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Chapter 67: Chapter 67: Go Carry A Pot!

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As Hu Xian’er vented out her frustration, Little Yellow was slamming its head against the corner of the table.

Seeing this, Hu Xian’er grew even more infuriated as she scolded, “Little Yellow, stop it. You can’t save me even if you sprayed out ginger juice. In the end, you’ll just be benefiting that rascal for free. Let me tell you, that brat is horrible. All he does is cheat others all day. You’d better find a chance to leave. Otherwise, you’ll end up getting stewed one day…”

Before Hu Xian’er finished speaking, a drop of liquid abruptly dripped into her mouth, after which her body began trembling violently. Moments later, an extremely pure wave of vitality began erupting from her body.


Hu Xian’er was incredibly astonished as she slowly turned around to look at Chen Chen in bewilderment.

When she turned around, she noticed Chen Chen looking at her with a smile on his face, seemingly thinking about something.

After being gazed at by Chen Chen, Hu Xian’er subconsciously lowered her head. At the same time, she felt that her internal organs were recovering rapidly, and she even seemed to feel a tinge of pain again in her heart, which burned badly.

Apart from the tinge of pain, the burnt black fur on her body was falling off as new fur began to grow at a speed visible to the naked eye.

‘Could it be that I can survive? What exactly did this kid feed me?’

Hu Xian’er exclaimed in her heart, glancing at Chen Chen timidly.

Chen Chen’s hairstyle was rather strange today as his long hair was draped behind his head. In contrast to his usual dashing appearance, he seemed wilder.

Looking at Chen Chen, Hu Xian’er couldn’t help but shiver.

‘This kid is not a kind person. I just scolded him badly, now that I can’t die, what do I do…’

‘He’s going to settle the scores with me!’

Chen Chen gazed back at the panic-stricken Hu Xian’er. Of course, he had just fed her with the Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite, which was far stronger than purple ganoderma.

Purple ganoderma could repair the severe damage done to one’s internal organs, however, the Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite was far more powerful.

As long as one had one last breath left, they would be saved.

“How is it? How does it feel?”

Chen Chen asked with a smile.

Seeing the wry smile on Chen Chen’s face, Hu Xian’er cringed and said softly, “I’m alright… I should be able to live a while longer…”

Hearing her words, Chen Chen smiled silently and grabbed Little Yellow who was still knocking itself against the corner of the table.

“Go to the medicinal herb field to dig the soil, there is nothing else for you to do here.”

After hearing Chen Chen’s words, Little Yellow looked at him, sniffed Hu Xian’er, and then scurried away.

Five minutes later, the blackness covering Hu Xian’er’s body faded, as new fur began to grow out. In fact, the new hair was even longer and shinier than before.

In addition to that, she also grew a third tail.

“How do you feel now?” Chen Chen asked again.

Hu Xian’er was lying on the ground with a pale face and shook her head slightly, as if she was too weak to speak.

Chen Chen’s face turned sullen when he saw her expression.

Two of her three tails were drooping, and the other newly grown tail looked like it was swinging around. It looked very energetic and Hu Xian’er had clearly not realized that she had a third tail. Hence, she forgot to hide her energy!

‘Pretend! Continue pretending!’

Chen Chen cursed, grabbing Hu Xian’er’s third tail and lifting her up.

“You have grown a third tail and you’re shaking like a pug. Yet, you’re still pretending to be weak with me!”

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, Hu Xian’er’s originally weak expression gradually changed as she began to seem as if she was trying to please him.


“Didn’t you just get comfortable?”

“No no, it’s mainly because I’m scared that you’ll be sad after I die. That’s why I said those terrible words!”

“Must I steal a third of every meal?”

“I’m afraid that someone would poison you so I tried it! I didn’t steal it!”

“You don’t want to study? You don’t want to cook? Are you feeling aggrieved?”

“No, no, the time I spent with my master was the best time of my life!”

“You’re pretty witty, huh?” Chen Chen sneered as he carried Hu Xian’er.

“I learned it all from you, Master! In terms of resourcefulness, I’m not as good as you, Master!” Hu Xian’er exclaimed while trembling. She had just swallowed the strange liquid and her status of cultivation increased greatly. However, she still did not dare to retaliate against Chen Chen.

“Hmph! It’s no use, even if you had a glib tongue. Go! Go carry the pot!”

Chen Chen humphed coldly as he made his way out of the courtyard with Hu Xian’er.

“Master, spare my life!”

Hu Xian’er shrieked at the top of her lungs while the morning glory in the medicinal herb field began mimicking her. The two demons seemed to be making a duet, making the original pitiful shrill look a bit comical.

A few moments later, Chen Chen had reached the palace hall.

The first thing he thought of when his body went wrong was of course his master, Xiao Wuyou.

As soon as he entered the hall, Xiao Wuyou suddenly appeared in front of Chen Chen.

“Disciple? Is there something you need?”

After hearing his words, Chen Chen became extremely embarrassed. He didn’t treat his master like an ATM but his master thought so himself!

‘Hmph! Do I look like the type to only take without giving!?’

‘Today, I’ll let Master know what it’s like to be noble!’

With that in mind, Chen Chen took out a small porcelain bottle from his storage ring, which contained about a mouthful of Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite.

“Master, perhaps you don’t know this but this fox spirit I raised is born with a high sensitivity to heavenly treasures. Last night she said she detected the smell of heavenly treasures and insisted on dragging me along. In the end, we really did find some treasures. I wouldn’t dare to enjoy it alone, so I siphoned half of it and I’m offering it to you, Master!”

Hu Xian’er, who was on Chen Chen’s shoulder, turned away after hearing his words, for fear that Xiao Wuyou would see the look of aggravation in his eyes.

“Oh? It’s rare of you to be so thoughtful.” Xiao Wuyou said with a smile as he grabbed the porcelain bottle.

In fact, he did not expect Chen Chen to give him something so precious as most people in the world were selfish.

It was only human nature to keep treasures that they truly cherished for oneself to enjoy alone.

After receiving the porcelain bottle, Xiao Wuyou removed the lid, and then his hand stiffened slightly as shock appeared on his unusually calm face.

“Is this… a bottle of 100,000-year-old Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite?”

“Master, you really do have good judgment. This item is worth less than a few Spirit Stones. Master, I’ve embarrassed myself!” Chen Chen exclaimed with a tactful smile.

Hearing this, the corners of Xiao Wuyou’s eyes began to twitch. The 100,000-year-old Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite was calculated by drops and his disciple gave him a half bottle of it. He even claimed it was worth less than a few Spirit Stones!

A single drop of it was priceless, okay? Yet, half a bottle… He probably could not afford it even if the Tianyun Clan went bankrupt!

‘This mischievous imp. How dare he tease his master…’

Thinking about the source of the item, Xiao Wuyou turned his head towards Hu Xian’er who was on Chen Chen’s shoulder.

“This pet of yours has a special talent, you must not tell others about it, understand?”

“Understood!” Chen Chen answered seriously with a solemn expression.

Hearing Chen Chen’s response, Xiao Wuyou nodded slightly before he put away the Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite, feeling somewhat embarrassed.

He was about to enter the Nascent Soul and the Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite was very useful to him. Yet he could not give Chen Chen something of corresponding value and hence, he had no choice but to remember the favor in his heart.

Chen Chen saw that his master had accepted the item and knew it was time to get to the point. Thus, he hurriedly asked with a respectful tone, “Master, I took some of this Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite earlier and my status of cultivation has changed a bit. Can you see what my status of cultivation is now?”

“Of course I can.” Xiao Wuyou agreed with a smile.

“Master, my status of cultivation may be a bit special, don’t be surprised when you look at it!”

Xiao Wuyou’s smile grew wider when he heard this.

‘What’s so surprising? Does this disciple really think that I, the clan master of the Tianyun Clan, am really a hillbilly?’

He wouldn’t be surprised even if Chen Chen, who had an Innate Spirit Body, reached the foundation building realm with the Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite.

However, he was slightly shocked just now because Chen Chen had offered him a supreme heavenly treasure that made his emotions fluctuate. If he became shocked by Chen Chen’s status of cultivation, what would make him different from the ordinary immortal cultivators outside who had narrow horizons?

‘This disciple has underestimated me, the clan master.’

“Hah, you want to surprise me? I’ll only be surprised if you reach the Golden Core realm.”

Xiao Wuyou smiled calmly before reaching out to grab Chen Chen’s wrist..

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