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Chapter 660:

Chapter 668 went ahead first

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“Do you think there’s anything in the true spirit world that I want? Let me tell you, even if you put all the top 100 treasures on the refining list in front of me, I won’t even take a second look! Not to mention, with your foundation… Heh!”

The scorpion floated in front of Chen Chen, its sharp tail pointed at the sky with an indescribable arrogance.

However, it did have the right to be arrogant. It had lived for who knew how many years and had seen countless treasures. Its cultivation was even at the peak among true spirits.

Even Sacred King Nether River and his men could not take it down.

At its level, ordinary treasures were no longer of any help to it.

Moreover, in its eyes, Chen Chen was only a junior. How could he take out something that could move it?

How could Chen Chen not know this? After shaking his head, he picked out a small wooden box from the pile of things in front of him.

“Senior scorpion, this thing is called the Heavenly Dao chess. Not only is it interesting to play, but it can also comprehend the Heavenly Dao! Do you want to try it?”

“Heavenly Dao Chess?”

Scorpion had never heard of it before. It was slightly curious and subconsciously took a look.

Chen Chen opened the wooden box. Inside was a stack of cards.

“What is this?”

Although Scorpio was knowledgeable, this was the first time he had seen the so-called Heavenly Dao chess.

He didn’t know what this thing was like, but since it was tainted with the Heavenly Dao, it must be extraordinary.

“It’s like this…”

Chen Chen began to patiently explain the principles of the Heavenly Dao chess to Scorpio.

Not long after, Scorpio completely understood. Just when Scorpio wanted to give it a try, Chen Chen pointed at another set of things.

This set of things was made up of small squares, and each square was engraved with different patterns.

“This is the great way chess…”

“This is the immortal way chess…”

“This is the battle chess…”

A moment later, Chen Chen took out all the mahjong, chess, Military Chess, Beast Chess, and flying chess from his previous life.

‘Wasn’t Scorpio bored to death? It should be fine to give you these things, right?

Although these things could not be compared to the games in his previous life, they were still extremely attractive to middle-aged and elderly people who had never played games before. Otherwise, there would not be so many uncles and aunties gathered together, sitting around for a day.., he did not

want to eat or drink anymore.

As expected, Scorpion was immediately attracted, and his eyes kept spinning.

“You Play Heavenly Dao chess with Me First.”

“The more people who play, the more fun it will be,”Chen Chen said with a smile.

He did not dare to play alone with Scorpio. If Scorpio was interested and kept his clone here, it would be tragic.

Scorpio heard him and moved his spiritual sense. Not long after, more than a dozen true spirit descendants of Scorpio arrived in the underground palace.

The weakest among these true spirit descendants were all at the tribulation level. It seemed like the smartest group under Sky Scorpion.

Chen Chen started to teach these true spirit descendants how to play the Heavenly Dao chess.

Half a day later, the underground palace started to curse.

Although Sky Scorpion’s subordinates were not stupid, they were very straightforward. They did not hesitate to play the Heavenly Dao chess with Sky Scorpion and would curse if they lost.

Chen Chen’s real body and clone quietly retreated to the side. Seeing this scene, they could not help but laugh.

After a moment of silence, he bowed to Scorpio who was playing chess. At the same time, he sent a voice transmission, “Thank you for taking care of me these two years, senior!”

“Get lost! If you have any new things in the future, remember to bring them to me.”

“Don’t worry, senior. I will probably go to the abyss world on this trip. If I find anything interesting, I will definitely bring it back to you.”

“Go to the Abyss World? I think you’ll torture yourself to death sooner or later. Get lost!”

Chen Chen and his clone left the underground palace, and his heart couldn’t help but feel warm.

Sky Scorpion actually had no intention of forcing him to stay. It only said those words at the beginning out of consideration for its reputation. As long as it found a way out, it would naturally let him go.

No matter what, he would remember the friendship between him and Sky Scorpion.

After leaving the boundless desert, Chen Chen quickly returned to the Northern Heavenly Snow Mountain.

At this time, the anti-heaven alliance had already discussed the majority of the spots, but Chen Chen did not participate.

His main body was only in the tribulation stage, so there was no need to fight for anything. Xie tianxing would naturally leave a spot for him.

However, his main body was only in the tribulation stage, so it might be dangerous to go to the Abyss world. It would be better for his avatar to go first in secret.

‘When that time came, one could be in the light while the other was in the dark. They could also look out for each other.

Anyway, he wanted to find a true spirit world cultivator who would not be able to find his place for closed-door cultivation. The Abyss World was the best place.

“Brother AO, if my main body goes to the Abyss World, I want to try to use the Sun Moon Soaring Shuttle to send my clone to the Abyss World. Do you think it will work?”

Returning to his own residence, Chen Chen asked Ao Yu’s opinion.

Ao Yu replied,

“Ican’t say for sure, but your main body’s strength is indeed a little weak. Going to the Dark Abyss world alone is indeed not too safe.”

“Actually, it’s not too bad…”

Chen Chen looked at his main body who was cultivating with his eyes closed and muttered.

His main body had now comprehended extremely powerful destruction laws. Whether it was cultivating destruction laws or choosing to fuse with the laws of life to form the cycle of Life and Death, comprehending the power of yin and yang, he could enter the Mahayana realm.

In addition, on the way here, he gave all the treasures that he obtained from the great void Dragon Kun that relied on spiritual energy to unleash their power to his main body.

There were more than a hundred of them, which was enough to form a weapon crafting list.

With so many powerful treasures combined with the secret art of the art of war, his main body could probably fight against a mahayana cultivator without relying on any power of laws. This level of battle prowess was much stronger than that of Qiong Hua and Qing Xuanming back then.

If the original body stepped into the Mahayana, perhaps its combat strength would be close to the immortal body avatar.

“Forget it. Ill go to the Abyss world and understand the strength of the abyss world at the same time. I don’t believe that the inside of the Abyss World is a piece of iron!”

Chen Chen soon made up his mind.

The Abyss world had twenty-two sacred kings. Even if they rebelled against the Heaven Alliance in the future, they might not be able to win against the Abyss World. It was better to go to the Abyss world to investigate the situation first and see if there were any flaws in the abyss world.

Although the main body would also go to the Dark Abyss world, it would definitely not be too free. It was not as convenient as having a clone.

He left just like that.

After making up his mind, Chen Chen immediately stood up and said goodbye to Xie tianxing through soul consciousness. However, he did not say that he wanted to go to the Dark Abyss world. Instead, he said that he wanted to find a place to seclude himself.

Before he left, Chen Chen gave Xie tianxing the message token of the Heavenly Demon City Lord and told him some things.

“Thank you, fellow Daoist. My seclusion might take a few years. If the Dark Abyss sect asks the anti-heaven alliance to create chaos in the true spirit world, you can look for the Heavenly Devil City Lord. He will cooperate with you.”

Xie tianxing took the token and nodded. “Don’t worry, fellow Daoist Chen. I will take care of everything.”

“That’s good. As long as we work together, we will return to the immortal world sooner or later.”

Chen Chen patted Xie Tianxing’s shoulder, turned around, and left the snowy mountain of Tiandu, flying toward the direction of the Abyss World of the Southern Region.

There was a spatial crack where the Abyss World was located. If he wanted to go to the Abyss world, he would have to go there.

He couldn’t go through the spatial crack, but he could use the sun moon soaring shuttle to break through the barrier between the two worlds and enter the Abyss World..

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