King killed the immortal.

“Did you offend him?”Sacred King Tianming asked in a low voice.

“He should be here for my puppet. When I got this immortal corpse from battle Saint King, I thought this day would come.

“After all, that immortal wasn’t an ordinary mortal. If he died in the Abyss World, the Immortal World would definitely send an immortal down to investigate.”

Sacred King Demon Puppet’s expression was solemn. Then, he changed the topic.

“However, it is very likely that this immortal met with some accident. Right now, his strength is only comparable to the late-stage of the Mahayana realm. If we join forces, even if he has some powerful trump card, he will only end up dead.”

“This…”sacred king Tianming was skeptical.

‘The matter of an immortal was no trifling matter. Killing an immortal was something that only a freak like the battle Saint King could do. An ordinary peak-stage Mahayana like him did not have the courage to do so.

Saint King demon puppet bewitched, “You know the benefits of killing an immortal. If the battle Saint King hadn’t succeeded in exterminating the immortal and offended abyss, he would have died without a doubt. How would he have the chance to resurrect now?

“If I didn’t obtain the immortal’s corpse, I wouldn’t have reached my current realm.

“Tianming, for people like you and I who are bound by karma, it’s extremely difficult to ascend. We must be fully prepared and have strength that surpasses that of ordinary peak Mahayana cultivators.”

“Is that immortal really only at the late stage of the Mahayana realm?”Sacred King Tianming asked.

Sacred King Demon puppet did not answer. Instead, he took out a projection stone and projected the scene of Chen Chen battling the huge man.

After watching it a few times, sacred King Tianming was somewhat moved.

Killing an immortal, although it was very likely that the immortal world would take revenge in the future, the benefits were also unimaginable.

If they were lucky, they might even be reborn.

Sacred King demonic puppet then said, “After the battle Saint King is resurrected, the Abyss sect will be under his control. In the future, he might become the Master of the true spirit world.

“If we don’t have any trump cards, we can only be someone else’s subjects in the future.”

Sacred King Tianming made up his mind when he heard this. He asked coldly,

“Tell me, what should we do?”

‘The comer of Sacred King demonic puppet’s mouth curled up as he replied, “Don’t think too much. I can sense his location right now. Let’s go find him together and kill him.”

“How should we split the harvest?”

Sacred King Tianming’s eyes flashed as he asked.

“As usual, the corpse belongs to me, the soul belongs to you, and the other harvest will be split 50-50.”

“Good! Then let’s get going before it gets too late..”

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