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Chapter 659:

Chapter 667, the main body

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Chen Chen raised his eyebrows and said without any hesitation, “Forget it, I’m not interested in a junior transcending tribulation.”

What a joke. That Zi Yue wished she could skin him alive and become her dao companion? Impossible! It was impossible to pretend!

Of course, the most important reason was that he was a single-minded person. Since he had a dao companion, there was no need to get another one.

It was a little annoying to have too many women.

When the heirs in the hall heard this, they were all shocked.

There was actually someone who wasn’t willing to do such a great thing!

A tribulation-transcending junior..

Many people felt disdain in their hearts. He was a tribulation-transcending junior now. In the future, he might even become a Mahayana peak senior.

This Ji Dong was relying on the fact that he was a mahayana cultivator now. He really thought of himself as a nobody.

If you don’t want to, I’ll do it!

Seriously, what a waste of God’s gift! What a waste of opportunity!

Sacred King Nether River was also quite surprised. In his opinion, this was a good thing for the person in front of him. He was silent for a moment, he added, “Ziyue has already stepped into the Mahayana some time ago, so she’s not a junior. Moreover, she said that as long as someone kills Chen Chen

Chen, she will become his DAO Companion.”

The corner of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched, and he sighed:

Sigh, in fact, there might not be any deep feelings between dao partners. Even if Ziyue and I become dao partners, it doesn’t necessarily mean that our anti-heaven alliance and the Abyss sect will be on good terms forever.

The real stable relationship still comes from the benefits after both sides help each other… Sacred King Nether River, don’t you think so?”

Sacred King Nether River glanced at Chen Chen and suddenly laughed.

“What fellow Daoist said is right. In that case, let’s put this matter aside for now. Our Nether Abyss sect will first fulfill the promise of nurturing experts on behalf of each other.

“Regarding this matter, we have already agreed on a hundred people per year.”

When Xie tianxing heard this, a smile appeared on his face as he said, “That’s right, the agreement is indeed a hundred people. However, how should the cultivation levels of these hundred people be divided?”

One had to know that there was a huge difference between nurturing a hundred cultivators and nurturing a hundred cultivators at the void training stage.

Saint King Nether River Thought for a moment and replied, “Fifty cultivators at the form synthesis stage, forty-seven cultivators at the Tribulation Stage, and three cultivators at the Mahayana stage. However, I can only nurture one mahayana cultivator each year for the next three years.”

Xie tianxing did not bargain and directly agreed with Saint King Nether River’s words.

“Then, within three days, we will gather a hundred people and let Tu Yang bring them to the Nether Abyss sect. Is that okay?”

“Yes, now that our alliance has a good beginning, I hope that it will have a good ending.”

Saint King Nether River smiled indifferently. Then, he looked around and left Tu Yang’s body.

After Saint King Nether River left, the Great Hall of the anti-heaven alliance was discussing the matter of the one hundred spots.

The tribulation transcending cultivators were fine, but the most important ones were the three Mahayana realm cultivators.

Seeing that many people’s eyes were filled with excitement, Xie tianxing’s face flashed with a trace of coldness.

“Today, everyone should go back and rest. We’ll decide on the spots tomorrow.”

As soon as he spoke, everyone in the main hall had no choice but to leave.

Xie tianxing’s cultivation base was at the peak of the Mahayana realm. In name, he was still an elder, but in reality, he was equivalent to the leader of the anti-heaven Alliance.

After everyone had left, Chen Chen returned to the main hall. Xie tianxing’s posture as a top-tier powerhouse disappeared instantly and was replaced by eagerness.

“Fellow Daoist Chen, how should we allocate the quota of 100 people? If we send unreliable people to the Abyss sect, I’m afraid that when they come back, they will really be from the Abyss sect.

That’s not worth the loss to us.”

Chen Chen nodded.

If 100 cultivators went to the Dark Abyss sect, would they still be able to recognize the anti-heaven alliance when they came back?

At that time, it would probably be equivalent to the Dark Abyss sect planting 100 spies in the anti-heaven Alliance.

“Thank you, fellow Daoist. These 100 people really need to be careful. We need to choose people with firm beliefs. Other than that, I’ll follow them to take a look, just in case.”

Hearing this, Xie tianxing shook his head repeatedly.

“Fellow Daoist Chen, the treasure that you hid your appearance is indeed powerful. But if you really go to the Abyss sect or even the abyss world and face those peak Mahayana realm cultivators directly, I’m afraid that you will reveal a flaw. When that happens, the consequences will be unimaginable. After

all, your body is an immortal body, and the difference between you and a mortal cultivator is too great.”

Upon hearing this, Chen Chen laughed and said softly, “Actually, I have another clone. It’s a mortal cultivator.”

“Oh? What cultivation level?”Xie tianxing was a little curious.

“The peak of the Tribulation.”

Chen Chen replied lightly, and his gaze unconsciously looked into the distance outside the hall.

His original body had almost recovered. It was time to go and take a look.

Half a day later, Chen Chen arrived at the southern mountain range through the teleportation formation. Then, he rode the Sun Moon Soaring Shuttle and arrived at the boundless desert at top speed.

Ever since his main body had absorbed two extremely tyrannical destruction laws, he had been cultivating in seclusion. He no longer helped Scorpio destroy the power of the laws.

After that, he had absorbed the origin laws from Xie tianxing. All of a sudden, he stepped into the peak of tribulation transcending realm. Now, he was only one step away from the Mahayana realm.

“What are you doing here?”

Before Chen Chen reached the Underground Palace of Sky Scorpion, he heard the voice transmission from Sky Scorpion’s soul consciousness.

“Senior, my main body has been freeloading here for so long. I feel really bad. Now that I see that he can’t help you much, I want to take him away.”

Chen Chen replied in embarrassment.

“Just leave after your cultivation base increases. What kind of place do you think this is?”

Scorpio said angrily.

Chen Chen’s face stiffened. He sped up and soon arrived at Scorpio’s underground palace.

His clone had a connection with his main body. As soon as he entered the underground palace, his main body walked out from the depths and came to a place not far in front of him.

Seeing the familiar face, Chen Chen could not help but be stunned.

It was a wonderful feeling to look at himself, especially when that face was especially handsome.

As expected of him!

“Ahem, after not seeing you for a year or two, fellow Daoist has become much more handsome. I almost couldn’t recognize you.”

After looking at him for a full two minutes, Chen Chen muttered.

“The same to you!”

The main body smiled slightly and kept sizing up the clone.

The clone and the main body looked at each other and sized each other up. Unexpectedly, they had a feeling of mutual appreciation.

Chen Chen could not help but ask in his heart, “System, within a hundred meters, who is the most handsome?”

“It’s the host himself.”

“Who is the second most handsome?”

“It’s also the host.”


Just as Chen Chen was admiring himself, Scorpio’s angry roar came from the depths of the underground palace. Then, Scorpio, who was only the size of a palm, appeared between the main body and the clone.

“Chen Chen, I caught you. Don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because you know me better…”

Scorpio was furious, but before it could finish, it was interrupted by Chen Chen.

“Senior Scorpio, I remember now. I brought you a gift this time!”

“Hehe, I’ve lived for so many years, and I still care about that little thing of yours, Don’t think that…”

“I still have some here!”



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