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Chapter 66: Chapter 66: Finally Comfortable

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‘I’ve struck a windfall!’

Those words popped up in Chen Chen’s mind, his eyes dazzled.


At that instant, the sound of stones crumbling suddenly spread from the stone layer beneath him.

Hearing this sound, Chen Chen’s expression suddenly stiffened. The next second, he plunged straight down into the pool of spiritual liquid, along with the crumbling stone layer.


The sound of water falling sounded out, and when Chen Chen fell directly into the pool, the liquid present splashed upwards.

Chen Chen felt as if his body produced a chemical reaction when it came into contact with the pool of spiritual liquid, countless strange items surging into his body and turning over everything within it.


There was endless roaring, and Chen Chen began to feel dizzy. He never thought that his body would one day contain the sounds of the sea, just like a conch shell!

‘This spirit body of mine is hysterically absorbing the Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite!’

Forcing himself to bear with the dizziness, Chen Chen saw that the water level of the pool was decreasing. At this point, he began to feel anxious.

Although it wouldn’t be a loss if it was absorbed by his body, he definitely had to save some for later use. It was awesome to absorb it all now, but the thought of having to absorb them sparingly in the future made him feel distressed.

Chen Chen then took out a few large porcelain bottles from the storage ring and began to fill them with the Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite. When it was almost filled, his consciousness began to blur.

At last, his vision turned black and he passed out in the pool.

After some time passed, Chen Chen gradually regained consciousness. Although he had not opened his eyes yet, he felt very warm, as if there was a quilt covering his body.

“Have I been taken back? What about the Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite that I’ve stored!?”

That thought flashed through his mind. Chen Chen opened his eyes and abruptly sat up straight!

However, the scene in front of him made him feel incomparably dismayed and bewildered.

No one took him away. He was lying in the spiritual liquid pool, which had long been depleted. However, he was now covered with a layer of hair!

To be precise, it was his own hair!

‘How long have I been unconscious for!?’

Looking at his own hair, which could be used as a quilt, Chen Chen couldn’t stop cold sweat from running down his forehead.

According to the normal speed of hair growth, he must have slept for hundreds of years, right?

If it had been hundreds of years, would his parents still be alive?

Once that thought arose, Chen Chen hurriedly stood up from the pool of spiritual liquid and began to scrutinize both himself and his surroundings.

He was wearing the same clothes as he had before he slipped into a coma, and there were no signs of decay. In fact, it was extremely clean.

The bottles of Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite that he had filled before he lost consciousness were also well placed at the edge of the pool.

The surrounding environment hadn’t changed much compared to before.

Looking at this scene, Chen Chen heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that his hair did not grow naturally. Instead, its growth had been catalyzed.

“That scared the living daylights out of me.”

After Chen Chen muttered to himself, he took out a knife from the storage ring and cut his hair, which was so long that it could be used as a quilt.

However, he could not bear to throw it away, deciding to put it into his storage ring. He thought that the hair, whose growth was catalyzed by the spirit liquid, must be extraordinary. He could always bring it back and turn it into a quilt… It could also be transformed into a treasure!

After putting away his hair, Chen Chen began to store the bottles of Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite.

The bottles weighed about 2.5 liters, which was equivalent to a large bottle of soda in his previous life. If he used it about one drop at a time, it would last him for a very long time.

Chen Chen was very satisfied with this. Since he had such a large amount of Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite, he could not only use it himself, he could also share it and give some away to others.

After putting everything away, Chen Chen naturally began to check his cultivation status.

After absorbing the pool of Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite, he wondered how high his status of cultivation had become.

Chen Chen went to check the vortex in his diaphragm with anticipation. However, his expression changed abruptly the next second, the smile on his face replaced by a look of fear, uneasiness, and astonishment!

“Damn! Where is my diaphragm!?”

Chen Chen jumped three feet high, hurriedly searching his body for a long time. Not only the three vortexes, even his diaphragm was gone!

However, even though it was missing, his storage ring was intact. After all, he had just used his storage ring…

Chen Chen’s expression changed again and again. A moment later, he stretched out his hand, a bolt of lightning ten times stronger than before coalescing in his hand.

At this moment, the two vortexes that should have appeared in the diaphragm appeared in his body.


Chen Chen was suddenly speechless. The diaphragm was about the size of a fist, and originally, the two vortexes in the diaphragm were finger-thin, but now that the diaphragm was gone, the two vortexes had also completely let themselves go and expanded to the size of an arm.

More importantly, the two vortexes did not affect the organs in his body, even though they were rotating maniacally.

Usually, ethereality would harm one’s organs. Zhao Xiaoya, who had slipped into obsession, was an example.

Once the ethereality left one’s diaphragm and meridians and began surging in the internal organs, it would cause serious injury to the body in a single moment.

But what about him? It was as if an entire part of his body had become the diaphragm, as his ethereality and organs could overlap without any problems.

“Something has happened…” Chen Chen shivered and quickly strode towards the entrance of the cave.

He had to go out to find some information. He managed to defy the laws of nature using the cultivation method of heavenly treasures, but he had gone overboard. How was he supposed to cultivate in the future?

Others could conduct Qi training with the goal of reaching Core Formation, step by step. Yet, he had already lost his diaphragm. God knows what realm he was in now…

Just like that, Chen Chen ran towards the main peak with a heavy heart. It was noontime, but Chen Chen was clueless about what day it was.

A few moments later, he arrived at the foot of the main peak.

At this time, Hu Xian’er and Little Yellow had disappeared. Chen Chen was not in the mood to care about the matter of the Earthly Flame Heavenly Heart Lotus either. He just wanted to find out his physical condition.

When Chen Chen returned to the courtyard of the main peak, he heard a pleasant voice.

“Master, Sister Xian’er is sick!”

“A demon can get sick too?” Chen Chen looked at the little morning glory in the medicinal herb field with some surprise in his heart. However, he still walked quickly into Hu Xian’er’s bedroom.

Hu Xian’er, who was in the bedroom, had already turned limp, lying on the ground. Her clean, white fur was stained black, as if she had been burned by something.

Beside her, Little Yellow was continuously colliding into the corner of the table. Its purpose was unclear.

“Xian’er, what’s the matter with you? Who did that?”

Chen Chen was furious when he saw the miserable state that Hu Xian’er was in.

Hu Xian’er did not answer immediately, stretching out her claws and pointing to the desk near them, her eyes full of resentment.

Chen Chen looked in the direction she pointed, only to see that there was an additional palm-sized red lotus flower on the desk. It was glowing red and seemed rather divine.

“Kid, this is… This is a fire-element supreme treasure called the Earthly Flame Heavenly Heart Lotus. You made Little Yellow dig into the soil, so I knew there must have been a treasure down there. However, you didn’t return for a long time, so I had no choice but to go down and look for it myself. In the end, I saw this treasure.

“Later on, when I saw that the treasure was about to sink into the fire again, I took the risk to try and finally take it out of the fire. However, the spiritual fire energy contained in it was too domineering. It burned me severely…”

Hearing this, Chen Chen rubbed his ears and asked, “What did you call me?”

Hu Xian’er, who had been burned pitch black, seemed to have given up acting obediently as she said furiously, “I called you kid. So what? To be honest with you, I’ve been upset with you for a long time, you dog. You actually made me cook and study. I haven’t suffered this kind of aggravation since childhood! Now my heart has been charred and I’m definitely going to die. I’m not scared of you!”

“Ah! A dying demon has nothing good to say! It seems that you are very upset with me! Since you’re not happy with me, why did you take the Earthly Flame Heavenly Heart Lotus? Now you’ve given me an advantage.”

Chen Chen flicked Hu Xian’er’s tail and spoke while clucking his tongue.

Hu Xian’er’s eyes were filled with aggravation and tears.

“What do you know, you fool? This Earthly Flame Heavenly Heart Lotus is highly coveted, even by the mighty figures above the Nascent Soul realm. How could I miss such a treasure?”

After hearing her words, it dawned on Chen Chen that Hu Xian’er was extremely stingy and a sucker for treasures. She was the type who would rather drown and die than give up treasures.

‘She values treasures more than her own life…’

Even if the money would not belong to her, Hu Xian’er had still risked her life to grab the treasure…

Chen Chen was convinced of it. She was a demon that had been through a special experience.

Seeing Chen Chen’s sympathetic gaze, the weak Hu Xian’er’s eyes became filled with indignation.

“What are you looking at? Do you think that everyone gets to pick up treasures wherever they go, like you do? To be frank with you, I stole a third of all the meals that I’ve cooked for you in the past few days! I’m going to anger you to death! I’m going to make you waste those precious materials! Damn it! You wastrel! I lasted until now just for the sake of scolding you. I’m finally comfortable now!”

After saying that, Hu Xian’er even spat her tongue out.

Seeing this, Chen Chen’s face turned hostile.

‘This demoness is really getting out of hand after just a few days without any discipline!’

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