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Chapter 672:

Chapter 670, late-stage Mahayana body cultivator

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After the death of the disciple of demon puppet city, Chen Chen returned to the Divine Turtle Mountain. For safety reasons, he directly used the Sun Moon soaring shuttle.

It took him less than two hours to cover the distance of hundreds of thousands of miles, and this was without using his full strength.

Now that the matter of the anti-heaven alliance cultivator being planted with a soul-stealing seed was already settled, he could not change it.

The only thing he could do was to inform the anti-heaven Alliance when he returned to the true spirit world in the future, so that Xie tianxing could be on guard against this group of people.

Moreover, if such a thing happened, the anti-heaven alliance would have an excuse to rebel and ally with the true spirit world in the future.

But what would saint king demon puppet do when he realized that one of his puppets had been destroyed?

Unknowingly, half a day had passed, and Chen Chen gradually forgot about the saint realm puppet.

However, at this moment, he suddenly raised his head and looked at the sky in the distance.

There was a streak of light that was rushing towards the divine turtle mountain at high speed. From the looks of it, it was obvious that it didn’t come with good intentions.

Chen Chen stood up and took a deep breath.

‘Whether it was a blessing or a curse, a disaster could not be avoided. The self-destruction of the demon puppet sect disciple must have left some kind of mark on his body, which was why someone came looking for him now.

However, since the other party did not travel through space, then it was definitely not the demon puppet Saint King himself who came.

Since that was the case, he did not need to be too afraid.

At most, he would have a battle. who was stronger or weaker was still unknown.


Before he could continue thinking, the stream of light had already reached a hundred meters above his head, turning into a three-meter-tall bald giant.

‘The giant did not say anything and directly swung his fist at Chen Chen’s head.

Before the fist had even touched Chen Chen, Chen Chen already felt a majestic pressure appear above him, as if it wanted to crush him into meat paste.

“A body cultivator at the late stage of the Mahayana realm!”

Chen Chen quickly judged his opponent’s strength. Faced with this sudden punch, he wasn’t prepared to receive it head-on. Instead, he quickly retreated and dodged it.

Seeing that Chen Chen dodged it, the giant man quickly withdrew his fist, changed it to a foot, and stomped down.

“Move the mountain!”

Seeing this, Chen Chen let out a low shout. The divine turtle mountain below suddenly trembled, and then suddenly flew up, crashing towards the giant man’s foot.


With an explosion, the divine turtle mountain was directly trampled into dust.

Chen Chen’s expression was calm. With a thought, countless pieces of dust actually gathered again and transformed into the divine turtle mountain again. Moreover, the huge man was sealed within the mountain.

Previously, he had comprehended the Heavenly Dao of the supreme pure mysterious. It was not a joke.

Now, he could easily control an ordinary object. and the Divine Turtle Mountain was an ordinary object. Even if the huge man crushed the divine turtle mountain thousands of times, he could still condense it again.

Seeing that the giant man was enveloped by the sacred Turtle Mountain, Chen Chen formed another seal, and several immortal qi palms condensed in the void.

By the time the giant man broke out of the mountain, three void palms had already landed on his body.


Explosions sounded one after another, but a layer of black light flashed on the giant man’s body. The three immortal Qi palms landed on his body, but they were unable to break through his defense.

“Fellow Daoist Chen, do you want me and mung bean to come out and help?”

Ao Yu sent a voice transmission at this time.

Chen Chen replied, “The demon puppet Saint King must have seen the current battle situation clearly. I Can’t expose all of my trump cards to him.”

“But this person’s strength is comparable to a late-stage Mahayan:

“From the looks of it, he’s just a puppet. He can’t do anything to me. If he really can’t do anything, I’ll take the Sun Moon Soaring Shuttle and escape.”

In the communication channel, the giant man attacked again. This time, it was even more violent than before. He threw a punch, and a dark light directly illuminated a radius of tens of miles. An extremely powerful pressure appeared around Chen Chen.


The ground below directly collapsed. Chen Chen Rose into the air, and the shattered ground instantly reassembled. Hundreds of miles of land suddenly appeared in the air, and the scene could be described as heaven-shaking and earth-shattering.

The giant man punched the ground hundreds of miles away, and cracks instantly appeared on the ground.

But before the ground broke into pieces, the cracks were once again intact, and they smashed toward the giant man.

At the same time, the sacred Turtle Mountain smashed down fiercely from the top of the giant man’s head.


A world-shaking sound was heard, and the sacred turtle mountain collapsed into countless pieces.

But this was only the beginning. In the next second, these pieces formed the sacred Turtle Mountain again, and it appeared in its original position.


Another boom was heard. This time, the Earth below and the divine turtle mountain above collided with the giant man at the same time, causing the Earth and rocks to shatter at the same time.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sound of explosions was incessant.

The earth and the divine turtle collided in a circular manner. It was as if they were smashing the hardest walnut in the world.

As a layer of immortal Qi was attached to Chen Chen’s body at the point of impact, after hundreds of collisions, wounds finally appeared on the giant man’s body.

Looking at the wounds, Chen Chen had a lot of confidence.

He was now in the middle stage of the mortal immortal realm. With the help of the heavenly axiom of the Taiging Xuan, it seemed that he was enough to protect himself in front of a cultivator in the late stage of the Mahayana realm.

With such strength, even if there were no mung beans or Ao Yu, no one in the two realms could do anything to him except for a powerhouse at the peak of the Mahayana realm.


However, the good times did not last long. After wounds appeared on the giant man’s body, a black spear suddenly flew out from his body. Under the vibration of the tip of the spear, the ground hundreds of miles in the air instantly collapsed. Before it could be reassembled, it collapsed again.

The giant man held the long spear in his hand and stabbed at Chen Chen. Wherever the spear passed by, everything that tried to block it would be turned into dust.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen’s eyes turned extremely serious. Then, the ten thousand transformations Divine Blade flew out from his body and a huge amount of immortal qi was poured into it.

Apart from that, the immortal Qi glove on Chen Chen’s hand also emitted light.


Accompanied by a low roar, Chen Chen suddenly waved the ten thousand transformations divine blade in his hand. The ten thousand transformations divine blade expanded rapidly against the wind and in an instant, it expanded to a thousand meters in size. Immortal Qi surrounded the body of the sword.

With one slash of the sword, it was as if the sky was going to be split into two!

The giant man was expressionless. He did not Dodge or Dodge. However, the dark light on his body suddenly became several times more dazzling. In addition, the terrifying muscles on his body also expanded instantly. His entire body had expanded by a circle.

Especially the arms that were as thick as an adult’s body. The veins on them were bulging. He grabbed the black spear tightly and swung it toward the myriad manifestation godly blade that was soaring into the sky like a hammer!


A world-shaking sound of metal colliding was heard. Chen Chen’s legs sank into the ground, and then his entire body was blasted into the ground hundreds of meters deep.

The huge man was like a meteor, being blasted into the sky that was unknown how high.

Between the two of them, a powerful shockwave spread out rapidly in all directions. Everything that passed by was blasted into dust.


The shockwave had yet to disappear when the black spear in the man’s hand suddenly let out a muffled sound. Following that, countless cracks appeared on the spear’s body. In the end, it completely shattered, turning into countless shining crystals that disappeared between heaven and earth..

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