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Chapter 663:

Chapter 661, Ziwei Holy Region

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Time flowed like water. In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

At this time, in the Abyss sect, hundreds of anti-heaven alliance cultivators had gathered in front of the spatial crack leading to the Abyss world.

In fact, they had been in the Abyss sect for almost a month. During this month, they had done nothing but understand the abyss world.

Looking at the hundreds of anti-heaven Alliance cultivators, Sacred King Nether River said indifferently, “The hundred cultivators are divided into five groups and sent to the Five Great Holy Regions of the Abyss world to be nurtured.”

In the crowd, Chen Chen secretly sighed at Sacred King Nether River’s craftiness.

Sacred King Nether River must have thought that there were people among the hundred people who were like him, who kept an eye on other cultivators to prevent other cultivators from truly joining the Abyss sect.

That was why he divided the hundred people into five groups. That way, he wouldn’t be able to control the other cultivators.

“Twenty people go to the Nether River Holy Region… twenty people go to the Dark Magic Holy Region…”

Saint King Nether River planned one by one while Chen Chen was arranged to go to the Ziwei holy region.

Coincidentally, there were three Mahayana cultivators sent by the anti-heaven Alliance. No one was in the same group as him.

“Alright, go in. I hope that you can cultivate well when you arrive at the Abyss World. Only when you return in the future will you have the strength to revitalize the sect.”

Sacred King Nether River said lightly. Then, with a wave of his hand, the space passage was opened.

A group of anti-heaven alliance cultivators entered the passage in groups with a nervous and excited mood.

Chen Chen was the fourth group. After entering the passage, not long after, a group of them appeared in a huge mountain.

This huge mountain had been painstakingly managed by the Abyss sect. In terms of security, it was not weaker than the Abyss sect in the true spirit world.

Before he could take a closer look at his surroundings, a group of people was brought to a teleportation array.

It was obvious that this teleportation array led to the Ziwei holy region.

“The Ziwei Holy Region is one of the twenty-two holy regions of our Abyss world. Not only is Saint King Ziwei an expert at the peak of the Mahayana realm, he is also the number one blacksmith in the abyss world. When you arrive at the Ziwei Holy Region, you must seize this opportunity!”

The leading disciple said in a loud voice and sent everyone into the teleportation array.

Light swirled, and the scenery in front of Chen Chen’s eyes changed. After dozens of changes, the teleportation array finally stabilized.

Outside the teleportation array, there were already many cultivators from the Ziwei holy region welcoming them.

Seeing this group of cultivators, Chen Chen’s expression changed, because one of them was his old rival, Ziyue. And it seemed that she was the leader.

“Ziyue is Saint King Ziwei’s favorite granddaughter, so it’s normal for her to appear here… I didn’t expect to meet this woman in the Abyss World…”

Chen Chen sighed in his heart, but Fortunately, after comprehending the power of destruction laws and stepping into the peak of tribulation transcending, he became more handsome, and his temperament also changed a lot. He was completely different from before, so Ziyue probably wouldn’t recognize


More importantly, in Ziyue’s eyes, Chen Chen had an immortal body, while her original body was just an ordinary cultivator with good aptitude.

“From today onwards, you will receive three years of training in the Ziwei Holy Region. During these three years, I will be in charge of guiding your cultivation.”

Ziyue looked at the group of anti-heaven Alliance cultivators in front of her and said in a cold voice.

Ever since she learned of Chen Chen’s death, the knot in her heart had been removed quite a bit, and she transcended the tribulation that day and became a mahayana cultivator.

However, because she had suffered too much psychological trauma in the true spirit world, she didn’t really want to go to the true spirit world for a while.

Thus, she naturally took over the task of cultivating the anti-heaven Alliance cultivators.

There were no Mahayana experts among this group of anti-heaven Alliance cultivators, so this task was quite easy for her.

The anti-heaven alliance cultivators looked very calm when they heard this. At this realm, they wouldn’t feel too emotional just because they saw a beautiful Mahayana realm cultivator.

“Our Ziwei Holy Region will provide you with the best cultivation conditions. Those with outstanding talent can even enter our Ziwei Holy Region’s mystic realm to cultivate and even obtain treasures personally refined by Saint King Ziwei.”

Hearing this, the group of anti-heaven Alliance cultivators became a little excited.

Saint King Ziwei was the number one blacksmith in the abyss world. The treasures he refined should at least be ranked on the blacksmith list, right?

This was already very attractive to the tribulation transcending cultivators.

“If anyone can step into the Mahayana realm within a year…”

Ziyue paused for a moment when she said this, she continued, “After that year, you can come with me to the hall of the underworld to cultivate. The hall of the underworld is the most mysterious place in the Abyss world. There are a large number of powerful underworld souls inside. If you enter and fight

with the underworld souls, as long as you don’t die, your strength will increase qualitatively.”

Zi Yue frowned subconsciously at the mention of the Hall of the underworld.

She had been to that place before. Besides her, Qing Xuan Ming had also been there before and had successfully come out of it.

However, at that time, they were all at the crossing calamity stage, so they could only live in the hall of the dead.

Therefore, when she recalled the experience of being afraid all day long, she still felt a little uncomfortable.

Now that she had stepped into the Mahayana stage, she might be able to fight freely in the hall of the dead.

“I’ve said what I need to say. Next, I’ll take you to Ziwei Mountain, the core cultivation place of our Ziwei Holy Region. Usually, only the core disciples of our Ziwei Holy Region can enter that place.”

After saying that, Ziyue led a group of disciples of the Ziwei Holy Region to lead the way.

Chen Chen observed the so-called Ziwei holy region while he was in the crowd.

This holy region was not the structure of a large city, but a huge grotto-heaven blessed land.

This grotto-heaven blessed land was like a small world. There was a city in it, and there were mountains and rivers around the city. The spiritual energy was extremely dense.

Chen Chen released his spiritual sense to observe the situation. The cultivation levels of the cultivators in the city were quite low, and most of them were below the unity realm.

Those who lived in the palaces in the mountains were all experts, and the weakest ones were all unity realm existences.

In total, there were more than ten thousand cultivators.

While Chen Chen was observing the Ziwei holy region, Ziyue had already led everyone to a huge mountain.

The mountain was surrounded by arrays and was heavily guarded.

On the top of the mountain, there was an incomparably huge plant.

To be precise, it was a huge flower. It was at least a hundred meters tall and its entire body was purple. Its petals were the size of a house, dyeing the sky purple.

Before he even got close to the giant flower, Chen Chen felt an extremely strong life force surging toward him.

Feeling the endless life force and the joy conveyed by the life force, Chen Chen was stunned for a moment.

Zi Yue was opening the formation and leading a group of anti-heaven Alliance members into the mountain. However, as they walked, she suddenly realized that something was wrong. She turned her head and saw that one of the members of the team had actually stopped. He looked up at the Ziwei

Emperor Flower at the top of the mountain in a daze.

“That’s My Purple Micro Holy Region’s…”

Zi Yue was just about to introduce the purple micro emperor flower when a mysterious and profound nomological fluctuation suddenly erupted from Chen Chen’s body.

In an instant, countless rustling sounds rang out from the peaceful purple micro mountain.

Before everyone could react to what had happened, the entire purple micro mountain was already filled with thousands of colors and hundreds of flowers were in full bloom..

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